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Battlefront 2

19 March 2021 - 07:29 AM

Been playing this game for several months now, great fun.

For a newb it is a frustrating ordeal though. Takes quite a while until you can compete on a somewhat even level as you upgrade the stats of the classes, reinforcements and heros. Hard to really master any of them, no way to be really good with them all unless you've played for ages and intentionally studied them.

I'm in no way master of the game but good enough for the game to be really enjoyable. There is something deeply satisfying in carving a clone a new one with a Commando Droid's vibrosword. This one can surprise a jedi, too.

What I find somewhat confusing is the change of an army from one game to another. A moment sooner you're a murderous robot, looking for anything organic to kill (it takes time to get to know Bossk and remember he's with the droids, while it is much easier with the Sith), and a moment later you're trying to remove the bolts from anything with an AI.

Any other Battlefront 2 players around here?

Jedi: Fallen Order mini review

11 December 2020 - 07:43 AM

Just playing Jedi:FO. A good game, nice story, I'm nearing the end. Erazem loves watching me play and taking over for low level opponents (troopers).

I don't really love the design of the "unlocks", you and your droid getting additional abilities, unlocking new areas in previous locations. So all in all you have a very limited number of "planets" but you are more or less forced to go back to each one several times, spending most time going through same locations, fighting same foes. Like, SAME ones. There are shortcuts available to open, which is good, but won't really let you skip everything but new content.

Also, some locations are pretty complicated to navigate. Not to play though but searching for those corridors to get (back) to a specific location can be a pain and you end up taking the long way, saying hello to troopers you killed several times already. Usually I just run past them if possible.

Not being able to pick up a weapon? REALLY?! Not even when you lose your sabre?! This is a huge step back from most Jedi games of old. Melee combat system is IMO much weaker than in Jedi Academy, too.

Wall running is ok, once you get over the sad reality that walls you can use it on are clearly marked. Much, much worse implementation than in Titanfall 2 - which you MUST BUY AND PLAY, NNNOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!, disregard any need for a bargain (did I really just write that?!), one of the best shooters ever made.

Oh, hidden walls all over. Seriously, this is a really bad aspect. Becomes painfully obvious once you can jump higher - but can't get over much.

The story is good though, also canon. I'd be happier if some "sorcery" seen in the game was described as use of Force though. Perhaps it will be towards the end of the game, will tell.

All in all, worth a buy when 50+% off. Posted Image

Allegedly no. 2 is in the works, a good news for SP games in general.