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Posted WerHeruvim on 23 January 2018 - 12:30 AM

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NIce new game mode, feels like skirmish.
Skirmish it is. ;)


But what about the campaign? will it be?


Campaign is still in development.

And here is the link:



Posted WerHeruvim on 21 January 2018 - 07:32 AM

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Ho, Ho Ho sounds like to be a merry Christmas for fans!

The STg 43/44 with scope and silencer Sd 5A Wolf would be a must!Posted Image

the Fedorov is wonderful rare weapons.

To be a Thor's Hammer agent could be excelent, ...or being "Odin's Gungnir" spy (suprem well hidden staff head of Thor's Hammer) .
Well done :
I love the ultra sexy Mechanics and Nazi witches, the sitting posture ..
The story is still in development. It will be somewhat complicated.

View PostJohnnyRu, on 21 December 2017 - 03:50 PM, said:

oh nice staff. been long time no news. everything looks gorgerous
Thanks. People abandoned this forum (followed BlunterII, I guess...), so I almost lost interest in development. Almost.


More updated textures

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

New game mode.

Choose your faction, squad and mission. These missions aren't easy, so don't expect a walk in a park.
Mission scripts use random variables. Spawned enemies, their weapons, patrols etc. can be different every time you start your game. Mission goals may be random too (kill VIP, kill all enemies, destroy something etc.). Playing the same mission may feel quite different during next playthrough.

There are 5 factions so far: Allies troops (UK, USA, USSR), Axis troops (Germany) and Thor's Hammer.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

There is a special minimode called Blood Hunt. Here you can play as a vampiress.

Posted Image

She can heal herself if her melee attack was successful and didn't cause knock back (and her victim stays alive of course).


Now the best part. The demo is ready. Demo includes several Battle+ missions and all new added content (uniforms, weapons, tanks etc.). Campaign is still in development.

So my question is simple: who wants to play it?

#164582 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted brandeburg on 29 October 2017 - 08:36 AM

what are you thinking about these Propaganda Poster to denounce NKVD/soviet mass murdering of Polish and ukrainian...would look great in game and help understanding the evil behaviour from every opponent (if the heros translate for players of course).
and the last one to show that some well informed people know about "living dead soviet soldier", if you include some zombies..
Whatever a funny poster.

here the link :


Attached Thumbnails

  • kathyn_12000-dead.JPG
  • Russian-zombie-troops.JPG
  • Vinita mass murder of ukrainian.JPG


Posted brandeburg on 16 October 2017 - 06:30 AM

Well done.
Here is a must to have the solothurn S18/100 the smaller of the serie; the S18/1000 and 1100 are greater but the last is full auto. These are antitank weapons but as countersniping against hidding target...!!! lot of fun,

The PTRS is just to small, it must be twice greater, and saw it does not fit to the schoulder, but it is very good work.

See you still working on panzerklein? on idea : try with smaller gun as C96 and Thompson, and dagger and the PK will be like ''trench cleaning assault troops'' or stormtruppen of 1WW, and very useful like this with higher speed.
_We were working on these versions year ago to give WW1 aspect of the conflict, but it is just an idea like this.


Posted WerHeruvim on 16 October 2017 - 05:52 AM

Thanks, brandeburg!

Mosin sawed-off

Posted Image

Posted Image

DT, tank machine gun

Posted Image

Anti-tank rifles

Posted Image

PzB 38
Posted Image

Posted Image

New PK weapon

BESA machine gun
Posted Image


Posted WerHeruvim on 12 October 2017 - 10:55 PM

German uniforms

Trench coat

Posted Image

Winter pack

Posted Image


Posted Image

Trench coat

Posted Image

Germans are ready for cold winter... or maybe they are just delusional. Posted Image

Some weapons.

Nagant replacers

Posted Image

Posted Image

Reising M50 Posted Image

Posted Image

Owen machine carbine

Posted Image


Trench gun

Posted Image

#163207 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 27 August 2017 - 07:39 AM


Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.  
The mod is not ready to be released yet. I'll need to finish testing, debugging... Besides, there are only 2 encounters, nothing else is completed yet.


