Here you can find the screenshots officially released by Nival. We’ll also be adding fan-made screenshots soon, so if you have a few you’d like to add feel free to contact us!

From Nival's site

Taking the bridge Ambushing the Panzerklein Obliterating the enemy Bad sniper A desert skirmish The element of surprise Panzerklein assault Taking cover behind tank traps Picking the enemy off one by one Thank goodness for sandbags A much farier fight Epic desert battle

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From JoWooD's Site

Never bring a pistol to an automatic rifle fight Underground crossfire Assaulting the enemy position Shovel for the win! Miner skirmish The high ground has it Not good odds Well camouflaged Building vapourised! Taking out multiple enemies with one shot The ultimate firing squad Explosive street battle Pummeling the eenmy Blasting him through the window Shooting anyone who leaves the building Stealthy approach above and noisy below Elimiinating the garrison Assaulting the higher ground position Troops moving to the next position Ambushing the negotiations

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Silent Storm: Sentinels Box
Developer: Nival Interactive
Publisher: 1C Company


Silent Storm Series

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