The Russian Base (later story), how to do it?

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#41 blackblood



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Posted 20 October 2003 - 02:18 PM

It took me all Saturday night but i did it after many tries with 3 guys in combat armour and 4 guys in heavy armour.

for outside 2 Steyer Augs, 1 SLAW and 4 rotary grenade launchers.

Killed the guys waiting outside the wall then waited for a couple to come through the gate, each one i had all 4 rotary launchers give him 4 rounds each.

Then after a couple on minutes of none peeking out i took the wall down with grenade launchers right to left and giving each alien revealed 4 rounds from each of the launchers.

Inside i switched to 3 CAWS and 4 MP7 and had no trouble getting the files.

#42 quasarstrider



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Posted 20 October 2003 - 05:59 PM

It doesn't have anything to do with time like that. It is random. I have got it both ways.  Remember all those restarts I made :withstupid:? Some were of variant 1, others of variant 2.

I won this time at variant 2. However when I played on Easy using V1.1, I got variant 1 and won regardless. Why? Because the MP7 had increased range.

I think it is probably possible to win variant 1 if you have strong enough armor, lots of medikits and G11s. Steyr is too weak.

#43 Thygrrr



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Posted 22 October 2003 - 05:07 PM

I easily beat the Russian 'Stalingrad' mission on the first try by blowing a hole into the wall (about 10m to the left from where the gate is) with my grenadier babe.

The two snipers didn't do much damage, but the grenadier lady alone got four of the grays. The Area effect weapons seem to work best against them.

An important fact is that you really need to keep you guys A) spread out at least three metres apart, and B) moving away from enemy rocket launcher fire.

I only lost my point man in the whole battle (though it was a close call).

Later inside the base, make damn sure you don't make the same mistake like I did and decided 'to try the new warp pistols' ... CAWS shotguns and PDW submachineguns work much better.

On you way out, make damn sure you're going the same way, and also remember to have at least 1 guy with an area effect weapon (M79 grenade launcher is sweet) and 1 guy with a rifle (Aug or G36).

#44 alaric



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Posted 22 October 2003 - 06:55 PM

I'm doing this mission now, and I failed the 2 first tried, gonna try more later. what baffles me though is that I've not even seen the biomass, i think. I don't see anything unusual. I got a warning message long before the mission came up, but.. no biomass. Any of you had like that?

#45 Valleyofmegiddo



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Posted 23 October 2003 - 06:04 PM

When i first tryed this mission, this was the first time i ever saw those Alien rocket lanchers. I gave up... i was hopelessly out match... 7 guys with sun armor i was just using lasers and plasma. I endding abourting this mission, and hoping i good pick up some sky armor, to analize it weakness. I ended up taking on a battleship that had laned, and clearing the entire thing out. In close quarters i have control. I analzyed the armor, discovered it was weak against bullets. I outfitted 2 of my men with it, and then out fitted 3 guys with heavy armor, each carrying very heavy weapons, like the gattling gun, mobile rocket lancher, and warp dissapator. After that i had No problems with this mission, and never even pickup the computer. I just wiped all the aliens out.

#46 cezi



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Posted 28 October 2003 - 05:01 PM

(sry for my eng)
This is my story:

I played UFO 2 times 1st time i started in europe and when i had mision in stallingrad i i got a lots of good stuff:
2- guys with snipers (160 dmg)
4- guys with lasers rifles
1 - with rocket luncher

All of them had sun armour

I split my soldiers for 3 groups (1 snaip, 2 laser rifles), (1 naip, 2 laser rifles) (1 RL). The 1 with RL was full in right and he was shooting to the dors, 1st group was on street and trying to hit some of grays and running when rocket was on them second group was doing the same thing. Thats i shoot all of them.

When i get down the base i change guns from snipers to shotguns (this one with 900 dmg) and i split for 2 groups. first group was killing everything what they spotted and the second group went for PC.

Now im playing 1 more time and i started in USA and i conquerd all america fast and europe. I had a lots of research bases and in 13 february i had to go to stalingrad. My equipment was very weak, i havent got any shy r sun armory, my best armour was heavy.