Thank you.
You have some interesting ideas... and ... some pretty wild ones... Posted Image

I don't know how to create/implement new AP requirement perks and changes without accessing and adding or modifying the hard-coded functions and ids...
If you know how to do it - tell me. I'll add it.
The same goes for the 'enemy healing'. I am not aware of a way to determine what they are holding in their hands at any given moment (it's not H&S)....
I am not even sure if adding an 'enemy doctor' running around will improve the game by much. If we want to increase the difficulty or present the player with a challenge - we can just add more enemies, ad infinitum if needed, period.
Thank you for the radio alphabet. It might come in handy. Posted Image
What I was asking for was a conversation example (In German)...

unsuccessful attempt:
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (Radio noise)
(transmission terminated)

successful attempt (wrong recipient):
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (short radio noise) Lubni North Tower responding. State your coordinates. Over.
- (pause...self induced radio noise)...
(transmission terminated)

successful attempt (correct recipient):
- Unit (such-and-such) requesting assistance. Over.
- (short radio noise) Unit leader (such-and-such) responding. State your coordinates. Over.
- West of your position, moving east. Experiencing mechanical problems. Over.
- Proceed to your designated area. We'll take a look. Over. Out.
(transmission terminated)
I can see how a snap shot can be confused with 'blind firing' or 'spray and pray' for automatic weapons ( that's what "tir au jugé" basically implies) There are a lot of references to snap shooting in hunting where the hunters shoot the birds with minimum preparation. I believe they have a similar term for that in Russian as well - "выстрел навскидку".
It has nothing to do with blind firing or firing around corners in enemies' general direction. It's just a quick shot at the enemy without using the weapon's iron sights.
Classes and encounters (random primarily) is what I'd really appreciate help with. Not just the classes that make sense militarily, but the ones I need for special characters as well. I've seen the panels you posted. I'll examine them more closely when I have more time...

In terms of Scenario zone/RE ideas - here is what I'm looking for:

- describe the encounter, make a sketch of that zone. Mark where everything and everyone is, major loot locations + their proposed contents, landmarks, terrain specifics, etc. It can be just a primitive drawing, a rough draft of your vision of the encounter, basically. Like this one I made for the "A1 Peacekeeper" scenario zone:

Posted Image

GP2 and GP3 are in 'pocket' and will show up only if we start shooting.

- what are we doing there?
- if our presence there is self-explanatory then what are our goals (if any at all)?
- how does it start?
- allies, enemies, neutrals behavior, goals (plot related, please), equipment (plot stage limited)
- what tactical challenges are we presented with (if any)
- possible splits with logical consequences: if we do this then.../ if we do that then...
- if you are unsure whether something is possible, or if I'm willing to implement it - ask.

To illustrate ("Peacekeeper" rough draft):

1) we arrive at Brovari, park the bike behind a building (a 'club' or taverns perhaps)
2) we witness a heated argument between some young Nazi sympathizer punk and Dr' Sed'yih's brother.
3) At this point we get a choice of either:

- challenging that punk to a fist fight, (would require Str. > 8 or 9). A German patrol shows up. Beating him into a pulp will get us a +1 with Wehrmacht (repW) and +1 with the civies (repC), maybe -3 with UPA?. The Germans marvel at our skill and invite us to an officers' club boxing event or something (I mean they were heavily into sports then, even played Kiev Dynamo in 1942, IIRC). At the club we could get an opportunity to steal some intel(???), sabotage something and/or win some money....
- talking sense into him/threatening him to leave the brother alone. Req. Int. > 8 or 9 (75% chance of success)
- fast/smooth talking him into leaving. Req. Dex. >9 or 10 (75% chance of success)

4) if we fail the doctor will have a 50-50% of making the punk back off.
5) if she fails - her brother gets shot... (dead or wounded??? don't know yet). A German patrol shows up and takes the punk into custody (he laughs it off saying he's going to be out the moment they bring him to the polizei station). His father is some local businessman in bed with the Germans (we'll deal with him later)
6) Here we get a choice of:
- attacking the punk along with his buddies and the Germans. repW (Wehrmacht) -5, repC -1 (+5 to repW and +2 to repC if we destroy/hide the bodies and kill a German runner who will try to leave the map within several turns)
- do nothing
7) if the doctor survives and her brother is alive and healed we are invited to her house and she gives us the lab worktable (reward).

