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29 January 2021 - 07:32 AM

Every 2-3 years I have a serious case of blue balls about tactical combat, inventory loot management, gun management, troop management RPG. And I would run with Fallout Tactics -- Silent Storm -- Silent Storm Sentinels - Hammer & Sickle -- UFO Aftershock --- UFO Afterlight (not in that particular order).

This run is nearly to its end. I basically restart UFOAL right before the Primary Key Gate battle just so I can have Zamyatin's Grave and get Olga early. And I am estimating if I will try Xenonauts or XCOM EU. Possibly Xenonauts~

Or maybe a change of speed and try Dungeon Rats. I dunno. I dont feel the blue balls fading.

Or maaaaaaybe a 90o turn and try Front Mission 4 or Valkyria Chronicles, though turnbased tactical jRPG is a bit ...

In Topic: UFO Afterlight Impossible Review

25 January 2021 - 03:27 AM

*Comment on class*

Scientist can be brought to battles as Medic. Healing provide science xp and just negate the wounding from environmental hazard. Extra buffs from Ramirezol and more can be very beneficial to fighters and the only way to push Supernatural skills to Divine (Extra, Ultra) level. Aside from 6 pure soldiers, you have one extra space and this slot usually seat a soldier/scientist.

Technicians are really in heavy use that we rarely can take one to battle beyond early stage where single workshop occupy half of them. Also, Impossible pace of production means it's not economical to use drones, thus even less reason to bring them. Mine dismantling can be done by throwing a bunch of grenades on target grounds. Environmental hazard can be counter by healing. The last use is Minor Driving technician using homing missiles are wayyyyy late game that doubtful any players use it.

In Topic: UFO Afterlight Impossible Review

25 January 2021 - 03:13 AM

*Comment on production speed*
A good veteran players can do the early battles on TNT alone, so the production is the sole limiting factor on how many can you do daily (early). Currently it's one.
Certainly, it's a good limiting factor because that means we can not expand like mad like in UFO Aftershock, or even UFOAL in Hard and lower difficulty.
Buuuuuuuut it's annoying as all hell

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10 January 2021 - 08:53 AM

I stress again the need to exchange Harald for Olga early. In my next Impossible game several years later, I leave him alive so he accumulate a serious 3 digit kill count, AND the game was late enough that Olga wont have enough time to of use. So over all it's a net loss.

Harald Last Stand should be as early as possible, if necessary even before the 1st alliance. In which case we would have Olga and the twin for his death. The second dead guy in my inactive column is a worthy price.

Note: Harald death does not activate the twin. So Tab's in for 3rd slot.

In Topic: Missinons in expedition bases

20 November 2020 - 02:35 AM

After a long period I return to the game again. The Expedition bases (asscrea) hit me with mind controlling ret on top and our team on the tunnel... cant figure out a way to get past, because they are spawned near the edge of the map. Their range cover our running radius so running doesnt escape...

I figure we meet this mission too early. I dont have psi absorber, also doesnt research battle drones yet. So I reload earlier save and not headbutt this mission yet.

EDIT: I leave the Asscrea get conquered by Beastmen and reconquer it, therefore avoiding tough battle with Expedition.

Unfortunately, later on Asscrea still get attacked by EXP. This time it's a platoon of rocket launchers and mind controllers. I count at least 15.

I blame that on my team of 7 with average level too high. And still forget to activate psi absorber tech...

:scratch head:

The combo of RL and mind control is a tough one to break.

EDIT: A semi-counter is terrain and grenades. This time Asscrea is a big hill map. So we stuck 5 guys with full inventory of grenade on the other side of the hill crest, with a Major Leadership Supernatural charisma on this and a spare on this side to act as spotter AND bait. When we discover any in range we throw grenades at that target. Pity the explosions destroy quite a few item like rockets.

Reference: average level of active squad is 17.5. Reticulan corpses are 21.