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    • Heavy Cruiser Part 1 This mission takes place on a military base map. We spread out as usual to cover as much of the landing zone as possible. On the first alien turn a new alien (called a "Caretaker") appears above a rooftop lift (look for the two blue squares at the bottom, the alien is a round thing right above). Kret starts reaction firing with the first bullet doing 20 damage and the second being absorbed: His last bullet was also absorbed. The Caretaker fired back with it's integrated heavy photon beamer with the first blast being absorbed and the second injuring Kret for 3. When it's our turn again, Mouse will shoot at it (be aware the map is rotated now): Now, Mouse had el-cheapo bullets loaded into his rifle as they are more accurate, but they are also less powerful. He ended up taking two auto shots: everything from the first was absorbed. On the second auto shot the first bullet was absorbed, the second did 9 damage while the last did 30 and killed the thing: There's another alien present yet which is a poisonous Rider down below. Nobody can shoot at it, but Sorby can toss a normal grenade near it: It does 11 damage and also destroys some trees and furniture too: It reaction fired back but missed and the shot hit the side of the transport instead. Sorby will smarty retreat: Kret also throws a normal grenade near the pRider which damages it for 6 and destroys more stuff: That's all we can do this round so we have to let it be. During the alien's turn, another Caretaker appears and is met with reaction fire from Gimli and his photon beamer. The first blast hits for a decent 28 damage and it looks like the next is going to be a hit as well: That damages it for an additional 23. He unfortunately missed the last time. No worries though, Accounting Troll picks up where Gimli left off with his first bullet hitting for a paltry 4 damage, but his second shot will also be a hit: This bullet did 13 damage which killed it. Another Caretaker appeared near to where the first one was and it shot it's heavy photon beamer type of weapon at a group of soldiers. Full Auto and Gimli shrugged it off, but Mouse was hurt for 9 damage. When it's finally our turn again, Mr Reliable (aka NKF) will shoot at it: The first bullet connects and damages it for 29. The thing manages to reaction fire back: My heart sinks. But NKF shrugs off the damage, keeps on shooting and hits for 45 which kills it: There are two aliens visible, one is a pRider on the ground (I'm assuming it was grenaded by us earlier). The other is another Caretaker which Mouse will shoot at with his crappy ammo: With his first auto shot he damaged it twice for a total of 42. On his next, the first bullet connected for 20 which killed it: Nook then throws a normal grenade at the pRider which does 9 damage and kills it: Three turns later and we spot another pRider on a balcony above us during the alien's turn: When it's our turn, Gimli is going to try shooting at the "pipe" surrounding the balcony with heavy photon beamer ammo hoping it'll create a hole we can shoot through: The shot misses and hits high on the building: It obviously does no damage, but it's a nice explosion: Then we realize that NKF actually has a legit shot on the thing. His first bullet only hits for 1 damage, but the second is also going to be a hit too: That didn't do much better and only damaged it for 2. But NKF redeems himself when the last bullet does 50 and kills it: Join me next time for part two where it's lots more pRider action. Then TV gets into Alien Cannon eradication duty while NKF tries to roast a Caretaker with an inferno grenade. Edit: just reached #2 on the Steam leaderboards for UFOs shot down at 6342! I probably could have got that done last night but I was too tired. Lots of alien activity lately and fairly frequent swarms too. Still sitting at 29+ UFOs to shoot down each day to get to #1 by the end of the year. With summer coming, hopefully I'll get the time to make progress to lower that number even more. As an aside, I may just start playing the game again a little as I'd like to get more advanced ship parts to outfit my Thunderstorms. That would really help with shooting down UFOs too as you wouldn't have to babysit the stock interceptors during prolonged firefights with massive patrol vessels or Battle Cruisers. Actually, I think I could make a fair argument that the massive patrol vessel is much more dangerous than the Battle Cruiser, but we'll get into that at another time. - Zombie
    • :: Video - Blade Runner | Video game adaptations done right // Obsessing Again YouTube channel
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