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Posted 14 April 2004 - 07:58 AM

Alexander lay in his "Biological relaxation device" (bed) with his hands behind his head. He had finally forced himself to go to sleep on this deathly quiet planet. He snored quite loudly, taking after his father, and for all he knew, his grandparents too. He hadn't actually gotten a full nights sleep since they had crashed. Too many dreams. Some involved him finding his brother and sister dead on the squad's next mission. One involved him coming face to face with an Ethereal; a creature his grandmother used to tell him stories about her own father experiencing. She tried to use it as a sort of 'boogyman.' "Go to sleep Alex, or the Ethereal will get you" She would mock.
Alex turned in his sleep, his hands slipping out from behind his head and flaying horizontilly outside the bed. He had had one dream where he was under alien control and murdered his entire squad. Worse and worse... And another where the Biblical Apocalypse had occured, one where he fell from space to earth non-stop, a total freefall. And when he hit the ground he was suddenly on his feet in the jungle, hunting aliens with the rest of blue squad. And they would all turn and began laughing at him. He would look down and realize he was in his underwear!
Alex let out a long snore that turned into a groan as he got up. He had had that same dream again... the one ever since he was a child... it was the green monkey again... Alex shook his head, got up, stretched, and headed outside to get some fresh air.

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Posted 16 April 2004 - 04:38 PM

<<Man oh man! Oskari's really hitting it with the ladies...people will start to talk. :)

***Joint Roleplay Post*** (Loonie, Zager) >>

CPL_Delmar: Rina emptied the remainder of the canteen into her mouth, swallowing the water. She'd been on guard duty for two and a half hours now, keeping an eye out for cultists or aliens looking for the X-COM base. She replaced the canteen at her belt, and continued to watch the terrain through her binoculars. She was wearing her ghillie suit, with her tick suit underneath, rendering her indistiniguishable from the surrounding terrain to the naked eye, and invisible to infrared scanners. If anybody came towards the base, Rina would see them long before they saw her.

LT_Oskari: ::Approaching from behind the soldier Oskari made his way up the hill, on which Rina was currently watching the sector. As she was very concentrated on looking away from the base he seemed to have managed to come up behind her quietly. Coming on the top of the hill he spotted the rising sun as it was slowly coloring the sky more and more blue instead of the black starry that it was during night. After reaching the top a little bit away from Rina he commented:: Nice morning don't you think?

CPL_Delmar: ::Rina stiffened slightly she heard the Lieutenant speak. She hadn't heard him coming up behind her.:: "Yes, it is," : he said,:: "What brings you out here, sir?"

LT_Oskari: ::Noticing the straightforward manner in which Rina replied somewhat surprised Oskari. He hadn't managed to really talk to the private till now, but he decided to try and ask something else too::You should know that the detection systems on Tranquility Base are now operational again. Little chance that any vehicle would slip past us.

CPL_Delmar: A scout on foot might manage it, sir. ::she replied, continuing to scan the terrain::

LT_Oskari: True...most true. ::he replied. He knew actually that ground troops would've been spotted by Earth Force, but given Rina's cold reputation he figured that had he mentioned this to her, her reply would likely be along the lines of "They're not really quite to be trusted." He decided to instead shift the topic a bit closer to his purpose of coming here:: Heard you and Harris were in a lot of trouble on the last mission.

CPL_Delmar: We got pinned down, that is correct, and were outnumbered and outgunned, but we managed to accomplish the objective without suffering any deaths ::she reflected for a minute:: Private Harris is more competent than my initial perceptions of him led me to believe.

LT_Oskari: ::Viktor smirked slightly at Rina's comment:: Indeed...I must say he surprised me as well. Goes to show that you don't really don't know people's true character until they're placed into a stressful situation...Like a battlefield. ::a sad memory passed him at that thought but he quickly dismissed it and continued:: And it's my firmest belief that you and Harris should not go unrewarded ::Producing a silver medal, with an arrow etched out in the middle of it, he continued:: Therefore I'd like to present you with this. ::he offered the medal to Rina a bit slowly:: Well done...Corporal...

CPL_Delmar: ::Rina was struck silent for a moment, then she accepted the medal:: Thank you sir, I won't let you down. I'll serve to the best of my ability until I get killed.

LT_Oskari: ::Slowly lowering his head at that last sentence he retorted:: By your last words you just spoke it seems to me as if you are somewhat expecting to be killed... ::he raised his eyebrow slightly as he observed Rina's reaction::...or at least eager to sacrifice yourself...

CPL_Delmar: Permission to speak freely, sir? ::Rina asked::

LT_Oskari: Go ahead ::Viktor replied, ready to concentrate on what he would next hear::

CPL_Delmar: I've never expected to die of old age, sir, not since I signed up in the military. And right now, our current situation suggests that this is the campaign that I'll most likely die. There's seven of us, sir, against an entire planet occupied by aliens.

LT_Oskari: So you don't ultimately believe that X-Com will succeed? ::Viktor asked, slightly wincing at the same time, as he was seriously bothered by what he will likely have to do during this conversation::

CPL_Delmar: I didn't say that, sir. I'm just saying that of all the wars I've fought in during my twenty-five years as a soldier, this campaign is the one that holds the greatest risk of death for myself. ::clarified Rina, watching the Lieutenant's face::

LT_Oskari: ::Viktor nodded to himself at her reply and was also somewhat relieved. He then also replied:: So because it is most likely that you'll die on this campagin you decide to accept that as well?

