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  1. Well, what have we got here? A new unsightly unfriendly neighborhood "Caretaker". No Care Bear mode for you busters - it's shoot to kill! Your brash manners are to be promptly rebuked, as NKF exemplifies when at his best. It's funny how the pRiders try to slip in a few shots of their own amidst all the commotion. You're not getting a free pass from us either! You know the drill, gents, this will require beating some further sense into these interlopers. Let's get it done, shall we? On private comms: #2 global rank attained! The sky is no longer the limit, Commander Z. The target is now well past the stratosphere and right out there, with you shooting for nothing but that brightest of stars. Sharpening your cutting edge (interceptors) is indeed sounding like the best way to go supersonic. Watch out, Number 1!!
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  2. The apparently barren, quietly hostile, chilly surroundings only seem to help us keep our cool. We do it all by the numbers and the numbers start to increasingly add up, without much of a hitch, even with the little jumpscare episodes NKF and then the Dragon Hawk / FA duo had with trigger-happy aliens. A process of unrelenting elimination follows, culminating with Gimli definitively restoring peace and signaling the return to the warmth of the shiny new transport vessel. Places like these always put him in the mood for a good sampling of Vodka for some reason... A good warmup afterwards and a trio of new chevrons bestowed to the upstarts, it's best to get on with it as the clock is already ticking for a real outing. Screw your heads on straight and be on your toes - we're going heavy duty!
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  3. Our recent promotees are looking more buff alright. Maybe they'll be able to start pulling their own weight now. They might pass for actually competent members of the squad too for a moment longer, acting smug before the rookies realize we're all in the meatgrinder anyway and everybody needs their backs watched with little room left for posing. Meanwhile, others have been actually doing their jobs and shooting down the enemy from the skies. We're up - lock and load, people!
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