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16 April 2021 - 05:21 AM

Send me the details Hobbes, I'll pay for it.


In Topic: Strategy Reboots

14 April 2021 - 06:12 AM

Mentat's  Live On Forever!

In Topic: Strategy Reboots

14 April 2021 - 05:59 AM


Very descriptive. You certainty know your.....favorite series? Of all time?


The Outsider by HP Lovecraft was my favorite shorty story. How do you fair between UFO Defense/ Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse? Rank them if you will with your thoughts please.

@Space Voyager

Can you mind control a Zombie?

I think this thread is a great way to discuss games that need a new lease on life.


In Topic: Strategy Reboots

13 April 2021 - 03:25 AM

Hey that's a good franchise, have you ever read any of the novels? The 50's to the 90's IMO whether they were books or movies were some of the best Sci-fi.
I'm not sure who has the IP rights for the franchise. A quick Google search says Legendary Films did but unsure who owns the rights currently.

I would like to add that the games Incubation and the Nintendo series of Advanced Wars would be a fitting reboot.

Am I the only person at StrategyCore that enjoyed Incubation?

Don't be a stranger folks, engage in the conversation. I bet there are some of you out there that can add some input.

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12 April 2021 - 06:29 AM

Clearly it's Jman's fault!