New Shades Of Old

by on 19th Oct 2012

Ancient Shadows come to AI War. This fourth expansion is about to come to light today, adding with its release some more heft to Arcen Games' already meaty real-time strategy game, while simultaneously bringing things to version 6.0.

It is there, in the shadows, that your champion can find relics from the ancient race which constructed it. What power awaits? At what cost?

New ship classes, more alien races, massive capital ships and more are all part of it:

• Several new sub-races dwelling in the backwater parts of the galaxy for your champions to interact with.
• Modular fortresses.
• 9 new bonus ship classes.
• 3 core AI guard posts and one new minor faction.
• 2 new AI types.
• 2 new map types.
• 98 minutes of awesome new music by Pablo Vega

All the places where the expansion can be purchased shall be listed over yonder soon. For now only the direct purchase option is active.


AI War: Ancient Shadows Video