2 soldiers with plasma rifle (500 dmg) (heavy armour)
1 soldier with snaiper (200 dmg) (light armour)
2 soldiers with laser rifle/shotgun (900) (heavy armour)
1 soldier with railgun (heavy armour)

Most of my soliers was on 12 lvl and one of them on 9

And i try to do some tactic but i cant run away from rockets but i figure it out that heavy armour is good against rocket and i just stayed in front of base and i was waiting for grays :> i shoot them all and went down. When i was in down of base it was very very easy becouse in short range plasma rifles killed all :>

#47 tyty03



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Posted 28 October 2003 - 06:02 PM

uh that sound very easy!! even if my 3 mens have heavy armors, if they go near the gate, they die by 2 or more rockets! I'd even split my team in 3 groups.  I still tried near everything :S but still no luck, this mission is DAMN TOO HARD!!!!! maybe it's because my players level about 10 is too low but I can never get more then 4 soldiers alive till the gate of base.
I tried sneak strategy too, go to very west with team then break a wall, it seems be luck but after go across the wallline KABOOOM 2 rockets!!
it's 5th day long I'm stuck with this mission :blink:

#48 dancer



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Posted 29 October 2003 - 04:56 AM

How I did it: 7 snipers. at mission start select each squaddie and give them a destination, in an arc. One end of the arc is at the road. One end is at the wall, left of the gate. Squaddies are positioned about the radius of a missile explosion apart. No crouching - you can't evade a missile fast enough if you have to get to your feet first. Try not to put anyone in a low place, or in direct line of sight of the yard beyond the gate.

Rude strangers show up during deployment. Expect that. Concentrate fire on one at a time. 7 snipers will take down an armoured reticulan before anyone needs to fire a second shot (usually). Loud rifle noises bring the little fellows out, through the gate in ones and twos. Not much of a threat after you're deployed.

When you think you've got them all, set the clock running and grab coffee. Another one or two might show. Then, redeploy on the road in three teams. Three snipers on the road. Two on each side, flanking. Move each team forward a few steps (run, don't walk - the noise attracts the bad guys, and you want that). If you get about halfway to the gate with no more aliens, send your fastest squaddie to the gate. If they see an alien, run away, out of sight. Use the runner to draw the enemy into your sniper ambush. Shouldn't be a big problem getting to the base entrance now.

Inside the base: Everyone stays put. Creep your fastest/stealthiest character to the objective, grab it and sneak back. There are some patrols but they are minor. A character with heroic speed can carry the briefcase and move faster than an alien (reticulans don't seem to be able to run. Speed is something that you have and they don't, and it doesn't take long to lose one in the corridors - though at the risk of attracting others). I certainly managed to sneak in and back out without actually ever seeing more than one alien, and he was looking the other way.

#49 Harkov



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Posted 01 November 2003 - 10:26 PM

I hadn't really expected such though opposition so I'd packed a 2 alien lasers, 1 shotgun, 1 sniper, 1 nade thrower and 2 submachine guns. Even worse, my I was going to use this mission to let some inexperienced soldiers get used to combat :blink:

Outside the base I'd set my weapons to aimed mode so I could keep my distance from those rocket aliens. Pausing the game every time a missile was launched so I could order my troops to run. I spread my troops all over the outer wall so I could not be attacked from the sides.

Inside the base I used one of my more experienced and stealthy units to sneak up on aliens from behind with his shotgun and 'nades. My two submachine gun troops followed him to give backup where needed and sometimes to spot aliens. The remaining four units just stayed put a few metres from the starting position. Unfortunately that group got jumped by two heavily armed aliens and only two remained conscious. I forgot to pack a med kit  :hmmm: so they had to protect the 2 unconscious soldiers.

After I'd cleaned out the base a bit with my strike team they where pretty banged up and I returned them to the other 4. I then used the 2 remaining soldiers to run to the archives, ignoring the few aliens that remained. After picking up the archives I evaded the aliens completely by taking the longest route along the side of the base through the narrow corridors, taking quite a risk but it paid off.

