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In Topic: Emmm.. Where to get a legit version of the game?

Yesterday, 06:45 AM

Just because you buy a legit copy doesn't mean it will work.


In Topic: XCOM: Chimera Squad

Yesterday, 05:06 AM

Bugs & Glitches.

Internet Outages, Power Outages and the site being wonky recently has permitted me from submitting this topic. How appropriate for the title of this entry.

   I have only experienced a handful of bugs with my time playing this game, none of them being system crashing until today..... So let's jump right in!


   Your squad mates/team members will often banter back forth with each other in combat. Sometimes they'll retort if you missed a shot, killed an enemy or even complaining about medical assistance (which they clearly need).

  Yet on multiple occasions I've had Squad mates/team members who either weren't on the current mission or even recruited make remarks, slightly bizarre.
   I can only assume it's a script issue where your allies converse, most likely a coding bug.


   Many times when breaching into the next area the animations for the entry, be it rappelling down and breaking through glass, jumping through glass, jumping through glass from the ceiling (maybe a glass issue?) will stall and you don't actually see your team making the breach.

  Normally when the animation shows your actions of the said breach the camera will then pan to the next phase where you will target an enemy. When done correctly the target (depending on your choice) will highlight the name of the enemy and the percentage of actually hitting them. When done incorrectly the target will show up but nothing else, leaving you wondering just who in the hell you should kill first. (Hint - The closest target is usually the one that will connect.)

  The enemies known as the Acolytes have the annoying skill of a "Psionic Supplex". It sucks, if the enemy pulls it off and more annoyingly if it happens multiple times, you'll be heading to "Supplex City". It only happened once but an animation of Patchwork, who was lifted into the air via supplex stayed frozen in that form for the rest of the mission. This was despite that the Acolyte who used his skill on her was killed immediately. It was a "get in get out" mission, so it was hilarious to her floating through the air to the green exit grid.

Ok. So that's my last entry into this game not based on the 4 part series. The final part will include several screenshots, an attempt at my only 2 remaining Steam accomplishments with my last play through. (I hope, please God I don't want to do this anymore!) My overall review and score.

See you soon.


In Topic: Are we totally screwed?

17 May 2022 - 04:57 AM

Thor...bud. This needs to stop. Your taking what I typed out of context. I clearly typed that here in the U.S. what our priorities are currently, I never said anything about Covid not being a worldwide issue.

See here's the thing with Covid, you might die if you get it, but you can still live if you get it. If babies don't eat they WILL die.

If people don't care about the here and NOW what difference will it make LATER?

My mistake was making the statement, "No one fucking cares about Covid or the environment." That was my mistake because there are people that do. However, some priorities are more important. My wife, my children are more important than what happens to the Earth in 600 years.

For all we know, all this talk about saving the planet and BOOM an asteroid comes along and destroys the entire human race and what's left of the Earth, which smashes into the Sun. The yellow Sun not expecting most of a planet plunging into it's mass decides; from going to orange to red to brown to supernova which self destructs leaving the furthermost planets in eternal darkness. (That was just me kidding, but it COULD happen)

Last thing I want to address and this is directed to you Thor. I've always considered you my friend here on StrategyCore. I never said I don't care about this world, I want there to be an alternative to any power source that won't harm the Earth. I care about my family/friends, animals, nature and humanity in general.

So I won't comment any further on this subject because I just want to focus on XCOM/Fun related stuff.

Besides, when the aliens invade, the discussion will be about your Uncle being controlled by Sectoids, my sister running off with a Muton and the rest of the forum will be Zombies because a small town in Wisconsin was where the Chryssalids originated from. Go Packers!


In Topic: Are we totally screwed?

16 May 2022 - 06:35 AM

Leonardo DiCaprio flies on his personal jet, which uses fossil fuels in order to tell people stop using oil. Here's you go.

This elite Hollywood actor, you know actor where you get paid to pretend for a living, is a known hypocrite. Guess what else uses oil/fossil fuel? Boats. Here is his personal yacht.

Using Hollywood actors as a justification for why those "big oil meanies" is why this world is polluted doesn't sell me.

Let's boil this down to brass tacks. I never said Nuclear was a magical solution, Thor I said it was an alternative.

So what's the alternative? Electric Cars? They rely on fossil fuels as well. Cobalt?

Solar panels and wind turbines kill millions of birds. Coal?

Until either one of you find some "Magical" alternative energy source like Elerium that can immediately change course direction, this discussion is just a moot point and accomplishes nothing. Since humans ruled this world it has been and always be filled with greed. Do you even grasp that billions upon billions of people have and will rely on fossil fuel for centuries from now? Years ago people said the fossil fuel would run out and low and behold as it turns out it has the means to replenish itself.

Here in the U.S. there's a massive shortage of baby formula, the top five issues Americans have are: 1.) Gas Prices, 2.) Inflation 3.) Baby Formula 4.) The border issue and 5.) Crime. No one fucking cares about Covid or the environment. If we as humans in all countries can't fix the problems that personally concern you and your family.

Then we are indeed fucked.


In Topic: Migrant crisis

15 May 2022 - 07:06 AM

As much as I Miss the FullAuto Vs Hobbes debate. This shit is out of control.