Out of the Shade

by on 10th Aug 2012

AI War: Ancient Shadows has stepped into the limelight. This latest expansion to Arcen Games' real-time strategy game AI War: Fleet Command is now in public beta and pre-orders are available with a nice discount of 20% off.

What does it bring to the table?

Champions! These modular behemoths can be upgraded, gain EXP, and lend powerful aid to your main forces. But champions possess a unique power that sets them even further apart from other units: they can explore entirely new parts of the galaxy where the AI cannot reach. Splinter factions of humans, zenith, neinzul, and spire all dwell in those backwater nebulae. Some are hiding. Some are plotting. Some have gone totally insane. It is there, in the shadows, that your champion can find relics from the ancient race which constructed it. What power awaits? At what cost?

Expect to find also new AI types, new map types, 9 new bonus ship classes and much more.

There have been several recent updates and testing is now fully underway as a trial demo is available to encourage player feedback.

For detailed info, feature lists and soundtrack preview visit the official site.