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Why is Europe still the ugly step sister when it comes to release dates?

Be thankful you weren't over here in the SNES era.


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Posted silencer_pl on 05 June 2012 - 06:13 AM

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/the sound of a massive can of worms exploding

DLC is a contentious issue.  I'm skipping discussing cosmetic DLC here for obvious reasons.

I always have difficulty justifying the purchase.  Say you buy a game for £20 or £30, and the DLC is £5 each.  Pretty soon, you've spent twice as much on DLC as on the game, and there's something fundamentally wrong there.  I have yet to see any kind of DLC where the cost scales accurately to the content (I'm not talking about hours of playing time, there's plenty of DLC that is more than justifiable in that case).  You pay £30 for a game, that's the soundtrack, the physics, the graphics, the engine, etc.  You pay for DLC that is often 'remixed' content.  Nothing actually new, it's enemy types/terrain and everything else you've seen before, just in a different order.

So basically, it's a rip-off.

However.  When I buy DLC, it's because I want more of that game.  If you offer me DLC for certain games, as long as the price is somewhat reasonable, I'll jump at it, because it's more of something I know I'll love.  It makes sense.  You're supporting a game and a developer by doing so, and it's a game you like and a developer that makes games you like.  Whether DLC's a bad thing or not itself is a different issue.  I don't think it is, but I think that pretty much everyone has their DLC priced too highly.

Is the PC DLC worth it?  Absolutely.  It's now over 100 scenarios, which is enough to keep any gamer happy for a big chunk of time.

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He mentions playing the original and how creepy it was despite the graphical limitations of the time, and says he wants to maintain the feel/mood/tension with the whole sense of discovery and conflict combined.  Art direction plays with stereotypes, uses cliches, the Sectoid as the grey/vice versa etc, the X-Com troopers styled as action figures, the game as a whole should be something slightly different from what is normally available.

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Americans.  They Shoot Hamsters, Don't They?

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Posted Pete on 24 April 2012 - 08:03 PM

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I must admit disappointment that Panzers in the Fog is not a sequel to Gorillas in the Mist.

I nearly wet myself.

And hi Owen - oddly enough I was browsing around Pocket Tactics whilst you were posting this Posted Image

I'm definitely going to invest in an Android tablet at some point if BA is to be released on that platform. There's something apart from money preventing me from getting an iPad (mostly money but also a little disgust at myself that I would then own the phone and the tablet from Apple whereas I really want something Android).

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Like how Battle Academy was not a Police Academy sequel?  Disappointment on a digital plate.