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In Topic: Invasion Postponed Until 2012

13 March 2021 - 08:32 PM

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They sure are optimistic in ever releasing this game.

In Topic: Challenge: TFTD, the Hard Way

27 February 2021 - 01:39 PM

Question about 5. I assume destroy all known alien colonies? So if you go to T'Leth but there are colonies that you don't know about is it fine?
Could you provide the edited purchase.dat?

In Topic: The Longest Rebellion 2

26 February 2021 - 06:44 AM

Just do as massive damage as you can. The Vahlen monsters are broken mechanic.

In Topic: The Longest Rebellion 2

24 February 2021 - 12:20 PM

Both, but moslty stealth. I think from blade I only take bladestorm and reaper.

In Topic: The Longest Rebellion 2

22 February 2021 - 11:02 PM

Vs MECs gunners with Bluescreen rounds or emp grenades. With luck they will go disabled, alternatively it will help support for hack. I'm not sure we are talking LW2 specifically, but Mutons you can lock down in LW2 with Shinobi/gunner with combatives - though it's not foolproof plan, but it should work 90% of time. Otherwise in standard campaign - anything that reduces their aim - flashabng, poison rounds, suppression.