I bought the game today...

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#1 Nicol.Bolas



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Posted 19 August 2008 - 05:03 PM

Update: I fell in love with the vanilla game. It is very challenging, especially on ironmen, so I love it.

Avoid spoilers, thanks.

Only two criticism remain: the story is found lacking and I lack voice acting. Otherwise the research, tactical and geoscape gameplay is perfect, and I love the soldier development.

Some things straight up:

"they donīt die"
They do - I just lost a game, lost all my men and the game.

They get disabled in a mission after taking too much shots (which is 1-2 shots at start, and later too)
They permanently die if you fail mission completely, or if you retreat with remaining soldiers. if you win, disabled ones go for a ressurection which takes more than a month.

So if you whole team is hospital, and a threat arises, thats pretty much it. Also soldiers in hospital loose stats.

This part is really balanced, you would have to try to understand, I like it more than afterlight system.

"1 base only"
Only your main base has soldiers and accompanying buildings, research and manuifacture. other bases have hangar, radar, and defense vs invasion.  I personally prefer this system, to micromanaging 8 bases, and would do something similar in other xcoms

"terrible audiovizual and crontrols"
Itīs ok. If you are the kind of person,you will get addicted anyway, and some sceneries look nice - especially after battles utilizing heavy firepower in residential ares look atmospheric. itīs ok for this kind of game, althought it could have been better.

"unbalanced weapons, soldiers skills an aliens."
Simply not the true. I utilised all weaopons as they go. For normal war this is ok if after a time weapons becomes useless, while it was usefull befoere. I am actually amased by the balance here, nothing like xcom3 toxi guns, tftd sonic cannons, xcom1 medium laser, or AS m630 chaingun happens for most of the game. Another reason to stay away from mods for a while.

Sorry for the guys who already replied, I edited and changed my opinion on the game a lot. feel free to asko about the game, but avoid spoilers, I lost somewhere what I guess is the middle of the game

mod is definitely a NOT must have. Strategic and tactical thinking however, IS a must have, more than in any other xcom or ufo game. The mod just makes the game way too easy and boring.


Tips for vanilla:

1) dont sell alien artefacts, research them first, so they sell for double price.

2) in tactical, cover, cover, cover.

3) donīt build too many laboratories, they will ruin you 1-2 is enough at start, build bases in distant parts of world, at least one each 2 months, with 2 fighters.

4) I donīt see why people say itīs not like xcom1. When xcom2 came out everyone was complaining itīs the same. i like the improvements here.

5) Really at least try the vanilla, play at least 7-8 game months, and you will see its nice. If you like challenges, you will like it.

6) Use grenades and tanks a lot, especially in early game.

7) engage ufos over land. retreat if you catch them above sea, he will follow you to mainland, them engage gim again.

#2 Space Voyager

Space Voyager

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Posted 20 August 2008 - 08:37 AM

Judging from your post Bman's mod is a MUST HAVE.

#3 Azrael Strife

Azrael Strife


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Posted 20 August 2008 - 10:48 PM

Judging from your post, you exaggerate a lot.

But yes, BMan's mod surely is a must have.
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