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A petition for SotS Prime HD remake

Space Voyager

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As I'm sure all members of our forums keep a keen eye on this part of the forums, finally we have something new to post. On the space strategy that, IMO, has yet been surpassed to date. Not much but better than nothing.


It has been known for quite a long time that Kerberos is thinking about a SotS HD remake. They are having a hard time gathering the funds and have been creating several smaller projects, hoping to get to the point of tackling the remake. You can contribute in this regard by, say, buying The Pit: Infinity, which is a nice dungeon crawling FPS, set in the SotS universe.


Anyway, as Martin Cirulis, Kerberos CEO, stated, they'd be ready to start a campaign if fans gathered 30k people, interested in the game. A fan took him seriously and started a petition we can sign. Even if we don't gather 30k, perhaps we get enough to show an interest in the game, large enough to persuade Kerberos to go ahead with the project. Tell your brother, mother, sister, father and grandparents. Oh, and your children, to spread the word in kindergartens and schools.

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Well, SV, I suppose it's nice that Kerberos is at least pondering a SotS HD remake.


Unfortunately, I don't see this petition thing working. If it has been up for 5 days and there are only 7 signatures beyond that of its creator it should tell you something.


I imagine even a poll over at Kerberos' own forums would quickly get better numbers than that.


IMHO, they need to put some actual thought into it, not some manifestation of eventual consideration. They should pull out all the stops and present something akin to, say, what was done with the Homeworld Remastered Collection.


They should go for quality, both visually and aurally, optimizing performance for today's multiple core CPUs and supporting current graphical techs like DirectX 12/Vulcan, higher-end screen resolutions, ultrawide monitors, perhaps support more languages, present a production plan people can get behind and then, with something feasible - that they know they can deliver - to show, go for crowdfunding.


They seem to need to first see the audience would be there. That, in my view, is the wrong stance: what they need is to make the audience _want_ what they present it with. Create the desire, fuel the passion, feed the flame!


Just my 2 cents, but that's what they should be working on.


If they themselves seemingly do not believe they can create something clearly appealing for the fans then the entire point is moot to begin with.

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All true, no doubt. This is not even a Kerberos' petition, so by no means could it ever achieve the 30k goal. I'd be surprised if we got to 500 really. Still, it looked so spontaneous I had to post about it...


Otherwise Kerberos did state that SotS remake would be a whole new game, new engine. Basically starting from zero, except for the design. This is also why they are not doing it, as they have no funds for such an undertaking. They seem determined to stay completely indie, so, sadly, we may never see it happen.


Perhaps the slight feeling of despair is another reason for posting...

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This is far from a lost case. Sword of the Stars is far too significant a franchise for it to simply fall by the wayside.


It will not be forgotten, certainly, and if Kerberos at some stage realize they really can't pull the weight by themselves anymore they can and should pick a suitable partner to help them with it, instead of being too proud to consider it.


If they were, for instance, to persuade Paradox Interactive they could again accomplish something noteworthy and worthwhile for all parties involved with a resurgence of the series, then they'd have sure footing again.


Let's face it, what have they done for themselves since the original SotS? Only Sword of the Stars: The Pit was of some relevance. The latest The Pit: Infinity was generally considered rushed out of Early Access. And let's not even talk about Kaiju-A-GoGo or Ground Pounders.


Sure, to their credit, they haven't thrown down the towel and tried to mix things up a bit but, if we're honest, they're kind of floundering and they need some help to really get back on their feet.


It's all very well to want to remain independent but they're reaching that point where they must embrace "go big or go home". Start a new IP or do a AAA SotS III.


Either the magic is gone or it's indeed still there to be rekindled in a flash.


It's one thing or the other and it's better to find that out for good already, for their own sake, sooner rather than later, instead of going on pretending, through stubborn self-sufficiency, with barely a pulse to keep them going.


Let's put it this way, if Hello Games' small, inexperienced team, which came out of seemingly nowhere, taking three years to deliver a No Man's Sky to lukewarm reception, managed to pull it off in the end in accomplishing their vision, what excuse does Kerberos Productions have, with an established IP in hand and all their experience, not to reach similar heights and gains?


It's only a fair question to ask.


Ultimately, they must believe in themselves if we are to believe in them, together reaching for the stars anew.

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