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#143626 Zombie's TFTD Giveaway!

Posted Zombie on 25 June 2015 - 04:18 PM

Hi everyone! Some of you might know that Terror From the Deep celebrates it's 20th birthday this year. So in observance of this momentous occasion, I decided to do something special: giveaway 10 free Steam keys for the game. That's right, I said FREE. No contests, no hoops to jump through, no facebook popularity scams, just an old-fashioned giveaway!

Even though this isn't a contest, there has to be some ground rules to make it fair for everyone:
  • Be (or become) a member of StrategyCore. This is mandatory as I have to contact the winners through PM.
  • Do not already own a copy of TFTD. I prefer people who haven't played the game yet (if you've played UFO:EU before, that's ok), but I'll give a copy to those who do not have it in their Steam library already.
  • Have a Steam account. You can't get the key to work without an account there.
  • Be willing to let us use your forum name for the winner's list.
  • Use the game for yourself. I'm not against re-gifting a key to someone else if you deem necessary, but if they are able to enter themselves it's better.
There are two little points I hope everyone can adhere to if you win:
  • Do not resell the game.
  • Do not trade it for something else.

I can't enforce these, so please act responsibly.

So now you are all wondering how to enter the giveaway, right? It's simple, start a post in this topic with the words "I'm in!". Only one entry will be counted. If you want to make a case for why you want a key, go ahead, but your chances will not increase. :P Guest posts are not eligible to enter and will be ignored. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received, but in my experience you'll have a pretty good opportunity to walk away with a copy. This giveaway will probably remain open for 1 month to give everyone time to enter and will close at or around midnight CST July 31 2015. Winners will be announced here in this topic and I will also send them a PM. Unclaimed prizes (I'll give you a couple weeks to reply to my PM) will be sent to the next eligible applicant. Winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator.

A big thanks to Thorondor for helping me with the funds to acquire some of the steam keys!

Finally, please "Like" this post if you thought this was a good idea. I want to get an idea how popular a giveaway like this is with everyone. Maybe I'll do another in the future with a different game! :)

- Zombie