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In Topic: Challenge: TFTD, the Hard Way

28 February 2021 - 07:43 AM

View Postsilencer_pl, on 27 February 2021 - 01:39 PM, said:

Question about 5. I assume destroy all known alien colonies? So if you go to T'Leth but there are colonies that you don't know about is it fine?

I mean, technically yes, but it's an unlikely situation. It's usually pretty obvious when a colony gets built (flotilla of four or five subs including a Dreadnought or two, plus often a country leaving), the Alien Activity graphs are a dead giveaway (as are the supply runs, if you have a Transmission Resolver), and they're numbered in order of construction so if you miss a couple early on you'll know about it when you find later ones.

I'd say that if you know there's a colony there, you're supposed to find it. But honestly this is the least important of the challenges anyway.


Could you provide the edited purchase.dat?

Attached to the OP, with instructions.

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20 February 2021 - 12:55 AM

View Postslickrcbd, on 19 February 2021 - 11:58 PM, said:

Personally, I'd rather some steamed Lobsterman. Goes great with butter.
Oh wait, wrong X-com game.
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While Lobster Men aren't entirely robotic, they have a lot of synthetic components. Eating them might not be the best of ideas.

In Topic: Dimension Gate Generator help (final mission)

25 October 2020 - 04:49 AM

View PostNKF, on 23 October 2020 - 03:57 AM, said:

highly inaccurate dual Devastator Cannons

Funnily enough, at high Accuracy they're actually not very inaccurate at all. The penalty for autofire and for dual-wielding two-handed weapons both only apply to the inaccuracy term from agent inaccuracy, which becomes negligible past Accuracy of 90 or so - at that point, all that matters is the inaccuracy of the weapon itself, and Devastators are more accurate than anything else except the Laser Sniper Gun.

View PostNilex, on 23 October 2020 - 10:59 AM, said:

I just grind it out and got lucky. Read about the Toxin C before making this topic but situation didn't get desperate enough to switch from Devastators. And from quick glance I don't remember even having it available, only B.

Toxin C is a pain to get, yes. However, my table says that even B is 3-4x the firepower of the Devastator (and that's not including the fact that it ignores shields). C is more like 5-6x.

The Toxigun is horrifyingly lethal.

In Topic: Dimension Gate Generator help (final mission)

22 October 2020 - 01:43 AM

To clarify on the armour issue - Disruptor Armour has a 40% resistance to explosive damage. 6 direct hits from Dimension Missiles is 12 instances of damage (missiles do damage on impact and then again on explosion), so that's 2 hits to each body part and 3 to 2 parts. Let's be pessimistic and say they're to the arms.

The helmet and chest plate are armour rating 75. 66 damage after resistance does no bleedthrough and 2 points of armour damage per hit. No health damage after just 2 hits.

The arms and legs are armour rating 65. 66 damage after resistance does 1 bleedthrough and 3 points of armour damage, the second hit does 4 bleedthrough and another 3 armour damage, and the third does 7 bleedthrough and another 3 armour damage. Adding up 3 hits to each arm and two to the legs gives 29 total health damage; bruised, but no critical wounds and still definitely kicking.

On the other hand, the Marsec chest plate is rating 35 and only has a 20% resistance to explosives. 88 damage after resistance does 53 bleedthrough and 7 armour damage; a single hit to the chest is a serious health hit and two is death.

(It's a little more complicated than this, as there's a damage roll for the impact damage. But you get the point.)

In Topic: Dimension Gate Generator help (final mission)

22 October 2020 - 01:06 AM

View PostNilex, on 18 October 2020 - 05:20 PM, said:

I basically stopped playing in 1998 just after entering Alien dimension. Returned in 2005 and made short work of the Aliens, until I quit again because the final mission was a bit too much to handle. So today at my third attempt (with same saves I've been carrying this whole time) all my wisdom accumulated of the years still proves insufficient to beat the last building.

There is a catch though, I probably could beat it - I just don't want ANY injuries... Unacceptable.

My soldiers (20) all have Disruptor Armor with Marsec torso (flying), Devastators, Cloak and 2x Shield. Four guys have Dimension Missile Launcher instead Devastator. Total cookie cutter, no brain cells required, killer squad - until this last mission. The problem is on the open fields Aliens eventually just spam Dimension Missiles beyond visual range (despite cloak) and I can go F myself. Getting mind controlled don't help either. Feel totally powerless. Turn based is even worse. Game is beaten in every other way, money is non-issue, everything is researched, etc.

Is there a way to cheese through this? Specialized gear perhaps? Go wild, Thanks.
Using all Disruptor Armour (rather than the Marsec chest piece) significantly improves survivability vs. Dimension Missiles. With all Disruptor Armour, you can shrug off half a dozen direct hits (they'll still take out shields, though, so an Entropy Pod is bad news).

Toxin B and especially Toxin C are far more potent than Devastators due to both simple firepower (one-handed gun, and fires 5x as fast as the Devastator) and the fact that they go through shields. Skeletoids usually get one-shotted by Toxin C. This matters even for stopping their BVR fire, because the AI doesn't cheat; they need a spotter just like you do.

The other trick to that mission is simply to speedrun it. The objectives are right in front of you and you only have to blow up half of them; you can win the mission within a minute if you put your mind to it.

I've beaten that mission via killing all aliens with toxins, and without toxins I've speedrun it (that was harder). I was using larger squads, though (24 or 28).

Also, yes, getting hit reveals cloaked units. This applies to you and to aliens.

EDIT: Toxins also make Psimorphs cry, because they bypass your shields without damaging them and then bounce off your armour (all X-COM armour has a 70% resistance to toxins).