Xcom on android devices (dosbox)

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 02:59 AM

This thread will not be as short as I expected.

This is nothing revolutionary, It's my experience using doxbox emulators on 2 separate android devices with the sole purpose of running xcom eu/ud. As I didn't see a thread on this, I figured at least Pete would care and try it out. Over the coarse of the last few days i dabbled in the, I want xcom on my phone and tablet phase. Unable to get openxcom to work properly in any sort of reasonable fasion besides fancy xcom text stating errors and how i fucked up decoding the moving of files to another device somehow, i just switched my thought process to a more traditional and user friendly program.

So before you do anything you should know some dos commands, this is actually simplified with the programs down the list here as you don't need to mount a drive. ever. It automatically mounts C: so you can literally start tapping away at your screen or whatever device connected as if you were running an actual dos machine.

What you will need:
Android tablet or phone (sorry iOS users I'm sure someone likes apple somewhere)
Dos version of xcom. It seems to work with them all so far. even highly modded xcom games and old dos xcom modding tools.

aDosBox (ADB) - This is the beloved emulator for the pc, I would recommend using this to test your device to see if its capable of supporting the later application. I found this to be very frustrating and completely not up to par with the pc version. It had extreme lag with Xcom 1.4 and when changing parameters on both devices it ensued in a violent crash that replicated a murder scene from Discovery ID. So please use this to test your device first, if it works well for your device then continue to use it!!


DoxBox Turbo (DBT) - This is the gamble I made. I thought well $3.50 is only 2 beers so I decided to buy it since I can drink $3.50 of beer faster than it took me to type in my password at the play store. It turns out that this was the best I've been at gambling my whole life. DBT without parameter editing was leaps and bounds of ADB. So i have been playing Xcom everywhere, shooting aliens at the red lights. Speeding down the highway in an STI while shooting aliens. In class, just massacring aliens. 3 am alien shoot outs. you get the point.


So with that stated, I have been happily playing Xcom anywhere I want to and I haven't been pulled over about it.

There is a few things to setup to get it going correctly or you will have trouble in the purchase menu. But basically read the instructions and the faq on how to use DBT and you can adjust it according to you later from there. Just remember to turn the skip frame rate off (0) otherwise you will get some weird visuals and possibly what seems like lag.

If you have questions on how to use dos or trouble shoot please contact me via PM, If you have questions on where to get a dos version of Xcom do not PM me.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 05:09 AM

Considering I got my first-ever mobile phone a bit over a year ago (yes, I fail as a tech geek), and since it has been a very nifty device so far, more as a tablet than as a phone, this does pique my interest. Also as a potential new section for the Ufopaedia wiki to help out X-Com fans that are also smartphone enthusiasts.

I take it you use the on-screen keyboard for text entry. How do you handle the all important right clicks?

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 03:56 PM

Yes, I use the on screen keyboard. There is a virtual keyboard with the emulator. As for right click I set mine up to use two fingers. The double tap on the screen was creating more problems than right clicks. You may also be inclined to use Bluetooth devices such as a mouse or keyboard

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