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Posted F@1kM@r on 21 January 2018 - 05:30 PM

Wow!!!! All that looks absolutely amazing! I would love to play the demo, if you would be so kind to link me to a download. It's been a while since I've played any silent storm and am looking forward to try out what you have made.


Posted JohnnyRu on 21 January 2018 - 01:30 PM

Oh. My. God. Just look at this heavy guns on second screen! Thats a lot of weapons btw. NIce new game mode, feels like skirmish. And maps is adorable, all those tanks and trucks!  And vampiress i'm just speechless!

But what about the campaign? will it be?


Posted brandeburg on 13 October 2017 - 05:02 AM

Wonderful trenchcoat , and snow & dirt effect ...real top.
There are two shorter models of silenced nagant, with short Bramit system and one with the whole barrel encase in Silencer as woodsman pistol. (Top weapon to conceal, only for GRU & Smersh).


Just PERFEKT trenchguns.

With australian's Owen, japan war or SOE missions will look terrific.
Reising were mostly airdropped to resistants (France, Greece, Holland...) Lot of possibilities for futher development. Well done Sir.

http://www.earmi.it/...las/atlas.htm   (helpful world weapons dictionnary)

This one in russian for civilian partysani/resistants weapons :


Posted brandeburg on 08 October 2017 - 08:22 AM

M. orc01 you true it looks promising but the girls skirts are in fact Mini Mini ...Posted Image

M. WerHeruvin a good link:


You will find apart from silencers some interesting weapons  to create in game, like The Remington Centerfire Autoloading Rifle Police Model 8 and 81...

Here some interesting grenade launchers :
french MAS 36 antichar 20mm (antitankgun) firing 20mm/7.9mm sousmunition
http://www.littlegun...sterieux fr.htm

german sturmkampfgewehr firing Patrone 326Lp

soviet Naiman RMN50 obr.38 firing 50mm soviet mortar
Mosin Nagant Kulakov (50mm autmatic grenade launcher) firing 50mm soviet mortar



Posted brandeburg on 06 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

this for you about soviet Bramit, Maxime & Humbert silencers date farback from 1WW so you may have silencers on soviet weapons other than S41-Bramit. ( I have done for fun a 7.65 with Bramit, but would be nice with a Humbert too)
and some soviet sMg.

#163208 New Characters, perks & modding charts

Posted brandeburg on 27 August 2017 - 09:04 AM

Here are the 2 last classes Saboteur and Skirmisher, each of them have run for life

SABOTEUR is a spy agent, working solo or not, hand to hand an cold steel fighting expert, expert engineer to hide explosive device, but not a demolition expert as the sapper.
_He knows ennemy VP (65) to eliminate them more easily, use only pistol silenced or garrot, or knives, he is a modern war "NINJA", using ennemy uniforms and false identity to lurk or ambush his/her target. (kind of Smersh or SOE/OSS agent, SD or Abwher...).

SKIRMISHER are well trained soldats in ambush and protect the flank of other troops.
_They are sniper (oxford dictionnary: fire shots from hidding, make sly critical attack.) with noiseless weapons sMg pistol rifles but from close to mid range, not a sharpshooter (here in this configuration), his suppressed weapons with subsonics ammunitions can not reach long distance target.
_He works in team with other Skirmisher (kind of SOG member during vietnamese conflict, or  SD Fallschirmjaeger Kommando, SAS/SBS) and can use any type of light weapons to even take ennemy' s arms in case of harsh encounter.

you may read this manual to create other classes as well : FM21-75 scouting patrolling & sniping (link is okay by now)
https://archive.org/...ting patrolling

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  • skirmisher.gif

#163207 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 27 August 2017 - 07:39 AM


Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.  
The mod is not ready to be released yet. I'll need to finish testing, debugging... Besides, there are only 2 encounters, nothing else is completed yet.


