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Strategy Reboots

12 April 2021 - 06:45 AM

Strategy games are a great way to pass the time and make you think about your next move. It could be real time, or turn based. What games do you feel should be rebooted?

I'll put my two cents in and say,

Jagged Alliance and Heroes of Might and Magic.

I'd also add Master of Orion to that list. All 3 of these games have been given a second and in some cases a third chance. Yet failed.

The X-Com/XCOM series did fair, but there is so many of our faves that go unmentioned.

So what say you? What Real Time or Turn Based Strategy games/series should be rebooted?


Command & Conquer Redux

12 June 2020 - 07:07 AM

Welcome back Commander!

   I've said in previous posts that it was X-COM and C&C that originally got me into the PC gaming. My love of video games started well before then, but it wasn't until these legendary franchises caught my attention when I was 13 and noticed C&C and X-COM next to each other at a Target store back in '96 to decide....no I wan't both of them.

   Currently I have over 24 hours dedicated on Steam for this remaster. Which pales in comparison to the literal thousands of hours invested in the series before Steam existed. You know? When expansion packs weren't called "DLC". So let's cut into the meat of the subject, shall we?

  The soundtrack is brilliant! Hats off to Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons for a well polished remastering of songs we enjoyed in the 90's.
With several variations of older tracks, remastered implementations of many favorites such as; Act on Instinct, No Mercy, Hell March etc. Along one to choose their very own custom playlist is a not only an achievement on Steam but a great way to rock on with tunes of your choice. Industrial and Techno were all the rage back then, Klepacki clearly embraced that and made into gaming history.

   Lemon Sky Studios once again did a fairly decent job at reworking the graphics. Nothing to Jeer or Cheer about.

I must admonish them for including WWE 2K20 as a right to passage on their website... That game was abysmal. Regardless...

I'll show screen shots in my next post, but I wanted to point out that this remaster is far from perfect. Stick around for more.....