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The following are our news submission rules. Please follow them accordingly when submitting a post.



Steps to a Submission


  1. Make sure your item is newsworthy, and presented as news - the intial posts of approved threads in this section are displayed on our main page. When starting new threads, avoid referring to your own opinions, steer clear of bias, and remember you're presenting news on a subject - not, for example, asking for clarification on rumours. If you're unsure about your source material and want to discuss it, stick to one of the other forum sections.
  2. If your post is not deemed acceptable, we'll either edit it to match our standards (if we class it as badly-written news), or simply move it to a different area of the boards (if we don't). If you're posting as a registered user, we'll PM you to let you know of any such changes we make.
  3. Aim for a nice catchy headline, naming the subject (eg the name of the game you're posting about) as early as possible (preferrably within your thread title). Within said thread titles, capitalise the first letters of all words (except "a", "the", etc).
  4. Don't paste an entire URL string directly into your posting. Instead present your links with some meaningful text using the BBCode URL tags.
    For example,
    For more information, [url=https://www.strategycore.co.uk/forums/Strategy-News-f2.html]read on from here[/url]!

    Will produce:

    For more information, read on from here!
    Likewise, if you wish to place a quote within your post, use the quote tags as follows:
    [quote]quote goes here[/quote]


  5. Make sure you give credit where due. If your news item comes from another site, be sure to link to the original article.
    [i]Thanks to [url=https://www.evilavatar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70330]EvilAvatar[/url] for the tip![/i]


  6. Add screenshots if you like. Don't go overboard - think of three as a good upper limit. Center your screenshots like so:
    [center]Your images here...[/center]


  7. This is a big one: uncheck the box that says "Enable signature". Signatures look decidedly out of place on our front page news listing. :D
  8. Keep it short. The standard format is:
    1) An intro paragraph,
    2) a quote (if available),
    3) screenshots/images then
    4) the source and any other credits.
  9. Make sure there aren't unwarranted inflammatory remarks or curse words in the headline/body of your posting (i.e. RETARDED, GAY, etc). If your source links could be considered offensive, make sure to label them as such.
  10. Check and recheck spelling, grammar, punctuation, format, and sentence structure. Make sure that you write in complete sentences. Use the "Preview Post" button to make sure it looks neat. Correct the spacing is it isn't. A well-groomed story is a story worth reading.
  11. Finally, submit your story. A member of staff will be automatically notified, and shortly someone will check (and perhaps edit) your article before making it visible to the public at large.

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