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UFO2000 Ladder Play Season Started


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The new UFO2000 (X-Com battlescape) ladder play season 2010-11 starts on 7kplay.net.


Season 2010-2011 now also has 1v1 ladder play. This is added to the all new 7kplay.net site. As usual there will be plenty tournaments organised this season. Needless to say this season the x-com RUSSIAN players will definatly looking for revenge against x-com US-EUROPE in the EAST vs WEST Tournament. And of course the nightstalkers (battles vs zombie creatures in the night) tournaments wil also definatly return this season. Be sure to check out the 7kplay.net calendar for more coming events.


The winner of the 7kplay.net ladder will receive a gift of game coupon from STEAM worth 15 dollar/euro!!


Since WAR II (REAL TIME MMO X_COM) was won by the HUMAN team, the aliens will be rebuiling until march next year under human control. Expect WAR III even grander and to start around march 2011.


See ya at 7kplay.net X-Commers!

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