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In Topic: I think I've played this too much in my youth

08 October 2019 - 07:11 AM


Well I started again on Superhuman. Lost my soldiers and Skyranger in the first fortnight and there's no easy way to come back from that when you've spent all your money already, so did a restart (I don't think that was cheating?).

Now in March, back to where I was on my Easy game - nearly researched Avenger, got Power Armour at least for my guys and gals, just about got Heavy Plasma, stumbled across Alien Base 1 so I can now do some harvesting of my own ;)

I did have to withdraw from a Terror Mission in the first month as my soldiers weren't equipped for Cyberdiscs, but the game fortunately threw me a Floater-only terror mission in Feb which was a lot easier (though all civvies died and one by my hand so scraped a Poor rating there).

I expanded the base so fast I'm in a financial deficit so have been balancing building useful items with medikit sales to keep in the black - can't remember what financial woes trigger losing the game so I sacked a few spare soldiers and a second Skyranger that was mostly ornamental in its hangar - hopefully that will help.

All good fun but remembering how much the aliens cheat is also part of the fun (night vision, knowing where you are after X turns etc).

In Topic: I think I've played this too much in my youth

07 October 2019 - 08:24 AM

Cheers Zombie.

One more question - I clicked Ironman on OpenXCOM but can't remember if I actually selected Superhuman difficulty first, which might be why I'm finding it easy.

Are there any telltale signs that I might or might not be on Superhuman? I mean, I was losing an average of 1-2 soldiers in the early missions in the first month playing carefully, but maybe having swept through 3 terror missions in 3 months and only encountering sectoids and floaters might be a clue? I can't remember exactly when the Chrysalids come out to play Posted Image

Never mind - the saves are nice and easy to read in OpenXCOM. I've been playing Beginner difficulty Posted Image

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Oh well, I shall start again. The only reason I was thinking it was Superhuman was the loss of so many soldiers on one mission, but it turns out that their Commander was at fault!