Later, when we hook up with the partisans we might see her there too...
I don't know what will happen with Kat and Scar yet. I don't have a detailed master plan for them or for the actual plot. There is a general direction I'd like to steer it in... but I don't have any specifics yet.
Well, I can assure you there'll be no long lasting romances of any kind. Although, some of my family members might take an issue with Hello Kitty not being able to fight the empire of Evil. They did draw a mustache on those dolls at one time, don't know why,... signifying its machismo and readiness, I suppose... hmm... I wonder if that felonious gender change was consensual at all... Gotta ask them. Posted Image
I am guessing cordite is going to be used in subsonic ammunition production.

Here I'm listing some of the new RPG item descriptions and the simplified chemical reactions necessary to produce them:
Cordite N is a triple based smokeless military propellant. It is well known for its slow burning and brisance that cause a subsonic deflagration wave. It is produced by combining nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, petroleum jelly and nitroguanidine.
Use: artillery shells and small gun subsonic ammunition.

Nitroglycerin (3 bottles) + nitrocellulose (3 bottles) + petroleum jelly (1 container) + nitroguanidine (1 flask) = 8 cordite N (sticks)
We already have a description for nitroglycerin
Cellulose is a polysacharide organic compound found in plant cells. It is usually obtained from cotton that contains 90% cellulose. It can also be extracted from cotton-containing clothes and uniforms. Cellulose is mainly used in nitrocellulose manufacturing.

Any regular uniform = Cellulose (1 jar)

If there are no other uses for cellulose we could skip it and do this:

any regular uniform + nitric acid (1 bottle) = Nitrocellulose (1 bottle)
Nitrocellulose or guncotton is a highly flammable compound used as a military propellant. It is one of the main components in cordite N manufacturing. Nitrocellulose is produced by exposing cellulose (90% in cotton) to nitric acid.
It can also be found in pre-war films.

How to make: Cellulose (1 jar) + nitric acid (1 bottle) = Nitrocellulose (2 bottles)
Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. It is frequently used in medicine and cosmetics as a skin protectant. It is also used in the production of a triple based smokeless powder cordite N.

How to make: find in the game world
Nitroguanidine is a colorless crystalline solid. It is primarily used as a military propellant, as well as a fertilizer and an insecticide in civilian use. Its ability to reduce flash and flame without sacrificing chamber pressure earned it its place in triple based smokeless powder production. Manufacturing of cordite N utilizes nitroguanidine.

How to make: Fertilizer (1 bag) + Ammonium Nitrate (1 flask) = Nitroguanidine (1 flask)
Fertilizer, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, uniforms and nitroglycerin are already in the game...
~ Blunter ~

#163013 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted brandeburg on 20 August 2017 - 07:07 AM

Hi, ,Blunter, sorry for the misunderstood about resizing items, this is an idea for futher development of another mod,
This is your mod an I do not want to interfer in your actual goal, I know it is a lot of work with all to change,.. I have done it already and will give it a way everyone would understand and easy to use.

Sorry about Scar and Kat perks, I just did not understand you would do a special perk tree for them..Shame on me!
You are rigth about making new perks, as my friend did with perk100 radio-operator.
''Addiction'' is good especially to give fun
"Diplomat" perk really good _may be some other as "bargain" or "seduction" (Kitty saloon SD female agent...),
- "Eagle Vision" would have a higher than normal Spot value.
- "Commando training" might give something like assasination (lethal strike with strangling wire or knives)= Evasion is so weird,;; but it is your game.

Inspiration could be the key, with wider affect area (30 squares=about 20m??) and more effect on accuracy and moral (I put it with my Medic Machine gunner and Radio rifleman new classes and of course we will speak about that classes which are far to be definitive or perfect).

I do not know about officer's ennemy, in real german officers and NCO got sMg and pistol, but during officer course they are trainning with every kinda of weapons even ally or ennemies, but not specialized.. only with sMg. so I think you are rigth again give them spec. so they will be the first target, I mean officer and NCO.

