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Shortest Game Time?


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So what's the shortest space of time you've finished the game in, bith in real life and game time?


I've managed to complete it in one long Saturday, and my end of game time was mid March :huh: And yes, this was on easy setting - I'd have taken a few weeks longer in real time on Superhuman ;)

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I get the impression the higher you crank up the difficulty, the faster things should go for you. Well... Assuming you can manage to keep up, that is, but resources are made available to you faster.


That said, I've played through an entire campaign in a day... If you disclude the fact that I played a 'no loading' game, got all the way to Cydonia, and... lost. :lol:


An entire day it took me to get to that 'game over' screen, too. :huh:

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