Board Upsized

The landgrab is on. Starting off from the edges, then spreading and taking over all territories in the immediate vicinity along the way is what you'll do in Days of Wonder's Small World 2, the digital version of the famed boardgame that now reaches the Personal Computer.

Earthly Preservation

Guarantee space domination. Ensure the safety of the people of our planet, be well equipped to deploy effective deterrents, raise your defenses, divert and destroy threats - all this shall fall under your responsibility in Evil Mountain Games' Kaiser Earth.

Turtle Power

Down with the Owls! The land has suffered enough corruption and it is high time we reclaim the emprire and restore it to its former glory in Siege of Turtle Enclave an upcoming strategy game developed by Mr. Jamie Vanderhoef.

Simply The Best

You have no doubt. In your mind you know that, from all the shiny, bombastic, cerebral, engaging, thrilling games that have made their debut this fine year of 2013, none is more enthralling than that one special release. So why not share your personal views with the rest of the world by voting on Game Informer's grand poll?

You Know You Want It

It has been well proven. The years go by but way up in the list of best space strategy games of all time firmly remains Microprose's masterpice, Master of Orion II, with few contenders appearing since its release to really surpass its crowning achievements. But at Idea-L-Center they claim we should want M.O.R.E.

Weapons Hot

Ready to slug it out? Well, then, just make sure you don't bring a knife to this gunfight as Sickhead Games' ARMED!, a sci-fi turn-based multiplayer strategy game, is clearly targetting you and is only too happy to engage burst-mode.

Meditatively Expansive

It is time to reach out. Extend your influence, staying conscious of the entirety of your domains as well as all else that, externally, may strike against the balance you've managed to ascertain - because Rymdkapsel our way comes.

Angels Tempestuous

Defend the planet! Yield not, for the Emperor! Brothers, never will this world fall to the foul Orks - not while yet we draw breath! - so prepare yourselves for a momentous clash in Eutechnyx's upcoming Warhammer 40k: Storm of Vengeance.

Gallic Affairs

The Gauls await thee, General. Glory there is to be accrued if you vanquish those that would stand in the way of Rome's imperialistic goals - ambitions, after all, that match your own in Total War: Rome 2: Caesar in Gaul.

Of Realms Secret

There's a force to contend with in Canada. Secret Lair Games' Robert Basler is a self-described "Programmer, Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Optimist", in a gathering of individual talents which simply cannot be denied when considering he is singly responsible for the ongoing development of The Imperial Realm :: Miranda.

Imperial Conqueror Impersonation

You were born to command. If your station in life has not quite lived up to that birthright, despair not, as HistWarGames will soon have that remedied with the fielding of their upcoming HistWar: Napoléon, a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1805-1814.

Freakish On Its Own Way

Beavl comes out of nowhere. Or at least that's how it seems in the murky roads we travel, spotting dev. houses as we go, a journey fraught also with creatures and creations of all sorts, living and not quite so, that pave the way in The Narrow Path.

Impending Global Conflict

NGames portends WW III. A world on the brink of complete destruction but where large key nations remain adamant in their fight for ultimate supremacy over whatever remains is the backdrop of the upcoming Warfare, a free-to-play strategy/RPG/simulation web game.

Plying Cyber Wares

Reality Council summons you. All connected we can tip the scales of power, so listen up, hacker, because the proposition being made is simple - gaining control over the entire network in Wetware.

Worldly Conquest

Send forth our robots! We shall dominate, if we manage to somehow adroitly command our lovely tin cans all over the map towards ultimate victory, by issuing eminently decisive orders in Shooting Star Game Studio's Robonomy.