CPL_Delmar: Accept it? No sir, I do not accept it. I will try my hardest to ensure that I live, I just will not be surprised if I do get killed. After twenty-five years of fighting, I no longer harbor the delusions of invincibility that many young soldiers have.

LT_Oskari: ::Sighing slightly he turns and slightly walks towards Tranquility Base, but then turns around to face Rina again:: You do know that quite a long while back I had earned the silver comet and golden eagle simultaneously I presume...right?

CPL_Delmar: I recall seeing that in the public portions of your file ::Rina replied, turning in place to face Oskari::

LT_Oskari: I've often looked back on that single moment when I had earned them. And I've constantly tried to figure out what was I thinking at that single moment during battle that the end result was one where I allowed my platoon to capture that Alien Base despite all those odds. And to tell you honestly Rina, the only thing on my mind then was my belief that I would not die that day. I don't presume to know about everything that happened on that day, but all that I personnaly know is that it was with that belief that I had saved many lives. So do me a favour Corporal...don't quite forget what I had just told you. I have a feeling that it could come in most useful in your future...::he then left down the hill and said as he was walking away:: I'll see you back at the base...

CPL_Delmar: ::Rina silently resumed to her watch, thinking on what the Lieutenant had said to her::

<<Phew! I'm....tiiiired...NOT! :) >>

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Posted 05 May 2004 - 02:10 AM

7 hours after the last mission, where the aliens where doing a sweep of the area for tranquility...

Private Alexei Harris was walking the base, gloating somewhat.  Though he was not cleared for active duty, he was cleared to leave the medlab.  Not only had he recovered enough to do so, but the meds had a new reason for getting him out; to free up room for the new arrivals, at least 7 injured!

He wasn't enunciating his pride, yet, since he could still feel a little twinge of pain, not enough to make him buckle over, but if he did anything crazy it could cause injury.  No matter, he was soon approached by Sergeant Frost Dragon, when he was alone in a corridor.

"Oh, greetings ma'am.  Have you come to reinstate me to active duty now?" He said, thinking that if he was cleared, the wound would heal before the next mission.

"You know that you aren't cleared for that yet, though I wouldn't be surprised if you are cleared in time for the next op, provided it isn't a surprise sweep or atack of oppurtunity.  But I am here to give you something else"  she replied quickly and with a 'precise' tone in her voice

"Oh great, a lecture or some crap" Harris had thought to himself as she said this.  "She never relents, even when I almost single-handedly take down an entire squad of..."

"Now it is too my understanding that, with the pairing of Corporal Rina Delmar, you resisted an entire squad of sectoids."

"Oh yeah, she gets the promotion" He said.  More to himself, he thought "and because you two are so similar..."

"Do not get a big head over this.  Your' actions are impressive, my only problem with you is your' 'hotshot' attitude.  Your' delusions of grandeur."

"Ah, this cold bitch doesnt have any imagination" he once again thought to himself.  He really wanted to be glad she wasn't a psionicist.

"Now, if you were better behaved, you would have been promoted along with her.  But attitude has nothing to do with another regulation"

"Oh great, what rule did I break THIS time?!?" he started with thinking, but failed to contain it.

"*ahem* nothing was 'broken' per say, I just don't want to see soldiers lives in the hands of one who is so obsessed with personal glory.  What I was here to do was..."

"Corporals rarely ever take command!  Only when separated from other COs"

"*AHEM!* as I was saying, I am here to give you what Rina was also awarded, which thankfully for you, does not directly take attitude into account; you have been awarded the silver arrow" she stated, returning to her blunt voice after he *AHEM!*

She held out her hand, revealing in it a silver medal in the shape of an arrow.  The look on Alexeis face changed from 'I couldn't be bothered' to... well, he was wide-eyed, thats for sure.

"W-what?!  My first medal?!?  HAHA!  I kick ass!  My own medal!  Woohoo" he started getting excited as he snatched it off Dracos hand, and immediately started skipping down the hall at full throttle...

...until his half-healed injury made him buckle over


"Don't let this get to your' head.  They have been awarding those left and right over the past few years, it honestly doesn't take much effort to get them.  Even I have one, so don't go thinking you are better than I.  And don't stress yourself.  Dismissed."

She saluted the buckled-over private, and walked away.

2 hours later, in the engineering room

Chief Engineer Stephen Kovalev was hard at work.  Not with the usual engineering projects, but with paperwork.  He had the rest of his team handling the 'refurbishing', most of it was done, and the paers needed attending.  The door opened, electronically to boot, so that system was working fine.  In it was the overly familiar visage of Sergeant Draco.

"Ah, what would the Frost Dragon need?"  He said in a less-than-enthusiastic tone.

"I would like to file a request for some proximity mines.  Needless to say, it would aid in the protection of the base should another sweep be made.  And if it was a surprise sweep, any explosions made would alert us.  And..."

"Look, as much as I admire the way you 'calculate' these things with little care for emotional sway," he stated in a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice.  "I can't begin anything until the refurbishings are completed.  Or unless Lieutenant Oskari gives me orders specifically."   Take it with him.

A wire burst in the background, sending sparks everywhere.

"Uh, can you excuse me for a moment?"  He said with a funny, but concerned look on his face, as he got up and headed for his team immediately.

"Fine then, I will... worm"
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Posted 15 June 2004 - 12:50 AM

The skyhawk had just returned from the most recent 'recon op'.

Only 2 of the soldiers involved were from X-Com, but perhaps that was a good thing.

One of the Earth Force militia soldiers had died in combat <<I knowwe never confirmed that loonie, but given the circumstances, its best to say he did >:)).  The other involved was shattered emotionally.