If you add a medic to other side which try to heal ennemy wounds, they will be the next target. This is what missed in Sentinels, ennemy never get cover to be heal or wound themselves them wounds, It will be a "Plus". 5just an idea.

about snap shot I am agree with you, but the side animation should be the one use for LMg hip firing or player would not understand, or may be change the control action pannel instead of a can, a half figure with a gun at the hip. I am working on that and send the result.
_(This is like bolt action rifles, a side animation showing the character using the bolt to reload will explain the more AP require: But for another mod of course). I look at table and aimed shot is really shot + targeting, so you are right snap shot is "tir instinctive".

For me right now snap shot is hurry shoting what we call in french "tir au jugé"=( just rapid aiming in direction of the target),Aiming "tir pointé" is using really iron sigth +npoint, and careful shot is when man take time to adjust his shot_may be 20% better accuracy.
Again it is as the game show, but as you wrote snap shot should be hip shot (and do not inclued preparation shot AP).

May be the hero could be NCO (sergeant) and his behaviour following NKVD precept allow him to get graduation to finally become officer. Imagine what a gratification for a player to reach major rank and have medals, not only finish the game but obtain the highest rank, from having be a good agent.

I have heard about department 13, the chief staff are Kalmuks from Tobolsk area and Uriankhai; Bugä and Udayan from Tengri religion, kind of "shaman" who are believe to have overpower upon nature spirits and other supranatural forces.
but other claim that this department have the number ooo, in fact 3 circles, the three symbol of vacuity, the whole, and the metal.
They were hard "forest" ethnic groups such as the Altai Uriankhai, Tuvans and Yakuts.
The name "Uriankhai' means "uria" (motto, war motto) and khan (lord) in Mongolian.
The personnal guards it is said, were frontline soldiers who have already passed out, but were bring back to life by skilled Büga medic.
But noboby ever met this alleged department, or no one is still here to claim such encounter, except may be Stalin Himself.
The document by the Abwehr's Walli III unit, titled "Bands and other Insurgency Movements in Northwestern Ukraine" and dated July 13, 1943, is a succint report on various military formations. The report is divided into the following sub-headings: a) Soviet partisans, b) Bulba's movement, c) Bandera's movement and d) other insurgency movements. The last section reports on the activities of a detachment under the command of P. Onyshchenko in the region of Fastiv, south-west of Kiev. Other leaders of the detachment are: A. Kravets', A. Ustymiv, V. Polishchuk and P. Bilovus. The information for each sub-heading provides the following: the areas of concentration of each movement, a profile on its membership, the number of men, weapons, fighting capability, type of operations as well as other data. The last page is said to have deal with a rapport upon an ambush between Rosenberg Ubersoldiers and some members of the NKVD department 13, but this page was undoubtebly erase By Alfred Rosenberg Himself.

For radio sorry for me but I did not join the german army, Maybe Lt Havoc?
try this link, may be?
or :



Posted WerHeruvim on 24 August 2017 - 06:55 AM

I am sure this particular uniform shall have darker colours (this helps to hide some undesirable stuff from previous russian model).

I like your idea, but in order to make this reality I will have to create a 100% unique model. Maybe I will succeed in future, but this process is not the fastest. Making some beatiful legs... it takes time. Posted Image

Churchill tank

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#163012 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 20 August 2017 - 05:12 AM

Thanks, brandeburg.
I'm glad you liked the update.

I just checked your classes info (in your other thread) - very practical perk assignments. I think the "saboteur" pulled a short straw somehow and some of the marksman perks I am not totally convinced about... But overall, it's a very nice and balanced chart. Great work!
I am looking forward to seeing those perk tree charts and having a discussion about them.
I think it'll be very helpful...
[EDIT] When preparing those perk trees, please consider adding the "Look for free" too. I changed the default Crawl rotate cost from 4 to 6, the Rotate from 2 to 4 in RPG APs, and changed the parameter in RPG Perks from 0 to 2.
I already tested it. It's 2 APs for all rotations now after applying the perk.
So, no freebies anymore. Posted Image
What would we call it now? "Born Curious"... "Reduced AP cost for looking"... "Observant"... "Spinner"..?
Scar and Kat are not military trained, so I wouldn't expect them to have skills and abilities that make sense from a "let's create a class that is efficient and serves a specific purpose" type of approach. Their skills/perks are a mixed bag, some might have certain synergy but most probably won't. That's why I was asking about perk ideas for a civilian medic-turned-sniper, and a civilian mechanic-turned-bandit. They'd be separate classes, specifically tailored for Scar and Kat, not available to any of the possible mercenaries or the main character. Would they be a pain to play? I don't know...maybe... well, if I add all the bizarre conversations I've imagined they could engage in, yeah...a very strange couple of folks, indeed. Posted Image

