Scroll sped fix in tactical missions?/TFTD for DOS/

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#1 brutus52



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Posted 24 September 2011 - 12:41 PM

Hello,sorry for my english/I'm No Englishman/.

How to fix very fast scroll speed in tactical missions?/TFTD for DOS/
Scroll speed is set in options menu to 1

I use XP SP3  + CPU C2D E8400/3GhZ./ATI HD5500-1GB/

TFTD for DOS is normaly playable under VDMSOUND, but scrolling speed is too fast/any settings is not effective/
I don't want use CE,GOLD, any Dosbox,Virtual PC etd,/-unacceptable other problems/
.All work in DOS version/full screen mode/ correctly, but only problem with scrolling speed...
Only DOS version 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 !

Exist any exe patch /tactical.exe?/,which this problem solve or any other solution?/except programs TURBO, MO' SLO etd - unhappy solution /

Setting Graphic Hardware acceleration to left  - not effect
Wait  to vertical sync - not effect
Disabling D3D accelleration - not effect
GK overclock down - not effect
Enabling "compatible hardware timer emulation"/file properties/ - not effect
Compatibility mode - W98,W95... - not effect

Thank for suggestions

#2 Bomb Bloke

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Posted 25 September 2011 - 06:26 AM

The game doesn't care about your GPU, so messing with acceleration/DirectX settings won't make effect.

The scrolling is optimised for a processor running at less then 100mhz. Ideally it'd use the system time (a method that produces near identical results regardless of the speed of the computer), but the devs were lazy and so it doesn't. Your average core these days chugs along at about twenty times that speed, so it scrolls twenty times as fast as it should... Underclocking your system is out of the question.

Ideally there'd be an executable patch, but it's unlikely one will ever appear. Either use software like MoSlo (I notice VDMSound offers SpeedSet for this sort of thing), or switch to DosBox (something your processor will have no difficulty with).

Another option is to switch from auto scrolling to trigger scrolling, then use the overhead map view to navigate around the battlescape.
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#3 brutus52



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Posted 25 September 2011 - 01:16 PM

Bomb Bloke,thank for reply.

From some reasons i not use Dosbox/VPC - graphic accelleration in fullscreen mode is too bad and slow.
Mo´Slo based programs will also make CPU freq. down, but mouse work brokenly and  everything  hat late response.
CE and Gold has problem with   Click-pause sound error /musfix.dll patch is not working for me/ and music is different from original.
CPU speed under VDMSOUND - here is typed: try to reduce Cpu usage. I must first disable one CPU core(2) - set affinity/Turbo,Mo´Slo-the same/ to try make this function working. But here is this funcion for me not working.
Switch from auto scrolling to trigger scrolling - after I click to L/R/U/D margin in game windows, display is shifted out of range -this is no reason.
Game optimization for a processor running at less then 100mhz is realy bad developers reason.
Developers probably unsuspecting, that the game will play also now :P

Is here any programmers/crackers? Probably is affected geoscape.exe and tactical.exe  
Is big problem to decompile this DOS exes and repair/optimize program code? /in CE,Gold edd. is bug   yet already removed, so why not in this DOS version.
DOS version(original)  is under XP more functional than CE,Gold,but only scrolling problem(cpu optimization) is not solved.

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Posted 25 September 2011 - 06:45 PM

Have you tried to adjust the video scaler or CPU cycles in Dosbox? Also have you upgraded to the latest edition of Dosbox?

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#5 brutus52



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Posted 25 September 2011 - 11:54 PM

Thanks for tip with latest ver. of Dosbox. :P
NO, i have v 0.73
After downloading ver 0.74 i see, that this  version is improved and much better as 0.73 and DOS games performance in "fullscreen" mode is very good.

But TFTD is not in full "fullscreen" mode./Alt+Enter is pressed/
I have Gpu scalling set to full panel size, but TfTD and some other games/not all/  have on top and bottom c.2cm margin.

Monitor is 16:10 and Dosbox displayed some games squised  with ratio 16:9.

Dosbox setting:
output=ddraw or surface

-all other is default

Without Dosbox is affected games diplayed in full "fullscren" /16:10/ mode correctly.
Its Dosbox bug?

But I mean, that my primary problem is with new version Dosbox solved - once more thanks :P

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Posted 22 May 2016 - 04:19 AM

I get the same problem, but limiting CPU cycles via dosbox (win7, shit as it is, I like it as much as I'd have liked to attend sunday school with jimmy savile if im honest)

Problem seems to be the system is just too fast even with the CPU limited to the point the game interstitial screens load slowly the scroll speed still runs quicker than the fists of a meth-twacked mantis shrimp. (4 gig processor, 16 of RAM.) Tried the trigger scroll  but to no use because I'm using a laptop, and one with a psychotic,  unstable basketcase of a  mouse pad..

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