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Developer: Third Wave Games
Publisher: Lighthouse Interactive


War World


The story revolves around a planet within the Milky Way galaxy known as WarWorld. This planet has been under perpetual conflict throughout its known history over various different reasons (ranging from religious differences to territorial disputes to blood feuds between different sects of the inhabitants). However, eventually the largest groups of these people would form into corporate entities and would establish several neutral cities on the planet in the hopes of establishing commerce with the outside galaxy.

When the game first starts, 7 of these city-states will have already been formed exporting all sorts of variants of their warlike nature from mercenaries to military hardware to gladiatorial arena games using mechs. The player assumes the role of one of these arena competitors as they fight their way through various different battles with competing clans or mech pilots in the game.


First, you take a seat in the Wave Chair. Seconds, after the Tech hooks you up and gets the chair on-line, its time to take a ride.

As the system powers up, an electro-magnetic pulse is produced by the chair and washes over you like a wave of warm sunlight on a summer morning. Your eyes are closed, and as the wave of warmth flows over you, colors explode across your visual cortex and you are transported into a new world of amazing sensations.  What has happened is that your consciousness is basically copied and pasted into the matrix of your mech, as your body remains safe in the Wave Chair. This process is referred to as “riding the wave,” or “the ride.” 

You open your eyes and you are now a 3-meter tall (give or take a meter or two), mechanized warrior.  Your arms are the arms of the mech, your legs are the legs of the mech, and all the power of the many tactical systems of your mech are now extensions of your own consciousness and are no longer separated from you by wires, computer chips or mechanical connections of any kind. The Wave Chair creates the ultimate interface between warrior and machine – you are one, but without the looming threat of annihilation. If your mech goes down, your consciousness is swept back to your body – unharmed. There have only ever been a few cases where a consciousness was lost before it could get swept back. 

That is how the warriors of War World mount up. War World’s primary outlet for mech on mech combat (for sport and for training), is the ACN (the Arena Combat Network). There are ACN arenas located throughout War World – mostly inside the protected confines of the seven city-states. However, there are many arenas that are not protected by the laws of the city-states, where a much fiercer and deadlier form of mech combat takes place; sometimes for sport, sometimes for punishment and sometimes for conflict resolution.