Thank you.
You have some interesting ideas... and ... some pretty wild ones... Posted Image

I don't know how to create/implement new AP requirement perks and changes without accessing and adding or modifying the hard-coded functions and ids...
If you know how to do it - tell me. I'll add it.
The same goes for the 'enemy healing'. I am not aware of a way to determine what they are holding in their hands at any given moment (it's not H&S)....
I am not even sure if adding an 'enemy doctor' running around will improve the game by much. If we want to increase the difficulty or present the player with a challenge - we can just add more enemies, ad infinitum if needed, period.
Thank you for the radio alphabet. It might come in handy. Posted Image
What I was asking for was a conversation example (In German)...

unsuccessful attempt:
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (Radio noise)
(transmission terminated)

successful attempt (wrong recipient):
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (short radio noise) Lubni North Tower responding. State your coordinates. Over.
- (pause...self induced radio noise)...
(transmission terminated)

successful attempt (correct recipient):
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (short radio noise) Unit leader (such-and-such) responding. State your coordinates. Over.
- West of your position, moving east. Experiencing mechanical problems. Over.
- Proceed to your designated area. We'll take a look. Over. Out.
(transmission terminated)
I can see how a snap shot can be confused with 'blind firing' or 'spray and pray' for automatic weapons ( that's what "tir au jugé" basically implies) There are a lot of references to snap shooting in hunting where the hunters shoot the birds with minimum preparation. I believe they have a similar term for that in Russian as well - "выстрел навскидку".
It has nothing to do with blind firing or firing around corners in enemies' general direction. It's just a quick shot at the enemy without using the weapon's iron sights.
Classes and encounters (random primarily) is what I'd really appreciate help with. Not just the classes that make sense militarily, but the ones I need for special characters as well. I've seen the panels you posted. I'll examine them more closely when I have more time...

In terms of Scenario zone/RE ideas - here is what I'm looking for:

- describe the encounter, make a sketch of that zone. Mark where everything and everyone is, major loot locations + their proposed contents, landmarks, terrain specifics, etc. It can be just a primitive drawing, a rough draft of your vision of the encounter, basically. Like this one I made for the "A1 Peacekeeper" scenario zone:

Posted Image

GP2 and GP3 are in 'pocket' and will show up only if we start shooting.

- what are we doing there?
- if our presence there is self-explanatory then what are our goals (if any at all)?
- how does it start?
- allies, enemies, neutrals behavior, goals (plot related, please), equipment (plot stage limited)
- what tactical challenges are we presented with (if any)
- possible splits with logical consequences: if we do this then.../ if we do that then...
- if you are unsure whether something is possible, or if I'm willing to implement it - ask.

To illustrate ("Peacekeeper" rough draft):

1) we arrive at Brovari, park the bike behind a building (a 'club' or taverns perhaps)
2) we witness a heated argument between some young Nazi sympathizer punk and Dr' Sed'yih's brother.
3) At this point we get a choice of either:

- challenging that punk to a fist fight, (would require Str. > 8 or 9). A German patrol shows up. Beating him into a pulp will get us a +1 with Wehrmacht (repW) and +1 with the civies (repC), maybe -3 with UPA?. The Germans marvel at our skill and invite us to an officers' club boxing event or something (I mean they were heavily into sports then, even played Kiev Dynamo in 1942, IIRC). At the club we could get an opportunity to steal some intel(???), sabotage something and/or win some money....
- talking sense into him/threatening him to leave the brother alone. Req. Int. > 8 or 9 (75% chance of success)
- fast/smooth talking him into leaving. Req. Dex. >9 or 10 (75% chance of success)

4) if we fail the doctor will have a 50-50% of making the punk back off.
5) if she fails - her brother gets shot... (dead or wounded??? don't know yet). A German patrol shows up and takes the punk into custody (he laughs it off saying he's going to be out the moment they bring him to the polizei station). His father is some local businessman in bed with the Germans (we'll deal with him later)
6) Here we get a choice of:
- attacking the punk along with his buddies and the Germans. repW (Wehrmacht) -5, repC -1 (+5 to repW and +2 to repC if we destroy/hide the bodies and kill a German runner who will try to leave the map within several turns)
- do nothing
7) if the doctor survives and her brother is alive and healed we are invited to her house and she gives us the lab worktable (reward).