Earth Force Corporal Jacob Guerin stepped off the SkyHawk, and into the base.  Normally, after such a recon op, he would stop by the infirmary to check up on his buddies, but his reasons for skipping were twofold today.  First, the Woman who had slaughtered most of his friends was there at the moment, possibly awake at this point, and second, because he was all but sure that one of his friends would be confirmed dead at this point.

The real hurt, though was in how he could possibly have saved him.  But when his ally was in need, he just panicked.

"Is this what combat is like?  This... this... no movie or book could truly depict it well... no..."

Stahley came up to him.  Jacob was at the base entrance at the time, looking out at the vast forest and plains around them

"Hey, what happened?  Wasn't that supposed to be a simple recon?"

Guerin looked back at him.  The X-Com soldier.  A member of the organization that was supposed to save him, killed his friends, forced him to do work, and kept him alive all at once.  But now he saw what was with them.

"sniff* I... my friend... he died today!  We... we were ambushed"

"Ah.  May he find the lord's embrace.  But we must fight on"

"FIGHT ON?!?" Jacob had said in a sudden outburst.  "FIGHT ON?!?!?  HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS??  A LIVING, NO LESS"

"No one said that it would be easy.  And VR is used in limited amounts to desensitize soldiers to combat somewhat"

"Well that explains a lot!  No HUMAN could live through that"

"Does living a military life make one less than human?  Sinful, yes, but we all have sins to atone for, and we always will until the day we die.  What was the nature of the ambush, anyway?"

"I... just.... no.  It doesnt.  Forgive me.  I... I've been misjudging you people lately... we were ambushed by aliens in disguise.  I was so naive..."

"Understandable.  I take it you were the survivor of that... incident, right?"

"Yes.  I was.  I just... well.... I guess you were following orders"

"That is correct.  As you can see, we had reasons to not believe you at the time."

"Maybe so.  But I will make one thing clear;"  Guerin turned around and looked at Stahley.  "I will forgive you, but I will never forgive the Sergeant who ordered the death of civilians WHEN THEY COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN CAPTURED ALIVE" and as he yelled this, headed back into the base.

As he left Stahleys sights, Alex said "We all deserve to be forgiven, no matter how great the sin"

<<Sorry to borrow Stahley there, but right now most of the others are too injured for that, and its too early to get Guerin and Draco speaking together.

Damn, two stories correlating directly to Draco!

And get RPing people!  Sad to see the absence topic larger than this!  If you've already fleshed out your respective characters in terms of details, then get busy making them change!  I will when Im done with Guerin, the engineer, and the scientist!>>
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Posted 15 June 2004 - 02:34 AM

Tranquility base, infimary

"I see," said Rina to the doctor after he had explained the options. "There is no choice. Do it." She didn't like this, she hated it, actually. Her eye, she could accept, the loss had been entirely her own fault for that. But this was something else, another person's fault, something she had no control over. There was no lesson to be learned here.

The hand had been unsalvagable. Amputation removed the bones that were what was once the bottom half of Ice's right arm. The entire arm had to go, the nervous system in it had been badly damaged. The tranquility did not have a cloning facility that would be required to replace the arm.

Fifteen minutes after the surgery, and Ice was being fitted with a cybernetic arm. The process was quick and easy, Ice already had the nanocomputers in her brain required for the control of cybernetics, so they just had to run the nano-wiring along her nervous system in her torso.

The process took several hours, but Ice recovered quickly, and soon was writting her report on the last mission she had taken part in, using her new right arm like she had used it all her life.

She then filed two requests to the Lieutenant. The first was requesting permission to undergo heavy weapons certification to complement her sniper certification.

Her second request was to have Private Harris court-martialed for gross negligence in a combat situation leading to the maiming of a fellow soldier.

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 01:33 PM

<<You heard the XO maggots!! RP damn you!!!  :) >>

Overviewing his own assortment of data, that he had collected during the last mission, it looked like the mines were going to be quite a side track. They'd have to clear them of all alien hybrids and that would quite likely take extreme terrain combat, considering it would take mostly underground in the mines.

"At least it's something I'm good at." reflected Oskari.

He had heard that the wounded soldiers were almost done with getting used to their cybernetic replacements and were also otherwise getting better so they would this time have some more manpower to lead the assault on the mines well enough. Just so long as he got the maps from the SkyHawk's pass overs and Earth Force's recon intel he'd be certain to think of a way to take the mines intact. He'd best do so, since without them X-Com would soon enough run out of materials. Earth Force may have been supplying them with enough raw components for now, but soon enough their supplies would dwindle too. Unless they take these mines.

He then touched his computer's screen, accessing two requests, both coming from the same person. The first of these was quite welcome, since with Paladin's transfer to Engineer it would ensure that the X-Com team was fully capable of performing any task on the field of battle to a satisfactory degree. The second however was another one that seriously troubled him...

Leaning over to another button he pressed it a bit roughly and spoke from his chair: "Corporal Delmar report to the Officer's Quarters please." and shutting down the intercom awaited for Ice to arrive, ready to once again have a chat with her about what has by now almost certainly turned into their most common subject...

<<Will post more. MORE!! :) >>

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 02:19 PM

Ice listened to the message over the PA, then nodded and swung herself out of her bed in the infirmary. Ignoring the nurse, she quickly dressed in her uniform, and proceeded directly to the officer's quarters.

"Sir, Coporal Delmar reporting, sir" she said, saluating. She held her titanium hand in position next to her forehead for a second longer than necessary, before dropping her arm down to her side. "I assume this is about the requests I submitted earlier."