I am also thinking about adding rare, unique perks.
From the start, Scar would have an "addict" or "alcoholic"; ex.: he'd be the only person who could use spiked alcohol and heroin.
Kat could have a "bookworm" perk that wold allow her to use magazines and other literature, we find in the game world, to temporarily increase her medical, engineering (or some other) skill above the normal levels.

The same goes for the main character... based on the class we chose for them.
- It might be a "Diplomat" perk (that would help us with various negotiation and persuasion checks),
- "Eagle Vision" would have a higher than normal Spot value.
- "Commando training" would add an otherwise unavailable "Good Evasion" perk (???)
... basically minor, not necessarily critical but a decent helpful boost to something...

They'd be 'attached' to different classes with proper visual representation but without any visible prerequisite, basically not selectable by the player...can only be given through a script.
Well, all that was about our average grunts/mercenaries/hirelings or whatever we call them.
Now, what about the officers?
I think "inspiration" should have a huge aura and be available only to officers. With that in place, eliminating them as soon as possible would finally make sense. Seriously, in vanilla, they were restricted to pistols, had no perk panels, nothing special or outstanding except for Acks, and even those were kinda meh... I think they need a major boost: proficiency in most weapons, higher Spot and stealth values, plenty of VPs, higher interrupt etc. (maybe even some 'evasion' skills, not too much... just a little bit...)
You know, redesigning all the item sizes is a big undertaking. If we have our bike with us then the whole "increased difficulty" goes right out the window, since we can access anything we need right there in the zone (once the objective are completed). Besides, aligning every item in the backpack, x, y, z and the distance adjustment for thousands of items (because for most items it's not just a size increase)... is a lot of work... and could potentially be worth it if we had a lot of zones (25-30) to visit and could really appreciate the new challenge. At the moment - there are only 2 completed zones.

In short, I hear you and get your point... Actually, I agree with you to a certain extend. Carrying two MGs in one's backpack is pretty unbelievable.
But right now, I'd rather get on with developing the plot and building more encounters.
I think using snapshot is somewhat similar to shooting from the hip... no aiming is necessary or required. At least that's my understanding of it. (...and that's based on the fact that we already have the "aimed" and "careful" shooting modes using the iron sights, and also the low  AP requirements and relatively low accuracy when in snapshot mode just screams 'not aimed'.)
I haven't decided what the main character's rank and specific branch are.
They could be a Senior Lieutenant of State Security, from Department 3 (counter-intelligence) or 4 (special) ... not sure... they are gonna be dealing with quite a few of doppelgangers here... more like Department 13 (ghost-busters???) Posted Image

Main task: discover what happened to the missing agents (4 NKVD agents disappear without a trace in Lubni/Poltava areas)
- check if any of the safe houses have been compromised
- ensure competency and loyalty
- find and eliminate traitors (we don't know about the doubles yet)
- once we find out what's really going on - find their training facility and destroy it, find both surgeons and kill them, capture the Intel on the remaining doubles and deliver it to the drop.

