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Posted 29 August 2006 - 12:22 PM

I was asked to post here by "The Veteran", in regard to X-Com art :)
anyway here's the previous items I did in that, also a link to the 2nd Ed D&D XCOM stuff I made.




#2 The Veteran

The Veteran


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Posted 30 August 2006 - 02:36 PM

Hey blade its nice to have you on side, thanks for giving the project some of your time! Once again, awesome pictures like the minigun very much!!

Now you're going to have to let us know what you like to do most as clearly you're perfectly capable of doing most things by the looks of it! Are the pictures you've made using any base models at all or is it your work? I only ask so we don't get screwed further down the line for stealing other peoples models!!!!

Looks like you're happy enough with weapons to me though, I have a list of human weaponry that needs rendering if you want to do them or we also need a lot of furniture for the actual battlescape as well as some half decent textures if you have any idea where to find them...

There are all sorts of things I can give you to do so just let me know what you fancy! Also throw me an email address if you would be so kind! That way we can maybe keep in touch a little better for stuff that shouldn't be seen on here :)

Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Welcome back to the wonderful world of Fan-fiction! (it's short for fantastic!)
Go check em out, UFO TFTD and Apocalypse all under one roof!!!

Also why not check out XCom : Colonisation over in the special projects forum. Won't kill you if you do, might kill you if you don't!

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Posted 30 August 2006 - 09:58 PM

*bows* :)

Ok I use Poser stuff, they are bought items, perfectly legit, perfectly legal to use 3d renderings made from then, not the actual models, k? So any images I make for you would be legit.

textures I know tons of texture sites but most are not for commercial use, ie ok for renders, not for inclusion in 3d molees to whit, games. :/
Dosche Design is a great sorurce of high grade commerical texxtures but no idea if that's too high spec for you.

I have lots of contemporary weapons as 3d models for Poser so I cna render varied weapons I also have 3 different suits of "sci-fi" armour posisble suitbale for rendering as different XCOM amrour.

some spamming sucmbag's been using it for junk mail, sigh par for the course.


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