Enhancing The Soldier Experience/customization

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 02:00 PM

I was thinking of ways to improve the experience/level system. I always thought that the programmers didn't make it as good as it deserves. So this is what I've come up.
First of all, There is another rank in Stats: Superhuman. Soldiers are not able to reach a stat in Super-Heroic or Superhuman normally, they must use cybernetic implants.
Now, each time a soldier levels, he gains his normal point, but that point does not provide the usual increases. Rather, the soldier must choose a training course in order to use that level.  Thus a soldier may train ONLY after he's gotten a level and only once per level gained BUT he can take the same training course over many levels (Becoming a great sniper or medic) and this is actually a prequisite for the Advanced and Elite Trainings.
There are three types of Training: Basic, Advanced and Elite.
-Basic Training is easy and quick. It just focuses the soldier's recent experience in practical stuff. Basic Training takes only 6 hours and doesn't have high prequisites.
-Advanced Training is a bit harder, forcing the soldier through rigorous exercises and demanding a very good knowledge of his subject. Advanced training takes 12 hours and has Basic Training level prequisites and need some good stats.
-Elite Training is only for the best of the best. Few Soldiers ever achieve the mental and physical state required to take even one course and fewer even understand them. Elite Training takes one full day and has high Stat and Advanced Training prequisites.

As you can see below, Each Training is followed by it's prequisites, and then by the bonuses it gives. Obviouly the pluses don't take you from say "Poor" to "Average" but rather give you, a small tick in that line you see when you go up a level.

The Cybernetics Implants are a small exception. They don't have any prequisites but they have two limitations
a) You need to manufacture an implant before it is used by a soldier
B) "Training" for an implant takes many days (For the soldier to recover from the surgery and get used to his new powers)
Also, Cybernetics must be researched before they can be used and there may be a research that improves the cybernetics with Alien Technology.

Training Programs

Basic Training
- Soldier (Avg Dex/Avg Ag/Avg St): Rifles +1, Handguns +1, Hit Points +1, Dodge +1,
- Scout (Avg Per/Avg Ag/Avg Int): Stealth +1, Observation +1, Hit Points +1, Speed +1,
- Scientist (Avg Will/Avg Int/Avg Dex): Aliens +1, Medical +1, Hit Points +1, Dodge +1,

Advanced Training
- Grenadier (Good St/Good Ag/Soldier 2): Stealth +1, Throwing +2, Speed +1
- Sniper (Good Dex/Good Per/Soldier 2/Scout 2): Markmanship +2, Observation +1, Aliens +1
- Grunt (V.Good St/Soldier 1): Launchers +2, Capacity +2
- Medic (Good Int/Good Will/Soldier 1/Scientist 2): Medical +2, Speed +1, Handguns +1
- Psionic (V.Good Will/Good Int/Scientist 4): Psi Power +2, Aliens +1, Dodge +1
- Ranger (Good Ag/Good Will/Scout 2/Scientist  1): Medical +1, Capacity +2, Rifles +1
- Urban Training (Good Int/Scout 4): While in Urban Terrain - Speed +4, Stealth +4, Observation +4, Dodge +4  - Can only be trained once.
- Biomass Training (Good Int/Scout 3/Scientist 1): Same as above but for biomass terrain

Elite Training
- Black Ops (Heroic Will/Ext Ag/v.Good Dex/V.Good Int/Psionic 4/ Soldier 4): Psi Power +2, Rifles +2, Capacity +1 - Psi Resistance +10%
- Marksman (Heroic Dex/Ext Will/Ext Per/Sniper 4/Ranger 3): Markmanship +2, Aliens +2, Speed +1 - All non marskman weapon ranges increased by 50% - While using a markmanship weapon, opponent's resistance is at -20%.
- Tough (Heroic St/Heroic Will/Grunt 6): Capacity +2, Hit Points +3 - All non-psi Resistances +5% (max 80%)

Cybernetic Implants

- Biomechanical Leg Muscles: Agility +1, Speed +1, Capacity +1 (4 Days Training)
- Biomechanical Arm Muscles: Strength +1, Throwing +1, Capacity +1 (4 Days Training)
- Cybernetic Eye: Dexterity +1, Observation +1, Markmanship +1 (4 Days Training)
- Biomechanical Heart: Hit Points +3, Speed +1 (3 Days Training)
- Nanotech Nerve Enhancement: Perception +1, Dodge +1, Handguns +1 (3 Days Training)
- Titanium Enhanced Skeleton: Capacity +2, Hit points +3 (6 Days Training)
- Nanotech Brain Stimulants: Willpower +1, Intelligence +1 (5 Days Training)
- Nanotech Pain Killers: Hit Points +2 (2 Days Training)

All these are just a sample, we could easily have dozens of these.
Well, what do y'all think? I think this game has just too much potential. Having cool R&D with customizable killing machines was always cool.
Even if Altar doesn't make it like this is the sequel, do you think we can make a mod for this? I certainly would like to try my hand on it.

St = Strength
Ag = Agility
Dex = Dexterity
Per = Perception
Int = Intelligence
Will = Willpower
Lvl = Level
Aw = Awful
Avg = Average
Ext = Excellent

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 03:05 PM

It look great !
But try at Mod section :angel:

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