Opportunity objectives (while keeping a low profile):
- kill any doubles you come across
- assist allied groups and forces in the area (partisans, civilians, resistance...)
- capture any Intel we encounter
- eliminate or compromise any targets of opportunity
- sabotage German military installations
- increase tensions between UPA and Wehrmacht/SS

There will be a time when we are joined by a couple of other State Security agents (if we use your classes then they'd probably be a Skirmisher and an MG gunner)...but that's going to be later... in the winter...
As far as I am aware the vehicles don't move...
In Sentinels, there is no way to determine the type of uniform a character is wearing... UnitGetUniform() is not a valid function is S^3, unfortunately.
Thank you for bringing up some excellent points, brandeburg.Posted Image

Now, I have a question:
What was the correct German radio communication procedure for the tank and aircraft crews?
Why I am asking is because when we find our first radio in a destroyed/abandoned Tiger (transceiver's operating radius around 150-200 km) we'd need to pretend we are not who we are while trying to reach the right 'audience'. So what would that exchange be like?
- An example of a successful (we get to talk to one of our operators in the area) and unsuccessful (we happen to get someone else) transmission would be great.

Perhaps this will help. I've found it somewhere (I think it was on
1. to call another radio operator (otto calling ida):
Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto.
Wait 5 seconds
Repeat if no answer

1a. to call with priority:
Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. K R. (I have no idea what K R stands for)
Wait 5 seconds.
Repeat if no answer.

1b. to call with message and no reply required:
Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. Keine quittung, Keine quitting
Send message.

1c. to call with message and ask for verification:
Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. Bitte prüfen, bitte prüfen
Send message.
Wait 10 seconds for reply.
If no reply, repeat.

2. to answer (ida answering otto):
Ida empfäng. Ida empfäng. Kommen.

2a: to answer but not ready to receive:
Ida empfäng. Ida empfäng. Warten.

2b. to answer 1c.
Ida quittung, ida quittung.

3. to report signal strength:
Lautstärke ...
- eins (weak)
- zwei
- drei
- vier
- fünf (strong)

3a. to ask for a repeat:
Bitte wiederholen

4. to end a message:

There are 3 bullet points at the bottom, written in red, which I assume are important:
- speak clear
- speak monotone
- speak short (I assume this means keep it brief!)
Underneath that is the mnemonic: KMK (klar, monoton, kurz)
Does anyone have any ideas?

Hey, Tsylie, thanks for editing.
(Corrections entered!)

I added a full canister to the first mission's template.

Oh, and here is one of the female models Heruvim shared with me.

Posted Image

Doesn't she look fantastic?
~ Blunter ~


Posted brandeburg on 18 August 2017 - 03:18 PM

nice lend lease jeep and the vickers on it is just greatful, it annouce like SdKfz 251 terrific fighting. And the explosion of windshield!!!

What do you mean wabout Helferinen concept/image ? if you need pictures of them or of uniform museum display I got them in case of, ask for them.
To have soviet female (or german) in real uniform and not strange ugly uniforms from the original game add an historic level.

But it is so sad to watch one of them crying...

Whatever well done, and I am still amazed about the work you modders are doing to revive this game.

#162908 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 17 August 2017 - 05:51 AM

Hey, folks. It's me again! ;)

Our next topic is the bike, its enormous hunger for refined hydrocarbons and the available to us options to satiate that hunger.

I remember Heruvim and I brainstorming on this very topic.. we talked about fuel consumption, some kind of fuel storage (possibly at the camp site), various ways to refill the gas tank, time limited missions relying on speed (on foot it's about 6 times slower) etc.

It took me a few days to process it and to come up with something I was happy with...

What is this bike to us, as players?

- A convenient way to collect the loot... Check!
- A very convenient way to access our storage... Check!
- An extremely powerful stationary MG (particularly at the beginning of the game)... Check!
- And now a fast, reliable transport that would allow us to get wherever we need to get to -ON TIME! ... Check!

Now, what do we do to keep it with us?.. Well, not much, except for maybe keeping it from being unlikely occurrence, really.

That was the driving (excuse the pun) reason behind creating the refueling/refilling mechanic.

Posted Image

If we didn't pay attention to the "place, month, weather, fuel, hours" notification after entering the encounter, we can always check fuel levels later.

Posted Image

66%? And how did you arrive at this magical number, Blunter? (now imaging Bill Burr speaking in a mocking voice)... that's pretty arbitrary!