Half my team had to recover in sickbay but it wasn't bad for a first try ;)

#50 mindi



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Posted 03 November 2003 - 10:04 AM

:hmmm: The best is to wait untill your staff will be equipt with Alien Psi Projector and then go and do them. You need to be in any alien armor, do not use heavy. You need to be able to run in keys that they will use launcher. Take them let them to put all amunition down and leave on shot for the other alien. They are not able to take amunition (clips) from the ground and as stupid aliens browsing around. kill after you will take the last one.

#51 keida



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Posted 03 November 2003 - 06:19 PM

Hah! I beat you all!

I just called in a tactical strike...nuked the base and then just sent a guy in Bio armor to pick it up.

Beat that!

#52 Cpl. Facehugger

Cpl. Facehugger

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Posted 03 November 2003 - 11:03 PM

Really... Where did you get a nuke? And how did you get bioarmor at that stage of the game?
Both Chryssalids AND Lobstermen taste good with butter? What a great deal!

Project Xenocide

#53 Viperace



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Posted 08 November 2003 - 04:04 AM

mindi, on Nov 3 2003, 10:04 AM, said:

:hmmm: The best is to wait untill your staff will be equipt with Alien Psi Projector and then go and do them. You need to be in any alien armor, do not use heavy. You need to be able to run in keys that they will use launcher. Take them let them to put all amunition down and leave on shot for the other alien. They are not able to take amunition (clips) from the ground and as stupid aliens browsing around. kill after you will take the last one.
I thought nobody mention, luckily there were :blink:

"P S I - P R O J E C T O R"

ANY combination will do as long as u have 2-3 guys with Psi projector, mind control any rocket greys!

For those who don have this lovely equipment yet, go do more ufo missions first- base assault/base defend/ ufo landing/ufo down.... U will get some from the grey

U don have to rush this Russion or any "event triggering" mission, they will always be there. Why waste one whole weekend Reloading/saving this ONE mission  :dontgetit:
U can easily do more of other missions in the meantime acquiring more XP, equipment.

I play the game on normal, no problem at all... with Psi projector. Mind controlling jus rox, watch the grey blast themselves to pieces.

#54 StormLord



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Posted 11 November 2003 - 11:50 AM

My technique is not the best, but it worked.  (I never actually pack according to what I know is there, because I can never be certain what will be there, unless I go see and then reload the game, which is cheating.)
I used:

1 Sniper
1 Psi-Projector
1 Adv. Alien Laser Gun
1 Plasma Rifle
1 Medic with Adv. Alien Laser Pistol
1 Steyr Aug (All my Steyr Augs :blink: )

All with Enh. Light or Enh. Combat armour, as well as Psi Helmets.

Dodged the rockets until I could control one of the aliens, who I used to kill the rocket alien on the road.  This controlled alien was also a good distraction.

Then I healed everyone.

I prepared to go THROUGH the wall with the SLAW (this is actually stupid, but I like the idea).  One alien came out of the gate, I controlled him and used him for a scout+distraction.  Knowing where the aliens are I blasted open the wall, controlled the rocket alien, and he helped me blow everyone up.

When inside, I sneaked all the way around the side into the big room, and then my most stealthy guy sneaked to the briefcase and brought it back.  I did not see a single alien inside.

#55 Popinjay



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Posted 14 November 2003 - 01:27 PM

Actually, I found this battle was not too hard...
2x snipers
1x medic
1x grenadier (with the 45m ranged grenade launcher)
2x assault rifle

There was only one alien outside the base, who I waxed right off the bat, then I spread my men out and moved forward.  After lobbing a few grenades over the wall, I blew a section of it up.  (No-one had come out of the gate, and I was getting a bit bored.)

Out of nowhere:  5 aliens, two with rocket launchers apparently just waiting for me to do that.  Nbd, concentrate fire on the rocket-greys.  When they launched their missiles, anyone targetted ran for cover.  I think the secret with rockets is to spread out your targets without spreading out your firepower.  The aliens only got off 2 rockets apiece.  At the end of that part of the mission, everyone was injured ... the medic only just made it through alive.  Use up a few medpacks and head into the base proper.