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Posted 16 June 2004 - 04:56 PM

<<Well here it is. Hope some of you get a hint from the last line, though you might not want to jump to midnight this week yet...just hint at it perhaps. :)

***JOINT ROLEPLAY POST*** (Loonie, Zager)>>

LT_Oskari: ::Saluting in reply Oskari did note somewhere in the back of his mind the metallic hand that was in front of him, and obviously registered it with a brief thought. After a momentary pause he replied to the Corporal: "It is indeed. Won't you come in?" He asked as he went inside the quarters and took a left turn into his own office, a chair already waiting for both him and Delmar in advance::

CPL_Delmar: ::Rina stepped forward, and followed Oskari into his office, waiting for him to sit down first.::

LT_Oskari: ::Closing the work console swiftly as it flickered briefly with its light upon the walls and Oskari's face, before turning into nothingness, he then sat down slowly and began, seeing that the Corporal was awaiting for him: "It'd seem as if not much can bring you down Corporal. Wounded recently and already asking for more training work by getting this secondary position transfer." He began whilst leaning slightly onto his chair.

CPL_Delmar: ::She sat down, once the Lieutenant had seated himself. "It would be pointless for me to lie around doing nothing, and I'm far more capable of handling heavy weaponry now than I was before," she said, referring to her new arm.

LT_Oskari: "Yes...that thought had entered my mind as well..." Viktor decided to head the conversation into a bit more of a friendly discussion, hoping to be able to deal with Rina's second request a bit more easily if she were somewhat more relaxed first: "I heard that you'd been considering this transfer before this campagin."

CPL_Delmar: ::Rina nodded.:: "Yes, I've had some opportunties to use heavy weaponry when I was working for MarSec, and I've wanted to expand on that. Heavy weaponry can require the same precise touch needed in sniping."

LT_Oskari: ::Nodding slightly to himself Viktor replied: "Glad to hear someone acknowledge that. A Heavy Weapons Expert without control is more a menace than help...as,...I'm sure you had experienced lately..." Viktor bit his lip a tad, for not anticipating how this conversation would take turn...but the words just came to him and now it was too late to retract them since the next request from Rina would no doubt follow soon enough::

CPL_Delmar: "Quite so," ::agreed Rina, frowning.:: "Very much so."

LT_Oskari: ::Deciding not to be apparently changing topics, since he knew RIna was quite smart enough to recognize that, he decided to proceed with that topic: "I've reviewed the mission log from then and I still cannot however understand one other thing..."

CPL_Delmar: "What would that be, sir?" ::asked Rina.::

LT_Oskari: "Well in your request it would seem that the only person recieving your attention is Private Harris, who had actually, according to the mini-cams on the uniforms, aimed quite well. Private Neos however, who had also inflicted your torso wound, is never mentioned."

CPL_Delmar: "Private Neos' did not cause me to lose an arm with his misaimed shot," ::explained Rina.:: "And had Harris misaimed by two inches, I would have been hit in the head and been killed instantly."

LT_Oskari: ::Sighing slightly Oskari retorted: "What you say is of course perfectly true. There is however another way to look at this. Private Neos had simply released a volley of shots right towards your direction, whilst Private Harris made one carefully aimed shot, taking in account your own safety as well. Which soldier do you consider more professional?"

CPL_Delmar: ::Ice sighed.:: "I was unaware that Neos was doing such a thing, I had assumed that he was aiming, as I did not actually see him fire his weapon."

LT_Oskari: ::Nodding to himself somewhat he looked away from Rina as well and after another brief sigh once again began: "Corporal. I am not one to deny that Harris should've aimed a lot more carefully, but I want you to know that taking all things in account I doubt we could call him as the most suitable for a court-martial. There are a lot of other people on this base that would be much closer to that disgrace than him."

CPL_Delmar: "Very well, sir, I will accept your judgement on this matter," ::Rina stated.::

LT_Oskari: ::Being rather surprised at Rina's reply he was beginning to wonder if he was perhaps finally earning a bit of respect with this squad...he couldn't be certain but it looked that way. He once again spoke along with nodding slighty: "I know Harris may be a hard person to get along with, both personally and militarily, but give him a chance. I have a feeling we won't regret it. Is there anything else?"

CPL_Delmar: ::She shook her head.:: "No sir, there is nothing else."

LT_Oskari: "Very well then. You may leave. And I'll be certain to speak to Harris and Neos about this as well. Not to worry." he concluded in a reaffirming tone of voice::

CPL_Delmar: "Thank you sir," Rina said, standing up and saluting again."

LT_Oskari: ::Saluting back likewise he thought over his schedule for today, thinking when he could fit Harris and Neos into it. He'd have a special assignment for them both, especially on this day. He checked his clock again: "09:02:13, December 31st, 2085"

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Posted 07 July 2004 - 03:15 AM

Alex leaned back on his bed, reading the Bible. He was going through some of the Psalms, especially those written by King David in his dark times. Something stirred in his heart, and he got up, put the book down, and walked to Private McAllister's room and knocked, hoping the field medic was in...

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Posted 17 July 2004 - 07:59 PM

<<This roleplay came up on a July 17th saturday night :)

***JOINT ROLEPLAY POST*** (Loonie, IonMage, Zager, Greghannibal, Neos)

SETTING The crew of the Tranquility is currently assembled for the most part in the base's mess hall, save for a few exceptions. Engineers, scientists, even a few Earth Force observers are all located in the mess hall, save for a few exceptions like McAllister and Harris deciding to spend this time outside on the plains (suspicious is it not? :) ) and Stahley who is currently knocking on McAllister's door at her quarters. Otherwise the mess hall is lined around with lasers producing quite a lightshow. Holograms also play on the walls and the chef managed to actually recruit some waiters to serve drinks. Indeed the mood is quite festive for this year's New Year's Eve!

