The Staff

StrategyCore is brought to you by the hard work of the staff that maintain it.

The site is impartial and we receive no payment from game developers. In fact we don't get paid at all and, contrary to popular belief, reviewing "free" copies of games is hard work - honestly, if we wanted to just play them it would be far less hassle to simply buy them and not spend hours poring over them and making notes.

The running of the site is paid for by staff members' free time and dedication. Hosting is paid for by various staff members who are committed to ensuring that the site stays online and ad-free.


Two software packages form the backbone of the site.


A relative newcomer to the world of Content Management Systems, ProcessWire literally is the Holy Grail of site management. I've used most systems out there and this is the first to completely remove all barriers and allow me to do everything I want to - it even has the added bonus of making site development quick and fun rather than a chore. Best of all though, it's free!

If you have any interest in building your own website and fancy learning a bit of PHP programming whilst you're at it then please do check it out - I can't recommend it highly enough.

Invision Power Board

The forum software we use - Invision Power Board - has powered discussion on this site since it was launched as over a decade ago. It's proven robust and scaleable whilst evolving with relevant features over time. Whilst it's not free, I can't imagine using anything else nowadays.


The site is hosted by Storm on Demand - a fancy service provided by hosting provider Liquid Web. I've used over a dozen hosting providers over the years and these guys are the first I've found at a reasonable price that offer pro-active support. It's no fun waking up in the morning to find the website has been offline for 8 hours and having to prompt a web host to do something about it, so it's nice to finally be with a company that will fix the issue within minutes, provide you an update and let you know what they're doing to ensure any similar issues don't crop up again all before you wake up the next day.

Service like this should cost a lot, but these guys manage to do it for a bargain, relatively speaking (you get what you pay for).

The Community

I can't sign off without thanking the community - you guys (and gals) are the best!

Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with and chatting to some great people and with strategy games going from strength to strength I hope to see this continue well into the future.

Without the community that has evolved with the site we wouldn't still be here, so thanks for your contributions.

Written by Pete - 12 August 2012