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Let's Play UFO2:Extraterrestrials


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Hey, we asked for the aggression level increase to "Hurt me plenty", but they still didn't really deliver in the intimidation factor, right, Loonie?

You know what that means - another episode of... Payback time!

And it's a wrap. On the way out Kret was straight out laughing at the sight of a puzzled, rambling TV, who seemed a bit aggravated how one such as he, a clearly superior war machine, might ever be confused for the likes of Kret. Bah, aliens, what do they know!

None such nonsense fazed the three elements of the squad rising through the ranks. Captain NKF in particular, was quite content to just amicably arm-wrestle his way through all challengers at the table, making a nifty sum in the process.

We'll need our full strength up alright; what with so much hostile activity around the globe demanding our attention.

Progress made in placing improved infrastructure where it needs to be affords us some greater leeway by now and, so, to allow the excess liquor to settle a little without unnecessary risk we start easy and close, going on a light cruiser romp. Saddle up!

Private log: Ever the overachiever, Commander Z. Such sheer drive is undoubtedly the reason we, here on Earth, can more confidently aspire, not just to survive, but to reach ultimate victory!

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Light Cruiser Part 1

We land and it's the same type of map as the last mission... how original. On our second turn we spot a Mega above us. FullAuto has a shot at the thing, but he's pretty far away so his auto shot accuracy sucks with that photon beamer. I guess it's snap shots then:


The blast is on the way and it looks like it'll be a hit:


It's a non-critical hit which deals 52 damage and kills it:


Someone's been practicing with that photon beamer between missions. Unreal. During the alien's turn we notice a Mega and a pGehe milling around kinda in the same general area:


And seconds later another identical grouping shows up to the west of us. The Mega shoots it's chem weapon at someone:


It missed and hit some trees. When it's our turn, Kret will take a snap shot at the pGehe to the north of us with U238 ammo:


It hits for 33 damage but doesn't kill it. The pGehe then fires back with it's chem weapon knowing full well that it's out of range:


NKF will now take a snap shot at it with U238 ammo:


His first three bullets really didn't do much damage but his last did 60 which finally killed it. DragonHawk will now take an auto shot at the Mega with, you guessed it, U238 ammo:


His first two bullets hit for 29 & 43 which kills it. The last would have been a hit too:


Two down, two to go. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I had the engineers manufacture a whole slug of U238 ammo so that everyone has at least one clip now. Anyway, DragonHawk still has plenty of APs left so he'll take an auto shot at the other pGehe next:


The first two bullets hit for 7 & 61 damage which kills it. He still has plenty of APs left so he'll shoot at the Mega too:


The first bullet hits for 59 and kills it:


That's some impressive shooting and damage. DragonHawk is a one man killing machine! A couple turns later and there's another pGehe to the west of us. Let's see how Knan handles shooting it:


The first bullet hits for a non-critical massive 89 damage and kills it:


Wow, just, wow. During the alien's next turn, there's more pGehe movement. DragonHawk breaks the silence with an auto shot:


The first bullet hits for 47 and kills it:


During the next alien turn, a Mega tries to sneak up on The Veteran:


It comes right up to him too, but doesn't do anything. TV doesn't have a weapon to shoot back with so we'll just move him away, shall we:


Not too far, just right around the corner. He's got backup in the name of Mouse Nightshirt who walks right up to it for an auto shot in the back:


The first bullet hits for another massive 75 damage:


Yup, this U238 stuff is where it's at folks. Join me for part two next time where we'll mop up the last few Megas and earn a couple more promotions. Then we tangle with a battlecruiser, look at research and clean up the crashed UFO backlog so we can focus on just one. :)

Edit: Just reached 7008 UFOs shot down today. That took me way longer than I wanted (my hope was, and is, to shoot down around 1000 UFOs in a month if possible (which is approximately 33.3/day). That would put me comfortably at #1 before Dec 31. Maybe I'll have some time to crank out some more tomorrow.

Oh, and happy belated World UFO Day which was yesterday (July 2).:grey:


- Zombie

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One can't fault FullAuto for the showmanship upon arrival. Humbling the vile invaders is in his very nature.

The enemy literally spews poison at us, so they deserve no less than lethal response with discharges of our own new projectile medicine.

Not ones to sit on the sidelines, DragonHawk, Mouse Nightshirt and even Knan, all have a go at experimenting the potency of a good delivery with a complimentary grin on their faces.

There's a disease to be rid of - one that doesn't belong on this planet. Let's expedite its removal; we're pushing onwards, so check your ammo counts!

There are way more UFOs out there and I say any day of the calendar is a good one to take down those numbers, while our figures get ever bigger, in the bank and not only. Lead the way, Commander Z!!

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Light Cruiser Part 2

It's still the same turn and Loonie spots another Mega in the darkness. We can't really get a good read of where it's situated and nobody has a decent shot on it. What to do? Well, The Veteran wants some revenge from last mission, so he'll waste a mortar on it:


154 damage is more than sufficient TV:


A couple alien turns later and another appears in the area above TV. Accounting Troll starts reaction firing and the first bullet will be a hit:


That did 33 damage and the next bullet will be a hit as well:


Whatever damage it did, it was enough for the kill which ended the mission. EOM report:


Gimli and Kret get promoted while doing absolute diddly squat. Well, lets check out Gimli first. Since his Strength, Throwing and Shooting have all been maxed out we are going to even out Agility and Vitality.:


 Standard way of doing things I imagine. As for Kret, let's put 2 points in strength and shooting with the last going in throwing:


I think that's the best way of allocating points early in a soldier's career: incremental gains in the core abilities until those are maxed. Time to head home:


A few hours later and our radar in North America detects a battlecruiser over the Atlantic so all the Thunderstorms from that base are scrambled to engage:


15 minutes later and our research into the Rarach has just completed:


Ok, may as well take a break from this to put all the scientists on researching the Caretaker next:


And let's check out the Rarach's description:


So this thing is like a Chryssalid? Glad we didn't give these aliens a chance to use that power. I'm kinda worried it has 50 immunity to stun, but then again, when are we ever going to need to stun one of them? Back in the Geoscape and our interceptors from North and South America plus Africa have taken down that battlecruiser over water so there isn't going to be a crash site to visit for that:


But there's no way we are going to be able to visit that supply vessel and the light cruiser. It's just too far away. Let's just bombard the light cruiser to eliminate that issue and send the transport to the supply vessel:


It didn't take much to bombard that site:


So join me next time for more alien action on the same type of map again... I mean, come on, please give me randomly generated maps like in UFO:EU! ;)

Edit: just hit 7105 UFO's shot down so now I'm back on target again. Not that I was ever behind, I'm now farther ahead of schedule. :)

- Zombie

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Vaporizing, disintegrating, puncturing, are all valid methods for sanitizing the place and moving on.

Up the ladder, shoulder to shoulder go Kret and Gimli jokingly offering a deferential "after you!" to each other along the way while they pop some more of the peanuts they were having down the hatch.

For the moment more serious business is left to others, with the somber discovery that if you don't want to become the target of a hostile Rarach takeover you better be listening and watching your back.

The latest crop of interceptions yields a juicy supply vessel to plunder. Let's get to it!

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