<Viktor_Oskari> ::leans over to the bartender at the mess hall counter and speaks a bit concerned:: You sure we'll be able to stuff everyone here and on the 2nd floor of this mess hall? It's mighty packed heh... ::he says then to himself as he continues to observe the crowd::

<Shelley_Draco> ::Draco continued to eat the food that was served, careful to not eat anything that could cause an addiction, such as junk food.  She never stopped for festivities, even when submerged in them, and she wasn't ready to start now::

<Rina_Delmar> ::Ice had acquired a glass of wine, and was sitting off in a corner, watching the procedings.::

<PVT_Stahley> ::Alex knocks on McAllister's door again, and, getting know reponse once again, he turns around and heads back to the mess hall as the party begins.::

<Neos> ::Neos was off to one side tending a drink, observing the crowd in teh room & concentrating to still the voices in his head::

<Viktor_Oskari> ::notices the sarge sitting by herself and decides to approach her, whilst having a feeling that he really should ask something:: Do you ever take a brake from work? ::he said as he smiled lightly and sat opposite of her::

<Shelley_Draco> ::She looked up as her immediate superior approached.  Not many really asked such a question to her before, at least not in the non-sarcastic manner in which Viktor had asked::  "Only when needed, such as simple fatigue-hampering rest.  Play is not for the military, in my eyes."

<PVT_Stahley> ::Alexander Stahley walked into the mess and looked around at the party goers. He smiled and nodded to some earth force members he had met who had done the same for him. He had told them the names of his brother and sister, but apprenttly they had never heard of them. Distraught, he continued to wander around and mingle.::

<Viktor_Oskari> But we're not on military duty right now Draco. At this moment we don't have anything or any obligation that we could tend to. I guess one could say that we still need to do much before we have a fighting chance against the aliens but,...personally I prefer doing so in my own time.

<Shelley_Draco> ::She swallowed a piece of chicken, however the chef got his hands on some:: well, consider; we could be attacked at any moment.  What if we got attacked now, and all our soldiers happened to be drunk or lovemaking at the time?  It would not be good.

<Rina_Delmar> ::Rina set the empty glass down on the table. She rarely drank, reserving it for celebrations.::

<Viktor_Oskari> True...::he nodded his head a bit as he turned it towards Stahley, whom he had just now noticed coming into the room::...still if that were so it would mean that each and every one of us would always have to be ready for an attack at all times. I'd say that could breed paranoia rather all too easily. ::he concluded whilst returning his look onto the Sarge::

<Shelley_Draco> Truth.  But it has been proven that one person could tilt a battle, though I doubt I could do much against a full battleship, we do have a defensive advantage.

<PVT_Stahley> ::Smiles at the Lt. and Sarge, and makes his way over to the buffet, piling loads of meat onto his plate::

<Viktor_Oskari> ::grunting slightly to himself he considers that for a moment:: Well...for now anyway...Earth Force may report their resources are being reclaimed well and our engineers have also tagged along with their personnel and confirmed that success. Still...all it would take is a single recon order from the aliens in Vienna and we most certainly wouldn't be able to hold out...jeeze just look at these last few missions. Our functional manpower went down like hell during the last few missions. Too many of us are getting injured on the battlefield...I dunno ::he concluded, rather embarrased for not really making a good point, but not showing it too much::

<Shelley_Draco> Indeed.  How is the tranquility's VR unit?  If we could get it working, we could train.  Its apparent we need a refresher course.

<Viktor_Oskari> Might not be a bad idea. Right now it's not faring too well ever since the crash, though Kovalev tells me it should be ready within a weeks' time for sure.

<Neos> ::Neos tested his new cybernetic leg by doing a short walk around the Mess Hall, he couldn't quite get used to the feel of it and couldn't wait til they got access to some form of regenerative technology::

<PVT_Stahley> ::Took his plate to a table with some earth force members he had befriened, who called him over. After a few minutes of chatting, they got into an eating competition.::

<Shelley_Draco> hmmm... well, worm is not one I know for reliability, but, perhaps hes changed.  And even then, he should be able to get it working fast.  Within a couple weeks time on the side, or will it take up the queue?

<Rina_Delmar> ::Ice had stood up and wandered over the where the Lieutenant was talking with the Sergeant, and was listening in on their conversation.::
<Neos> ::Neos wandered over near to where where Rina was listening in:: Doing a bit of eavesdropping are we?

<Viktor_Oskari> ::begins to notice Stahley at the back behind Draco:: Um,... ::now beginning to notice Rina approaching:: Listen,...I was wondering if you'd be willing to do me a favor. I don't want Stahley sick or puking tommorow. We'll be most likely having a mission or at least practice. So please do your best to make sure he won't fall ill tommorow. Namely try and occupy him somehow else than eating his guts out on the food. Coming from our farms it's not too good in large quantities

It's a public space, ::replied Rina to Neos:: How? ::asked Rina.:: Any suggestions?::

<Neos> Indeed ::Neos replied with a wry grin::

<Viktor_Oskari> Just talking to him might do it. Neos, you can help out too. A person can't eat when he has to talk now can he?

