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In Topic: What is your favorite Hero type?

04 June 2021 - 08:40 PM

After 12 years, my answer has been finally locked in.

My favorite 'hero' class is definitely the grenadier, for a few reasons:
#1: Grenades are useless if not thrown by a grenadier.
#2: Grenades are extremely powerful, providing burst damage no other class can provide - if against a group of enemies.
#3: They usually end up with a good amount of shooting and burst skill, making soldiers obsolete.
(#4: They are the best drivers for PKs, if you are into those)
#5: Olli Heikkinen is a grenadier.

In Topic: couple newbie questions

18 July 2020 - 10:10 PM

1. Do I have unlimited reloads or is there a limit?

The ammo of main weapons and pistols are infinite. Always reload when you can.

2. If say three mutons are bunched up, can I have my heavy shoot them with a rocket, then have the rest of the squad gun them down and still get all the fragments, or does just wounding them with explosives destroy things?

You lose the fragments if the last HP is removed with explosives. And you really can't use too much explosives, especially during early game, when surviving > Items.

EDIT: 3. I just had my first Exalt mission. Is there any advantage to Exalt weapons over standard weapons? The on-screen stats are identical. I had just manged to research laser pistols right before the mission as I went for laser canons for my craft and skeleton armor first.

No difference. EXALT doesn't get scatter guns though.

4. Finally, has anybody modded Zhang's intro mission so that he keeps his pistol? I haven't been able to find such a mod. I always thought it was stupid that he tossed the pistol away. Even if it was out of ammo and used a different type of round than what X-COM uses, they could have given him one of their sidearms (which could be an interesting take, but probably not possible. Pick an assault/support/sniper to give their sidearm to Zhang)

X for doubt.