Later, when we hook up with the partisans we might see her there too...
I don't know what will happen with Kat and Scar yet. I don't have a detailed master plan for them or for the actual plot. There is a general direction I'd like to steer it in... but I don't have any specifics yet.
Well, I can assure you there'll be no long lasting romances of any kind. Although, some of my family members might take an issue with Hello Kitty not being able to fight the empire of Evil. They did draw a mustache on those dolls at one time, don't know why,... signifying its machismo and readiness, I suppose... hmm... I wonder if that felonious gender change was consensual at all... Gotta ask them. Posted Image
I am guessing cordite is going to be used in subsonic ammunition production.

Here I'm listing some of the new RPG item descriptions and the simplified chemical reactions necessary to produce them:
Cordite N is a triple based smokeless military propellant. It is well known for its slow burning and brisance that cause a subsonic deflagration wave. It is produced by combining nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, petroleum jelly and nitroguanidine.
Use: artillery shells and small gun subsonic ammunition.

Nitroglycerin (3 bottles) + nitrocellulose (3 bottles) + petroleum jelly (1 container) + nitroguanidine (1 flask) = 8 cordite N (sticks)
We already have a description for nitroglycerin
Cellulose is a polysacharide organic compound found in plant cells. It is usually obtained from cotton that contains 90% cellulose. It can also be extracted from cotton-containing clothes and uniforms. Cellulose is mainly used in nitrocellulose manufacturing.

Any regular uniform = Cellulose (1 jar)

If there are no other uses for cellulose we could skip it and do this:

any regular uniform + nitric acid (1 bottle) = Nitrocellulose (1 bottle)
Nitrocellulose or guncotton is a highly flammable compound used as a military propellant. It is one of the main components in cordite N manufacturing. Nitrocellulose is produced by exposing cellulose (90% in cotton) to nitric acid.
It can also be found in pre-war films.

How to make: Cellulose (1 jar) + nitric acid (1 bottle) = Nitrocellulose (2 bottles)
Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. It is frequently used in medicine and cosmetics as a skin protectant. It is also used in the production of a triple based smokeless powder cordite N.

How to make: find in the game world
Nitroguanidine is a colorless crystalline solid. It is primarily used as a military propellant, as well as a fertilizer and an insecticide in civilian use. Its ability to reduce flash and flame without sacrificing chamber pressure earned it its place in triple based smokeless powder production. Manufacturing of cordite N utilizes nitroguanidine.

How to make: Fertilizer (1 bag) + Ammonium Nitrate (1 flask) = Nitroguanidine (1 flask)
Fertilizer, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, uniforms and nitroglycerin are already in the game...
~ Blunter ~

#163206 New Characters, perks & modding charts

Posted brandeburg on 27 August 2017 - 12:41 AM

Tonight the RIFLEMAN & the ASSAULTER.

RIFLEMAN characters are common grunt with a rifle or carabin, are using hand grenades and or grenade Launcher, With time they are knowing pretty good how to use their rifles, and pack as group can do deadly middle range stopping/suppresive fire with high perforation and penetration bullets. _They are more mobile than Lmgunner and equipment less heavy and less expensive.
In the originals game you seldom using rifles because they have too short firing range (need to be increase), and inaccurate careful shot (careful shot require more AP with only 20% more accuracy ; this is frustating & useless to use=> careful shot should double the chance to hit the ennemy).
_They are not specialized in melee but when require, they are doing fierce melee to try to survive.
_ as the other they have run for life, first trainning at the army, and body carrier 42 to secure wounded comrade (42 speed should be increasing, soldier are running with a wounded friend on his shoulders, ennemy' bullets are deadly too).
Could be nice to do a radio operator, 1 only on 5 other rifleman (need a new perk, using & fixing radio) and this guy wil increase moral of his allies =INSPIRATION = the ennemy guy you should nail on the door with SP or FMJ (soft point and full metal jacket bullets).