Okay, the list of assumptions I made in this case:

- bike is important (we don't want to lose it)
- bike should not be taken for granted (we should do something to keep it operational)
- bike's speed (loaded) is ~ 30 kmph (18-20 mph)
- long trips utilize some paved highways (at least part of the way)(higher speed, lower fuel consumption)
- short trips primarily use secondary roads (lower speed, higher fuel consumption)
- since "camp" can be anywhere on the map, and there no way to tell which sector it is in - it's in the same sector as our last encounter, just 30 min (0.5 hour) away.
- if we run out of fuel (<14%) the bike is left at the camp (can't use it until it's refueled)
- And the last one (partly derived from the one's above) - any one way trip on a chapter map consumes around 29% of the tank (+1 - 3%)

In essence, we can travel 3 (maybe 4) times between refueling.

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Canister refills are pretty straightforward:

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Right. There is another thing I introduced the OnExit() check:

Posted Image

This is currently the only way to lose the bike.

Not sure if anyone is interested in any scripts. If you do - let me know...

These are our Globals, set in the "Escape" mission:

------- SET COORDINATES ---------------------------------
SetGlobalGameVar("Column", 1) --C1-to-C6-
SetGlobalGameVar("Row", 1) --R1-to-R3-
------- SET TIME ----------------------------------------
SetGlobalGameVar("Hours",3.5) --cumulative--
SetGlobalGameVar("Time",9) --Evening--
------- SET VEHICLES ------------------------------------
SetGlobalGameVar("BikeStatus",2) --1(Broken)--2(Present)--3(NoGasLeftAtCamp)
SetGlobalGameVar("Gas",100) -- Full
--- INTERACTIVE CAMP OBJECTS ----------------------------
SetGlobalGameVar("LabStatus",1) -- 1 No -- 2 Yes
SetGlobalGameVar("WorkshopStatus",1) -- 1 No -- 2 Yes
SetGlobalGameVar("RadioStatus",1) -- 1 No -- 2 Yes
----- REPUTATION ---------------
----- FOR LATER ----------------
--SetGlobalGameVar("PriorkaDoctor",2) -- 1-Dead / 2-Alive

Oh, I forgot to show the "Reputation" color coding scheme:

Posted Image


...and some silly stuff for last:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Unless you guys are interested in the character Acks, that's it for now.
~ Blunter ~

#162905 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 17 August 2017 - 02:59 AM

All right, to the rest of the "Supplies" mission...

The medical supplies package is located in the back of the second truck (the one that's broken).

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The thread checking its presence in our inventory runs in parallel with the other two objectives, so it doesn't really matter when we pick it up. Whenever we do - the objective gets updated...

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...almost there...

...and viola!

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...the partially blocked message says: "The package contains a wide variety of wound care items and a field med kit. You might have also noticed the "Suture Kit", I added, among the spawned items.

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...a couple of PDMs an engineer of 1-2 lvl should have no problem removing...

And finally, one of the bandits in the opposite (to our starting position) corner drops a scoped 33-40. I think the girl was quite happy with that.

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Okay, about the scoped rifles... I feel the need to limit all of them to a "snap" and a "scoped/sniper" shooting modes only. I am also thinking about slightly raising their snap shot AP requirement... by 5-7% (bulky, scope is in the way...) and maybe (just maybe) increasing their damage. Their counterparts, carbines especially, should probably have slightly cheaper snap shots. We'll probably need to have a discussion about this. Pros and cons, the observations and the wishes...

------------------------ NOTIFICATIONS --------------------------------------------

Well, not being a programmer, it took me a while to figure out the scripts that could support the ideas Heruvim and I talked about.

Some of those ideas were:

- Fully scripted transport (Loot, storage, loss upon destruction..)
- Fuel consumption and refueling
- Daylight cycle
- Time tracking

So, here it goes:

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The place and month will change with each chapter where as other variables are tracked through various behind the scenes counters.
but before we touch upon those subjects let's look at the new chapter grid that started it all.

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...and the chapter view after the grid's been applied.

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I remember looking through Novik's scripts for H&S's traveling routine that covered all possible variations (for all 11? zones) with a separate calculation/value assigned to each and every one of them. You can imagine A, B, C, D, E, ...etc. A to B, A to C..., B to C, ... so on and so forth. That seemed a little too bulky, so I decided to do it differently. we have 6 columns and 3 rows dividing the map into 18 sectors. I also made several assumptions:

- minutes don't count when we travel on the Chapter map. Hours do.
- it takes around 2-3 hours to travel 30-50 km using secondary roads to any adjacent sector on a fully loaded Zundapp K750
- it takes 2-3 hours for any major light change to happen.
- we don't spend more than 2-3 hours in any given encounter.

