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Zombie's UFO:EU Giveaway!


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Hello everyone! A little birdie recently told be that UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense here in the States) celebrates it's 25th birthday this year. Hard to imagine. I still remember playing it on the PlayStation and trying to figure out how to beat my first Terror Site with Sectoids and Cyberdiscs through the night narrowly making my final exam. Ah the good old days! grey.gif


So seeing as 2K never does anything special for events like this, I guess it's up to me again.


Here's the deal, and for a limited time only, if you don't have the game post here (if you are a member), use the Contact Us button above (if you aren't a member) or friend me on Steam and I'll hook you up free of charge (you need to have an account at Steam though). Open to everyone (staff too!) so pass the news around. As for when this ends, who knows? dntknw.gif I'd act quickly though, just in case.


If you don't get it now, it's possible I might do this again later in the year. I guess that depends how popular this is. smile.png


- Zombie

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Ha - I had only just impulse purchased a copy of TFTD for the Playstation. Now this. You can never go wrong with redundant copies on different platforms. Thanks!
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