<Rina_Delmar> I'll try, sir, ::replied Rina, and wandered over to Stahley.::

<PVT_Stahley> ::Alex raises his fists in victory as the earth force solider gives up and collapses.:: Next. ::He belches::

<Neos> Even though Stahley appears to be a human with some skill in talking and eating at the same time ::Neos said turning his head slightly to Oskari::

<Viktor_Oskari> ::returns back to Draco and laughs for a moment:: You see...one could say that I'm currently doing more good by making sure our soldiers don't get sick tommorow than I would by keeping alert for any enemy that might try to attack us right now ::he concludes::

<Shelley_Draco> Perhaps.  But I doubt he even would have gotten into that position on full watch.  But no matter, it is your' call to make, and admittedly we have suffered some big damage, so perhaps this is for the best.  Not all people have VRDS.

<Viktor_Oskari> Pardon me for being an ignoramus but VRDS is...?

<Shelley_Draco> Virtual Reality Displacement syndrome.  Those who spend too much time in VR training get it and lose a sense of reality when they go into a warzone.

<Shelley_Draco> I believe its the reason mass VR testing was outlawed, and only allowed in conditions such as this.

<Neos> yes, the mind begins to struggle differentiating between what is real and what is simulation.

<Viktor_Oskari> ::he would've asked her about how much effect it had had on her, but with another person listening in he didn't want to discredit her:: Ah yes of course...can't believe I forgot about it. Well it shouldn't be much of a problem as long as the VR simulations are kept as 'special events' really.

<Shelley_Draco> In a war zone, there are no restrictions on its usage, and its even allowed for testing procedures.  Just mass usage for training like the one I went through.  It only shows up if one spends years worth of training in VR.

<Shelley_Draco> and even then, the real battlefield causes something similar to those whom survive it long enough, though I forgot the name.

<Neos> PTSD.

<Shelley_Draco> Ah, yes.  I believe that may have been it.

<Viktor_Oskari> Hmmm...I'm not sure if that's so really. A certain soldier I spent time serving with didn't quite fare well after going through the VR. But as always it's very hard to prove if it really wasn't just the problem in him, since considering his nature he could've been a maniac really. And the battlefield may cause it I guess...still it would be a bit hard on a person to have to go to a battlefield and return to base only to find a similar condition in the form of the VR.

<Neos> though developments in psionics allow a much better psychological diagnosis than previous methods.

<Viktor_Oskari> Even so it can't be taken for factual evidence Neos. Though I'm sure if you were to diagnose a person with your psionics you would give a good estimate, a lot of people wouldn't take your answer for an objective one since "damaged brains" for instance can't be MEASURED in psionic terms. I'm not saying it's right for them to discount your opinion, but that's basically the way this system works right now...

<Neos> Though I believe this is a discussion for another time, as aren't we supposed to be celebrating?

<Viktor_Oskari> ::smiles slightly:: I guess so. ::and turns away:: But I'm actually kind of surprised that...

ACTION At this very moment the laser show in the mess hall turns red and blinks every second along with a mechanical voice counting down 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! And afterwards the room goes alive in a long cheer, though jumping around is severely limited due to some lack of space.

<Viktor_Oskari> But in any event. I wish you both a happy new year. Hope we'll be able to make it a better one than the last one ::he slowly gets up:: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check on something in the command centre right now. I'll see you both later.

<Shelley_Draco> Very well, then.  ::She downs a drink slowly::

<Neos> Cheers ::Neos finishes off his drink::

FINAL SETTING And with that a new year begins and with it a hope that X-Com's efforts will not be as futile as before...ecetera ecetera. END SIM!

Martin Kacur
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Reason: A mind-controlled Commander and a whiny outlook on life in general.

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Posted 19 July 2004 - 11:20 AM

<<Aaaaand an introduction to the new year in XCGS :) >>

Sitting on his office chair, and leaning it against the wall in the process, Viktor had another shot of his liquor and then threw the plastic cup into the garbage disposal at the other side of the room, saying to himself afterwards: "2 points! Heh..."

He thought to himself for a second about what he had to do on this day. It was by now 4:58, but he still decided not to go to sleep. He had a wierd feeling that it be best if he not roll into bed for the night. Maybe it was his sixth sense telling him that the aliens would discover Tranquility? Could it be something else? Something even worse?!

At the time of this momentary paranoia trip the announcment bell of his office rang, causing the already edgy Lieutenant to fall back on his chair and hit the floor with his back. Grumbling he slowly got up and put the chair back as it was and yelled to the door: "Yesss"

Walking through the door was Captain Debevec, somewhat apprehensive as to Viktor's current state of mind: "A bad time to come, eh?"

Oskari got up to him and shook his hand, though somewhat sloppily due to a tad too much alcohol, which the Captain noticed straight away, whilst smiling slightly. Viktor hastily responded: "No no! It's okay...just need to screw my head back on straight about drinking so much alcohol. I thought - hey, 'tis new years' why not? But I guess I now have the answer to that question now, don't I?"

The Captain smiled a bit wider upon hearing that. Proceeding to sit down on both of their respective chairs the two leaders began talking in a bit of a more professional tone of voice from that sentence onwards, beginning with the Captain:

"Heard you had quite some trouble on your "Culling" mission."

shifting a bit the Lieutenant replied: "It was indeed quite unfortunate, though it would've been perhaps a bit easier had your scouts made a recon of the area first."

"With the Sectoids in the streets? Heh...they'd get picked off in a second, the Sectoids sometimes quite excell at sniper duty. Besides we couldn't have risked any more manpower. Though I must say that after the "Counterattack" operation we have a lot lighter feeling now. I think it's safe to assume that Vienna command from the aliens has not intercepted that distress call, so we have some time before they send their recon units to see just what happened in this region."

