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City 2 Mod for UFO


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I've done a little mod for the original game that requires XComUtil to work. It basically adds to the original 9 buildings of City 3 versions for each, each facing a different direction (so each building has 4 perspectives: N, S, E and W).


Instructions to install it and use it can be found on the readme.txt inside its zipped file.


And here's a couple of pictures of it to show how it looks.


post-1-1150035465_thumb.png post-1-1150035472_thumb.png

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Man... How many new tiles did you have to draw to pull that off?  :D


None, I only used the original tiles. The basic architecture of the buildings (dimensions and internal disposition) follows the one of the original version, but I had to make some adaptations concerning stairs and furniture. I thought of drawing new tiles but there wasn't space because of the tile limit.

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