#56 AceSteveC



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Posted 14 November 2003 - 05:43 PM

I got through this mission barely taking a scratch (a self applied scratch as it happened), so the following could be considered a SPOILER.

I feel I should help out here, as the advice given previously helped me past this seemingly impossible mission.

Having read the first 5 or so posts and realising that I was a long technological hurdle behind most players who'd done it, I decided that only sneaky would do.

I took two guys in my only two sets of Sun Armor.  I chose them for speed and throwing ability.  Dude A started with a Grenade launcher in hand, Dude B with a smoke grenade.

First move.  Smoked myself up and blew a hole in the wall.  Switched from launcher to smoke grenade.

From then on the guy in front would lay down smoke 5 paces ahead, the guy about 5 paces behind would run to the new smoke grenade.  Rinse and repeat all the way to the end of part 1.  I never even saw the enemy.

Part 2 - Switch to grenade launchers.  Run from corner to corner, blowing down doors (only those you have to open) from a distance.  When seeing the enemy, launch then hide, so long as both grenades land near that'll do it.  I avoided the main long corridor to the left of it.  I had to kill about 3 or 4 guys wearing the reddish armor.  I only scratched one of my guys because I met an alien at point blank range and the wall past it was just a bit too close.

#57 fire-fox



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Posted 16 November 2003 - 10:03 AM

hi, this question is probably not on topic but it is relivent to the russion mission. :blink:   a) wot level team do you usualy send to the russion mission and B) will the russion mission disaper if the biomass gets there bifor i do.

P.S. wots with the aliens that are packin cruse missel lornshers. :hmmm:

#58 Accounting Troll

Accounting Troll

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Posted 22 November 2003 - 04:09 PM

The Russian base mission never dissappears until you sucessfully complete it, regardless of biomass, and what level soldiers you send out depends on your tactics.

The game designers give you a hint has to how to do the Russian base mission.  The message that tells you there may be an intact base in the Rusian steppes tells you that a mission there should be "incorporated into your strategy", which is different to "go there right away and get massacred".

I waited until I had the more advanced technology that comes with the difficulty increase.  You can pick up Sky armour, psi projectors, Microslug accelerators and rocket launchers on your next alien base assault mission.  Alien base assault missions are easier because there are fewer aliens and they are spread over a wider map.

When you have Sky armour and Psi projectors, the Russian base mission becomes a walk in the park.

#59 Shortstop4313



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Posted 25 November 2003 - 03:49 AM

I did it with 2 Sniper Rifles (PSG-1 and a AWP), 2 strikers with flame grenades 1 with a RPG-7 and the rest with G-11 Assault Rifles.  1 Guy in Sun Armor, 2 in Heavy Armor, the rest in Improved Combat Armor.

My first try, we got spammed to death by the warp pistols.  But I reloaded the game and concentrated fire on the closest ones, then got spread out and had the snipers and strikers chew up the RL greys.

Then I put a hole in the wall, got everyone into position and killed them with small arms fire and Incendiaries grenades and striker shells as they came through.

Then once we got inside, we were back to fighting Laser Guns and Pistols... We were using the G-11s, while the Strikers switched to plasma guns they picked up outside and the RPG-7 person used a Scorp.  The outside was MUCH harder than the inside.

#60 Apoc868



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Posted 27 November 2003 - 04:07 PM

well to start off with I had everybody in enhanced C armor (I think)  and i had everyone run away from the road just to get away from the most of them and Id sit there and dodge rockets till thay ran out and let them wonder in to my sights and then have everybody blow the hell out of them. I just kept doing that till thay stoped coming. Then I used the super striker ( you could just use a gernade if you wanted to) and blow the the very end section of the base wall and go about  ________________________ that far from the opening and stand against the wall and let them start comeing through there and pick em off. ( The only bad part about the stand by the wall is if a rocket hit you but usually are able to pick them off before thay shoot anyway ) Im 2 for 0 with it. Im on easy though just to get the hang of the game.

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