ASSAULTER is the assaillant of the team, always on running, prefering light weapons for close range shoting, as pistols revolver or sMg (if you are modding H & S you will understand), he is the best in grenade throwning and melee. This guy is the best for cleaning houses, trenches, killing with knives or whatever he got in his hand pick, saber, even rock;
_he is a shock commando who open the way through ennemy lines, but do not ask him too much about medecine or mines.
_He is a grenadier XL, Pervitine addict under feldgrau uniform, or using vodka in soviet uniform.

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  • Rifleman.gif
  • assaulter.gif

#163194 New Characters, perks & modding charts

Posted brandeburg on 26 August 2017 - 11:52 AM

Today Sapper and Machine Gunner

The sapper In this concept, is a first line soldier, making way under fire through barded wire, watch for mine, disarm booby trap, land some mines, mortar shells or grenade (adjustement of dbo. data for grenade as mine, PK shells as mine..).
_But  He knows how to throw grenade too =this is what he pick with him up ...full bag, (as master perk), to avoid to be "disarmed" so close to enemies; he throw explosive bag in the bunker firing openning, and use flamethrower (why not ? using ray weapons plot, changing rays into flames ...Posted Image ).
_He knows too how to use rocket launcher (here grenade launcher rifles_new weapons to create), because his knowledge about fortification demolition is on top.
_He should be as silent as possible to prepare is dirty trick and stop ennemy assault or fiend skirmisher.
_Solo perk=he is working alone far from ally fire points. And can enter a frenzied close combat, with his showel or hatchet (need for this weapons to do more damage and ajustment as in original game a hatchet bonus to hit or critical is less than a knive, and a sharpen shovel is deadly).

Machine gunner is the most important piece on the check in usual fighting confrontation, protecting from far the advancing troops, or waiting ennemies in a gorge or street with stoping fire; or helpful too during commando infiltration, in case of bad encounter?
_He uses grenades as well to retreat in hurry or during fight  in wood or urban combat's house cleaning.
_he get a side arm, pistol or revolver, in case of.
_INSPIRATION perk because other fighter feel well protect with a Machine gun spitting on the assaillants.

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  • machine gunner.gif
  • sapper.gif


Posted brandeburg on 21 August 2017 - 04:17 PM

go to it to find pictures with better resolution than my JPEG


I advise I will erase in a couple of days the drawnings and pictures ...5 MB only!!!!

if I need to post more it is required.


Posted brandeburg on 20 August 2017 - 10:14 AM

here are some pictures well know on the web,( I got more, an ss nurses and ss doctoress as well as ss-krieghelferinnen at ERR in kiev...) jacket, winter Mantel, and work overall ! sexy one indeed!
I put too some drawning I did to realize them, but never do the job. Uniform jacket and Mantel are Feldgrau, cap is black, overall is black, shoes are their own civil black or brown leather.

I add a military order from RSSA :

14 August 1943, order from Himmler regarding SS-Helferinnen:

1. The designation SS-Helferinnen remains confined to female personnel who have been trained in the Reichsschule SS at Oberenheim/Alsace, tested, and incorporated into the Corps of SS-Helferinnen.

2. All other female employees and workers who are in the service of the SS under contract or by virtue of an Emergency Service Order will be known as Kriegshelferinnen, insofar as they are entitled to be issued with service clothing during their employment in accordance with the Führer's Order of 11 January 1943.

3. Service clothing : The approved service clothing for SS-Helferinnen will also be worn by Kriegshelferinnen, but without distinguishing marks apart from the Hoheitsabzeichen on the headdress and left upper arm.
SS runes, sleevebands with the inscription "Reichsschule-SS," and unit emblems are reserved for SS-Helferinnen only.

4. Administration of the Kriegshelferinnen is the responsibility of the unit employing them, in collaboration with the SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungs-Hauptamt, but the Chef der Fernmelderwesens (Chief of the Telecommunications Service) is exclusively responsible for SS-Helferinnen.

It is may be too much?

