A Moonlit Existence

by on 20th May 2013

You see it right above the horizon. To you and me today it would be something unsettling, disturbing even, but our future selves find nothing unusual about seeing the Earth setting in Moon Rising, given our former planet's satellite is where humanity now fights for resources.

Moon Rising is a turn-based strategy game set on the Moon in 2099. Featuring Single and Multiplayer gameplay, you take part in epic battles across a variety of maps (...)

Resources on planet Earth have been depleted through centuries of misuse. The discovery of an abundance of Helium-3 on the moon now sees major powers turning their attention to Earth’s one natural satellite with troops arriving to battle for lunar supremacy.

With 6 unique units, 3 buildings types and 3 seperate game modes (with more to come), there’s plenty to keep you entertained and to test your strategic capabilities to the max.

The main features on orbit:

• Campaign - Full story-driven single player campaign mode. Journey across four different zones encountering different types of challenges as you try to outwit your opponents for precious Helium 3.

• Take control of 6 multi-functional ground units to achieve your goal. Use astronauts and modified space vehicles for combat and reconnaissance, each with multiple weapons to suit your strategy. Machine guns, lasers, EMPs and Rockets are all part of the artillery that will aid your path to victory.

• Multiplayer - Pit your wits against online opponents in fully asynchronous multiplayer. Actions are stored on a Moon-based server; take your turns at your leisure, plus get email notifications for your turns.

• Skirmish - Play up to four players, human or AI, all locally on one machine.

The game is currently in beta stage, having just reached v 0.7, but a multiplayer demo is already available for free at the official site. If it happens to put you over the moon kindly Greenlight it here, as it will surely help the two-man dev. team based in the south of England as they journey towards release.

This title is scheduled for launch in the fourth Quarter of the year.


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