"How much time do you estimate we have?"

Thinking slightly to himself Debevec replied: "I'd say about a week or so. But I don't plan to give them that chance. I'll sooner take the fight to them right in Vienna. If we can capture that city, then we will quite likely be the first ever Earth Force faction to establish a solid regional base of operations as opposed to a mobile one. But as always...we could really use your assistance."

Viktor now considered a few other alternatives to doing that to himself for a moment before replying: "Hmmm...we could do so. Or we could also run with an alternative. Our SkyHawk transport has the capability of travelling anywhere on the planet and with that we could reach other Earth Force cells, maybe even one of our own X-Com crash landing sites. With their help we could progress with our expansion much faster for sure."

"That may be true. But all of this would do us only any good if we succeed in taking Vienna."

Somewhat puzzled Oskari replied after a brief pause: "Pardon me, but I thought your current policy towards us was in the style of "They have an extra squad, let 'em help us - a little bit of help can't hurt if we can get it." rather than the visage that you've been relaying to me. The one about X-Com being an invaluable addition to your forces."

Laughing out loud for a moment at that last sentence Debevec replied: "I think you seriously underestimate your forces Lieutenant. I'd advise you to stop doing so." ending with a smirk he then added "Unless you haven't noticed during this campaign your squad had managed to take out a facility that we never could've with our training and equipment, save one of our own squads and hold a mountain pass against almost impossible odds, not to mention your recent succeses. Now Earth Force personnel, in a majority, still aren't very favoured towards your troops due to that first massacre that began our relationship, but I will tell you however that if anything they will fight better if you are alongside them. Because deep down they know that you are better than the majority of them are.

You must be aware that 90% of our squads are comprised of civilians who had to take up arms. Only 10% are past soldiers from either X-Com or some other military force. That automatically makes them wish for someone more skilled to aid them in battle, because they are not ready to give up their lives for our fight. Someone like your own Blue Squad."

Viktor had never really considered his squad in that way. He had been constantly thinking up new ways of improving his forces. So much in fact that he had never had the time to stop and notice how good they really were:

"Then I guess you have yourself another extra squad for your Vienna operation Captain. But just so that it's clear. After that we'll be going across the world to re-establish contact with the rest of Earth Force and X-Com cells. We most definately are going to need mutual support from them if we intend to hold a stable regional defense after Vienna, since I'm certain that the aliens will be quickly aware that we've taken one of their major cities."

The Earth Force Captain smiled after that and replied: "It's a deal. I just hope that we'll be able to pull this off. If we do, we'll definately be one step closer to defeating the aliens in general."

Nodding Viktor shook the Captain's hand and proceeded to walk him out of his office whilst saying: "When will you be ready to leave?"

"The sooner the better. I'm thinking that this day is left to our troops for morale purposes, but on the 2nd we leave early in the morning. I'll give you the details tonight."

"Very well then. Good night, or rather good morning." replied Oskari quickly, before the door shut and before hearing the Captain reply "good morning" himself.

The entire day was now left to the troops to relax before they'd leave. Everyone except the Lieutenant and the Command Centre personnel that is, for they would have to collaborate with Earth Force throughout the day most likely and draw up the plans that would end alien dominance in central Europe once and for all.

<<Feel free to post your characters doing whatever you will during this day...or not. It's up to you. :) >>

Martin Kacur
Lieutenant and former CO of Alpha Squad
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Reason: A mind-controlled Commander and a whiny outlook on life in general.

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Posted 19 July 2004 - 04:18 PM

Harris walked through a familiar-looking dull red landscape, his boots kicking up crimson dust as he shuffled along. He coughed as the dust floated up in his face, and then panicked as he realized he wasn't wearing so much as an oxygen mask. Expecting at any moment to die horribly and painfully, he held his breath. When he couldn't hold it anymore, he breathed in sharply, expecting to inhale absolutely nothing. With much relief, he realized that no asphyxiation was forthcoming, and let out a deep breath.

Taking his bearings, he was on completely flat terrain, with nothing but rocks and sand, though he spun around sharply when he realized he wasn't alone. There was a ten-meter-tall sectoid standing behind him.

"Well, at least I can use it as a landmark.", he said to himself as he went for his pistol. "Well, crap.", he remarked as he found nothing but empty space where his holster would be. The sectoid's face twisted into a grin as it shook its finger at Alex, and crunched a small metal object between two fingers in its other hand.

"How the hell did you manage to steal my pistol from my holster without me knowing?! You're like ten meters tall", Alex protested.

The sectoid shrugged, then bent down a little, and flicked Alex away like a little bug, then pulled out an appropriately sized glass of water and started pouring it out onto the red soil. As he went flying up into the Martian stratosphere, his only concern was that, once he entered hyperspace, he'd have a major headache.

Right on que, he woke up with a splitting headache, one leg hanging off his bed, his pillow with a large drool spot on it. After rolling off the bed and thumping onto the wooden floor, he spent half a minute trying to piece together what had happened the other night. He remembered fairly clearly being out on watch, then getting relieved. On the way back to Tranquility, he was waylaid by some Earth Force individuals staggering about, wielding bottles of unidentified fluid. From then on, his memory became much more fuzzy, and all he could recall was that the fluid was called "Samogon", and that he spent a great deal of time speaking in Russian.