#162977 TRIBUTE TO MODDERS to show their work were not in vain

Posted brandeburg on 18 August 2017 - 04:04 PM

TO people who enjoy to play modds but forgot to thanks autor, show them with screenshot they do good, even short mod, I know the work it represent.

If someone follow me, please put scrren shot, funny death, explosion or whatever, and put the mod title, so author will know that people enjoyed his work.

today a wink to Blunter recent work.

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  • well...Blunter's_Mod.jpg


Posted brandeburg on 18 August 2017 - 04:17 AM

double click doas not work, but open as a new page work...I am so stupid sometimePosted Image
About Helferinen I was not thinking about SS especially but any kind of them, Heer, marine or luftwaffe.

The soviet female with her pilotka cap is really good looking, with good soviet clothes, nice work.

I solve the problem I got with redesignated S1 ramdom encounters not showing: I put both french and english version and there is a conflict!

Is there no way to do vehicules moving a little bit each turn as the characters (short screen animation??? as did Novik with T34) so the team could move to prepare an ambush or to avoid the vehicule, I do not know moving 12 or 20 squares = 7m to 13meters. Just may be a stupid idea?

#162909 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted brandeburg on 17 August 2017 - 07:52 AM

Really Nice work indeed.
About Fritz question : this is not Bug, surely small pox
And yes her hairs are brigth, wonderful haircut.

I will put the partizan ammo remote fabric idea and sheme soon. (some partizan leader a GUGB should chek and cleverly eliminated if he is Trotkist or anarchist, or may be a Vladimir Petlyakov agent.

The silenced weapons should be limited to  GUGB and SD and few of them in the game, sound 1 (sound 0 limited to crossbow, knives, club)
special Ammunitions very scarce, even for special units wich are far from base,
partizan should have only suppressed guns with theater made suppressors sound 5.

the Team Hero is GUGB member? from which departement? Should he treat civilian affair too?
  • Department 2 (СПО/SPO) - [Secret Political]
  • Department 3 (КРО/KRO) - [counter-intelligence]
  • Department 4 (OO)- [Special] —(responsible for counter-intelligence in the military)
  • Department 5 (ИНО/INO) - [Foreign (Intelligence]
you did mister Blunter an excelent work, the day dawn night is wonderful, do camouflage change hidding power? (it should work if you indicate for each region what items are requiring to enter area and effect (I have to go back in modding and watch for this) white suit for snow, civilian clothes to be a real infiltrated agent in partizan or occupied areas...

and for lieutenant Havoc this german silenced guns (sorry we did not done in game stay as project). I am adding the Pistol 27 with schaldämpfer L31 the P38 got a walther schaldämpfer and an Opel one I believe; the P08 has an Erma schaldämpfer (schaldämpfer=silencer or supressor)

#162905 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 17 August 2017 - 02:59 AM

All right, to the rest of the "Supplies" mission...

The medical supplies package is located in the back of the second truck (the one that's broken).

Posted Image

The thread checking its presence in our inventory runs in parallel with the other two objectives, so it doesn't really matter when we pick it up. Whenever we do - the objective gets updated...

Posted Image

...almost there...

...and viola!

Posted Image

...the partially blocked message says: "The package contains a wide variety of wound care items and a field med kit. You might have also noticed the "Suture Kit", I added, among the spawned items.

Posted Image

...a couple of PDMs an engineer of 1-2 lvl should have no problem removing...

And finally, one of the bandits in the opposite (to our starting position) corner drops a scoped 33-40. I think the girl was quite happy with that.

Posted Image


Okay, about the scoped rifles... I feel the need to limit all of them to a "snap" and a "scoped/sniper" shooting modes only. I am also thinking about slightly raising their snap shot AP requirement... by 5-7% (bulky, scope is in the way...) and maybe (just maybe) increasing their damage. Their counterparts, carbines especially, should probably have slightly cheaper snap shots. We'll probably need to have a discussion about this. Pros and cons, the observations and the wishes...

------------------------ NOTIFICATIONS --------------------------------------------

Well, not being a programmer, it took me a while to figure out the scripts that could support the ideas Heruvim and I talked about.