Then I created 10 Daylight cycle phases: Moonrise, Moon, Moonset, Dawn, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, and Midnight.

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Traveling from C1R1 - Nemyeshaeva ("Escape") to  C2R2 - Priorka ("Supplies") would equal
(C2-C1) + (R2-R1) = 2 light cycle zone skip would determine the light and the time in the next one.
then multiply that by 2.5 (approx. amount of time it takes for one light state to change to the next), so 2*2.5 = 5 hours
I didn't use the 2.4 because it created a very long decimal and I haven't found a way to round it down. (Yes, I read the various LUA manuals and forums already ;))
I also added a small random number to that result to make it look more natural.
So, after the initial global for "Time" (as in time of the day) was set in "Escape" for Evening ("9") then when we arrived at Priorka outskirts it moved two daylight phases forward to "Moonrise".

There is a behind the scenes "hours" counter as well.
I don't really know how interested you guys are in the mechanics of it all...(???) so I'm gonna stop here. But if you'd like to see the script itself I can definitely copy/paste it in the thread.
---------- R E P U T A T I O N -------------------------

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All the Globals are set to "10" in "Escape" then constantly readjust based on our actions:

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After all, we were on the roster (Germans were famous for excellent record keeping, right?) and now we are gonna be gone leaving a bunch of dead SS faithful behind. Thus -2 to RepSS.
On the other hand we risked our life and helped the partisans... as a result +2 to RepP. (only +1 if their leader doesn't survive, and 0 if none of them survive)

Of course, if we hide the bodies then...

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...the reputation returns back to its default value.

It works the same way in "Supplies". If the doctor lives civilian reputation RepC goes up +1 and so does RepP.

------- E S C A P E ----- C H A N G E S ------------------------

There were a few things I thought were necessary to address:
- the strange key
- the source of "Supplies" marker

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At first, I wanted to introduce the med supply raid through a somewhat heated conversation between Kat and Scar:

It went something like this:

Kat (screaming): That's not what I said!
Scar: You are gonna get us all killed.
Kat: It's pointless talking to you! Pointless!

You: What are you arguing about?

Kat: I want to get some medical supplies, if I am to be of any use to you. I heard them talking about a delivery to Priorka today.
Scar: All I heard was "...medikamente.."
Kat: Well, you didn't study German at school and then at the university like I did.
Scar: Right! That's all I need...a bookworm covering my ass in a firefight! Bah!

You: Armored convoy?
Kat: No, just trucks. "LKW"...and a medical facility in Priorka was mentioned.

You: I see. Hmm... We could check it out but if's anything other than a lightly guarded convoy we withdraw immediately.

Eventually, I scrapped it and found a shorter way to introduce that encounter:

Posted Image


Oh, and the new global map marker:

Posted Image

(to be continued)
~ Blunter ~


Posted WerHeruvim on 13 August 2017 - 08:38 AM

So I have continued working on this mod. Just a small update.

Like in Partisans Mod, True Terror will have some new models and objects (tanks, halftracks).

And I created some more!

In another thread Lt.Havok asked me if I could create G43 rifle.
Here is what I got:

Posted Image
Posted Image

I imported 2 new models (Hammer and Sickle, Night Watch) and created new uniforms. These two will be unlocked during the russian missions.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Had to work more on the russian girl though (fix neck glitch and hands). Now she looks perfect.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Have been working on new object — Wiilys Jeep. It was a real pain. Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

This object can be destroyed.

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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

For more firepower can be used with Vickers!

Posted Image
Posted Image

Some new stuff is still in development. Will reveal when it is done. Posted Image

#162566 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 31 July 2017 - 12:48 AM

Just a small update (well, it's actually a pretty significant step for me... new models and all).

Heruvim was kind enough to share some of his models with me... so I took a few screens with them in the pictures.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thank you, Heruvim! Posted Image
~ Blunter ~