It took another minute or so for it to sink in that the floors in Tranquility weren't made of wood, but cold, hard metal. He lifted his head up for a second, and took stock of his situation as best as he could. This was a small, dilapidated wooden shack, with several bunk beds in it, a wooden floor, and an Energen"Small Residential Heating Unit ©, providing effecient heating for small spaces. See your Energen appliance dealer today". Most of the bunks had people in them, some snoring blissfully, though he heard a couple of miserable groans. The sound of water pouring outside continued, interrupted by coughing.

A small hand held his shoulder, and a voice whispered softly (in Russian) -

Alex closed his eyes for a second, realizing that, in addition to being nowhere on the Tranquility, he was also pretty much naked. He shook his head. "Not really.", he responded, and crawled back onto the bed. Of course, this wasn't the first time he'd wound up in some random place after boozing it up 'on leave'. Now, he'd just need to get his stuff together, figure out where the hell he was, and get back to base, hopefully before the base commander noticed he was gone. That last part, of course, almost never worked out. Those base commanders were more than psychic. They were all-seing, at least as far as going off-base was concerned. He chuckled and shrugged, figuring that peeling nutri-potatoes wouldn't be all that bad, anyway.

Later, as Alex walked back across the snowfield to Tranquility, he shook his head and chuckled. Sure, Earthers might be lazy freeloaders who make the colonists do all the work while they reap the rewards, but damn, they can party.

<<Historical notes:
'Samogon' is basically a high-percentage alcohol, brewed at home by Russian (and probably most other eastern european) peasants since time immemorial.>>

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Posted 21 July 2004 - 06:38 PM

It was relatively dark in the med-bay.  THe chief doctor wouldn't let most of the injured out to the party, but for Guerin he made a special exception.  He had urged Jacob to go to the new year celebration, as the EF command had finally decided to send him to the infirmary for PTSD treatment.

"You know, all soldiers have to go through this, though most go through a lesser form of PTSD called VRDD.  Its you drafted militia that suffer PTSD in its rawest form." The doctor had said.  Jacob lay there on a bed, separate from the greater injury room, which was acting as a makeshift psychological health room.

Jacob was mostly looking at the ceiling.  He turned his head towards the doctor and said "But, does that mean I'll become like... them?"

"Perhaps.  You should soon be cleared for combat again, and I hope when that happens you'll bbe able to cope with it without losing it like you did in that ambush.  Don't feel bad, everyone goes through this.  And even then, you are suffering the worst kind.  An ambush often causes the most..."

"I'm over the terror of combat"  Jacob then burst out, almost jumping out of the bed.  "I just refuse to become like those mindless killing machines"

"There is a difference between a killer and a person who kills to protect.  Keep that in mind.  I see you were part of the "First contact" between X-Com and EF.  The sole survivor, no less.  Please understand that the soldiers were under stress themselves"

"STRESS?!?  I though all the VRDD was supposed to keep them from experiencing that"

"But they are only put through enough VR training to desensitize them to immediate combat zones.  Not to verything, thats for greater VRDD, and the training that led to that has been outlawed.  And you were hostile because you thought they were cult of Sirius members.  Put yourselves in their; shoes with that thought."

Jacob was about to say something, probably yelling again, but resisted, got down again, and lay there.  After a couple of minutes, he broke the silence.

"...and you weren't qualified as a psychologist?"

"No, just offering a third-party viewpoint of the situation.  X-Com isn't as soulless as you may think."

"I guess, but I'm afraid that if I go out there, I will lose my soul regardless, it is easy to get caught up intending to do good and turning evil in the process.  And even moreso, afraid that if I get commanded to do something wrong, like the first contact, even if its a mistake, I may not be able to forgive myself."

"Well, you can always think for yourself in combat.  Follow orders so far as you believe they are right, they usually are.  We wouldn't be alive if it weren't for X-Com's arrival, keep that in mind, but I'll be damned if they havent had mistakes"

"True.  Its too late for the party, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so." said the Doc after looking at his watch

"I see.  Well, I guess I'm ready for duty now, but under one condition;"


"While she may have had reasons for what she has done, and for her personality, I will not go on a mission under her command"

"Understood.  I'll put that word in with command, but I doubt you'll get in anything beyond guard duty with that."

"Good,  I'll need time to collect myself during this time period."

"So, shall we meet in a few days to see how you are doing, then?"

"I guess, if its needed."

"It is.  Its a pull of strings to send you out right now.  Psychological ailments require psychic evaluation before they can be sent out.  But since we're stressed as is, I doubt they'll ask for a report along those lines before sending you out to do something, they'll just want my OK and that'll be it.  3days from now I'll have Private Neos come in to help with the psi-eval."

"Okay.  I'm heading to my bunk now.  Thanks, doctor."
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Posted 24 July 2004 - 06:08 PM

Guerin was in his bunk, and it was 4:00 AM.  2 hours since he had gotten approved for combat duty again.  He had barely fallen asleep, when a bunch of noise woke him up.  He looked around, and saw his fellow soldiers were packing up their' belongings.  Like they were about to go on a long trip.  

"Hey, guys, what are you doing?"

"Weren't you at the briefing two hours ago?  We're moving.  All combat personnel are participating in the next op." Sergeatn Wilford of the EF said

"Wait... wha?!?  ALL combat personnel?  What about a defensive force?"

"Dunno.  Get your' stuff packed, I hear they finally cleared you for combat again, so that means your' in.  We are to bring our stuff to the hangar and load into a vehicle there.  We are in the Red truck, get moving"

Guerin looked about, then realizing his peril of having to get into the battle already, decided best to comply and follow along, especially since he was pushing to get himself cleared a mere few hours ago!
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