Some of those ideas were:

- Fully scripted transport (Loot, storage, loss upon destruction..)
- Fuel consumption and refueling
- Daylight cycle
- Time tracking

So, here it goes:

Posted Image

The place and month will change with each chapter where as other variables are tracked through various behind the scenes counters.
but before we touch upon those subjects let's look at the new chapter grid that started it all.

Posted Image

...and the chapter view after the grid's been applied.

Posted Image

I remember looking through Novik's scripts for H&S's traveling routine that covered all possible variations (for all 11? zones) with a separate calculation/value assigned to each and every one of them. You can imagine A, B, C, D, E, ...etc. A to B, A to C..., B to C, ... so on and so forth. That seemed a little too bulky, so I decided to do it differently.
...now we have 6 columns and 3 rows dividing the map into 18 sectors. I also made several assumptions:

- minutes don't count when we travel on the Chapter map. Hours do.
- it takes around 2-3 hours to travel 30-50 km using secondary roads to any adjacent sector on a fully loaded Zundapp K750
- it takes 2-3 hours for any major light change to happen.
- we don't spend more than 2-3 hours in any given encounter.

Then I created 10 Daylight cycle phases: Moonrise, Moon, Moonset, Dawn, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, and Midnight.

Posted Image

Traveling from C1R1 - Nemyeshaeva ("Escape") to  C2R2 - Priorka ("Supplies") would equal
(C2-C1) + (R2-R1) = 2 light cycle zone skip would determine the light and the time in the next one.
then multiply that by 2.5 (approx. amount of time it takes for one light state to change to the next), so 2*2.5 = 5 hours
I didn't use the 2.4 because it created a very long decimal and I haven't found a way to round it down. (Yes, I read the various LUA manuals and forums already ;))
I also added a small random number to that result to make it look more natural.
So, after the initial global for "Time" (as in time of the day) was set in "Escape" for Evening ("9") then when we arrived at Priorka outskirts it moved two daylight phases forward to "Moonrise".

There is a behind the scenes "hours" counter as well.
I don't really know how interested you guys are in the mechanics of it all...(???) so I'm gonna stop here. But if you'd like to see the script itself I can definitely copy/paste it in the thread.
---------- R E P U T A T I O N -------------------------

Posted Image

All the Globals are set to "10" in "Escape" then constantly readjust based on our actions:

Posted Image

After all, we were on the roster (Germans were famous for excellent record keeping, right?) and now we are gonna be gone leaving a bunch of dead SS faithful behind. Thus -2 to RepSS.
On the other hand we risked our life and helped the partisans... as a result +2 to RepP. (only +1 if their leader doesn't survive, and 0 if none of them survive)

Of course, if we hide the bodies then...

Posted Image

...the reputation returns back to its default value.

It works the same way in "Supplies". If the doctor lives civilian reputation RepC goes up +1 and so does RepP.

------- E S C A P E ----- C H A N G E S ------------------------

There were a few things I thought were necessary to address:
- the strange key
- the source of "Supplies" marker

Posted Image


At first, I wanted to introduce the med supply raid through a somewhat heated conversation between Kat and Scar:

It went something like this:

Kat (screaming): That's not what I said!
Scar: You are gonna get us all killed.
Kat: It's pointless talking to you! Pointless!

You: What are you arguing about?

Kat: I want to get some medical supplies, if I am to be of any use to you. I heard them talking about a delivery to Priorka today.
Scar: All I heard was "...medikamente.."
Kat: Well, you didn't study German at school and then at the university like I did.
Scar: Right! That's all I need...a bookworm covering my ass in a firefight! Bah!

You: Armored convoy?
Kat: No, just trucks. "LKW"...and a medical facility in Priorka was mentioned.

You: I see. Hmm... We could check it out but if's anything other than a lightly guarded convoy we withdraw immediately.

Eventually, I scrapped it and found a shorter way to introduce that encounter:

Posted Image


Oh, and the new global map marker:

Posted Image

(to be continued)
~ Blunter ~