The Russian Base (later story), how to do it?

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Posted 24 April 2006 - 06:39 PM

When fighting Reticulans with rocket launchers, only give a soldier heavy armour if you don't mind sacrificing him.  It is possible for your soldiers to dodge rockets, but not if they are wearing heavy armour because they sacrifice the ability to run.

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Posted 25 April 2006 - 04:11 PM

I always loaded my soldiers with everything but the kitchen sink. You're gonna need ammo. You can also try to pick up ammo from dead teammates or Rets.

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 08:58 AM

I know this topic is old, but it's also the reason I joined this forum.

I'd just like to say thanks for all your hints and tips on how to do this mission.

I think I hit it at a standard time. I had a few instances of sun armour, some advanced combat armour and general alien laser guns and decent assault rifles - nothing fancy.

I tried the mission several times - all of which failed, mainly because i was relying on laser and plasma technology.

In the end it took a russian with an MP7, a red-neck with a neostadt and 4 guys armed with RPGs to sort it out.

After clearing the 3 rets outside, I managed to manouvre to set a trap for any reticulans who came out. I was surprised, the neostadt acheived one hit kills against even those in sky armour.
The mp7 really minced them up at close range too, the amount of rounds it puts out makes it deceptively powerful.
There were some tense moments, and some nice bits of action going on. IT's a fun game which pushed me hard.

Once inside I was lucky enough to only meet one ret with my 2 runners. He had an advanced laser pistol, I had a neostadt and a mp7. He didn't last long.

I'm a hardcore X-Com fan. And I have to thank Altar for opening my gaming options up a bit.
Although I still love it, it did become a case of Heavy Plasma/Psi-amp/Blaster Bomb Launcher.
With this game, I think it's incredible how conventional earth technology still remains useful.

Thanks to all who've contributed.

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 05:20 PM

My way of handling this one is simple: L115+MP7/Neostead+Psi-Projector and 7x high level soldiers (w/full training list). One or two soldiers serves as spotters for psi-operators. When inside, switching the L's to MP's and shotguns.

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Posted 12 March 2015 - 04:15 PM

Hard difficulty.
Pretty early.
Combat armor.

7 man team:
- Four snipers (PSG and AI L115) also with CAWS in backpacks
- Two CAWS users with Smoke grenades. One of them is heroic in hit points and agility.
- One dedicated Medic mule (eight medkits, very slow)

On surface, engage enemy to your right and move there. Toss smoke grenades under own foot when seeing incoming Rocket launcher/Microslug user. Tossing grenades make path to him and finish him off with CAWS full auto.

Then spotter-sniper tactics. Snipers line up, spotter moves to gates. As soon as alien is detected, snipers are instructed to fire, spotter moves diagonally away. Snipers still continue to engage target.

Shotgun camper tactic.
5 people line up properly. Shotgun camper formation is following: first row to the wall is just one tile offset. Up to 3 people. Second row is two tiles offset, up to 3 people. The two tile offset is needed to prevent enemy seeing just one guy in the corner and engage him -- in worst situation, firing a rocket. Take CAWS out, or G11 in full auto/Neostead instead.

1 front guy with heroic agility and hitpoints plays a role of a bait. Once showing his face to alien, he runs back. He is also the one who WILL get hurt through the whole mission. This is however, forgiving - because rest of the team will not be.

-Take all your items from surface, as game will discard them. This is a bug even in 1.4.
- Do not chew through a clip. Reload when some ammo is still in clip. This way, clip will get *magically* refilled when at base.
- Combating Aliens with Alien weapons is not smart, as Alien armor is geared to best protect against Alien weapons. Use Hard weapons instead and try wearing Alien Armor. While Sun Armor indeed protects very good against Human (Ballistic weaponry) its still weak against Hard bullets and against Shotgun Valley. Five CAWS in Autofire from the corner issue over 2500+ damage at blink of an eye.

The result:
This is HARD difficulty!

Posted Image

As you see, with right tactics, this mission looks pathetic! Now TFTD on Superhuman on the other hand is really enjoyable...

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Posted 01 December 2017 - 05:04 AM

Hardest difficulty
Start: USA.
Period: Early. I spread out of USA with the goal of coming to contact with that Russian base as fast as possible so currently only got North America and Europe covered.
Equipment: Not producing anything yet. 2 AI L115, 1 super striker, 1 M79 launcher,

I hit the base with 5 experienced troopers and 2 fresh-off-training newbie. Not my best team as they are in hospital after a grueling base defense in Paris.
2 Excellent sniper with AI L115
1 Heroic and 2 Excellent Launcher with 3 RPG7, for highest number of rocket rounds. I used up 19 rounds. Looking back, I should have exchange one RPG7 with a SLAW
1 Excellent and 1 Very good Thrower with a Striker and a M79.The burst mode of the launcher is enough of a kick for alien armor.
I bring 9 medikits and it got used up 6 on the ground battle.

The heaviest opposition on the ground battle:
3 rocket launcher with 1 incendiary, 2 psi.
1 microslug accelerator
I havent count psi projector, plasma gun, or etc...

The left side of the map is relatively bigger, with one depression separate the lower corner and the big flat plain by the wall. I run them over there right on starting, intending to use the brick wall as separator between the inside base force and the outside.

Not a moment too soon because later on it turn out the right side of the map got three aliens which I defeat later. The left side only got 1 which get creamed with just sniper guns and a grenade barrage.

The left side depression mean the grenade launchers down there can not shoot over the edge, but the chasing aliens cant shoot them either. The trio get nearer to take pot shot at my sniper duo at the higher ground left corner, and thus getting hit by both RPG and grenade launchers.

It's a bit of luck to check which aliens fall to sniper guns and thus render the incoming RPG7 rounds useless but overkill rather than under-. I think half of the target unconcious due to sniper fire but If I not fire up the rpg, the rest may just stand and squeeze me like flies. "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OVERKILL".

Anyway. For the inside base force. I use the wall as a separator and let them come at me through the gate. Extreme overkill by RPG and grenades and sniper fire. Gradually the wall get destroyed, so I have to pull back the team  to the edge. During this time my RPG rounds get exhausted so I change them to hand grenade and lob them over the wall. The fastest guy act as spotter with the wall as shelter.

For the second part of the Assault: stay tune!

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Posted 02 December 2017 - 03:25 PM

Russian Base, 2nd phase, inside/underground of that facility

The previous battle leave me heavily depleted of ammo: 2 rounds of RPG7 left. About 10 rounds of super striker. Around 10 grenades. Plentiful of sniper bullets. I supplement the lacks with looted advanced laser gun, advanced plasma gun, AND proper tactics.

This time no running solo like the last mission base. We move as one team and concentrate fire in close quarter instead of medium to far range.

We hole up in a proper corner near the library. Enemy pop up around the corner get hit with full barrage. This tactic account of three quarters of the enemies.

The rest hole up in the library which can be quite tricky with a mix of rocket launchers and psi projector.

All in all, the rocket and advanced plasma gun can play merry hell on our tight formation.

Note to self: rocket launcher holders get speed slow down noticeably even with load <100%.
Note about base: A medical Excellent or Heroic is necessary in order to heal enough for both battle but not loaded down with kits that make possible avoiding RL in-your-face at the beginning. 9kits are nearly not enough.

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