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In Topic: Missinons in expedition bases

20 November 2020 - 02:35 AM

After a long period I return to the game again. The Expedition bases (asscrea) hit me with mind controlling ret on top and our team on the tunnel... cant figure out a way to get past, because they are spawned near the edge of the map. Their range cover our running radius so running doesnt escape...

I figure we meet this mission too early. I dont have psi absorber, also doesnt research battle drones yet. So I reload earlier save and not headbutt this mission yet.

In Topic: Superhero difficulty

21 October 2020 - 01:18 PM

Note that Cultist will recapture 3 areas if we capture their final base. The best way to clean them up is to capture their final base and IMMEDIATELY press the Moon Mission button without letting time pass. Gamey exploit but what the heck~
Moon Mission appear after we finish research Putting the Pieces Together...

There's no assemble craft. You just click on button to send a squad to the Moon.

No stores, no reserve, what you see is what you have. It's recommended to bring 100% of your capacity full of ammo.

Enemies: the top two map is alien Reticulans. Third map has new, unique enemy

First map: Moon surface. Move to the green zone of portal to transport to next area.

There's one troop of 4 aliens in full shielded armor equipped with warp weaponry patrol the area. As warp rifles are slow, you can afford to shoot them with heavy machinegun and sniper rifles to death before they can fire off one round.

Second map, Moon underground base. Find the three red marker structures and shoot them.

This base has plenty of aliens moving around, equipped with reticulan laser/warp rifle, plasma cannon. You can shrug off laser and shoot to death the rest with just a plasma shotgun. HMG and snipers inside this base are too restricted (but overkilled).

You can use the looted weapons to shoot the structures (as of patch 1.3 under the markers quite a bit, not exactly where they are. 1.2 and previous is right where the markers are ) to save ammo. However when the third structure is destroyed, you are immediately teleported to the third map.

Third map: alien cavern. Move to the green zone of end game movie.

The unique enemy of this map: Myrmecol Octopus and Angel. They can dive through the wall and ground to approach our soldiers. Octopus can shoot bright laser the like of Flatster.

Note that end game movie condition trigger by step on the green zone, if you are out of ammo and just dont want to fight anymore, you can send your fastest soldier through and activate it without cleaning up all the rest.

Comparison: this 3 stage battle is not as hard as the Assault Spaceship of Wargot. That one was a series of at least 8 battles and as long as 12, with no time to heal for such long fights.

MOD IDEA: if you want the mission harder, pack the aliens full of armor and plasma cannon in those platforms near the 3 markers. In final area, increase amount of octopus and angels to 20, especially the mouth of cavern corridor lead to green zone. Make us fight through. gawd darn it~

In Topic: Warning. May be a spoiler but I advise you to read

16 October 2020 - 02:21 PM

My recomendation this year is not to update to patch 1.3 (well, okay, it has some ease-of-use like school has no need for library)

It has some messing around the code that can fuck your game up. The things that I dont remember happening to me back in the day of my last run, before patch 1.3 is out.

I refer specifically to React missions (defend against invasion) that has a pipeline control tower, 2-story building. This bug doesnt seem to happen in early-middle stage but it rear its ugly bug head in late mission .

Normal, early to middle mission this has options of where to land for us (mostly because we are the invaders). In late mission we are the defenders (against Cultist, mostly). So we are spawned inside that building with one guy stuck in the damn corner, behind some machine and between some column/pipe.

Possibly, if you are good, let's hope you can win the mission with the rest without that soldier. Because there's no getting that one out. No way.

It's annoying as heck.

In Topic: Combination of classes

15 October 2020 - 06:11 AM

On Psionics. Due to their too small inventory, their utility is really limited. Best use is Medic level 3 ASAP. After that, change to Scout so that they can have some utility in battles. Leader 3 then switch to Psi Power weapons like Ret Blaster or projector is a possibility but seriously, you have going to more use for scouts than a Leader psionic. While Ranger enable them to double wield, their range is still too limited (because non-Leader psi power is weak, and other Close Range weapon like HK Colt is really weak).

On Cyborgs. They have two great duo combi for them.
+ Commando/Stalker using Katana, and later on can switch to plasma shotguns. This one need no other training, so it go well with Cyborg 3 (For +Str, +Agi implants, and +Close Range). For nonCyborg, can add Gunman to allow for heavy armor.
+ Technician/Gunman using heavy machinegun (PKM). Gunman has several helpful ability to help this one survive serious wounds, which are not that in need because Cyborgs are magician with MG. They can max Dexterity, then use +2 DEX implants to have  superheroic +2 DEX, then increase a little bit here and there to push Mechanical to SH+2. It's like they can cut down any target in sight (or not in sight). They have 3k HP, so in 1vs3 they still can win handily because targets can not disable him in time (Gunman abilities) to save themselves.

I dont feel Sniper goes that well with both races. It goes poorly with Psionic due to weak strength, and it goes so-so with Cyborg, because it need Cy3 and several high class implants to make the investment worth the trouble

In Topic: Superhero difficulty

15 October 2020 - 05:54 AM

For research, after destroying mothership, there's only Laputa-only researchs left. It's very freaking annoying but there you have it. (Pillar of Death autopsy is short even with only 3 med lab).

For manufacture, we do it purely for completion sake. And it peter out when we have enough of EVERYTHING.