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Zombie's TFTD Giveaway!


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Hi everyone! Some of you might know that Terror From the Deep celebrates it's 20th birthday this year. So in observance of this momentous occasion, I decided to do something special: giveaway 10 free Steam keys for the game. That's right, I said FREE. No contests, no hoops to jump through, no facebook popularity scams, just an old-fashioned giveaway!


Even though this isn't a contest, there has to be some ground rules to make it fair for everyone:

  1. Be (or become) a member of StrategyCore. This is mandatory as I have to contact the winners through PM.
  2. Do not already own a copy of TFTD. I prefer people who haven't played the game yet (if you've played UFO:EU before, that's ok), but I'll give a copy to those who do not have it in their Steam library already.
  3. Have a Steam account. You can't get the key to work without an account there.
  4. Be willing to let us use your forum name for the winner's list.
  5. Use the game for yourself. I'm not against re-gifting a key to someone else if you deem necessary, but if they are able to enter themselves it's better.

There are two little points I hope everyone can adhere to if you win:

  1. Do not resell the game.
  2. Do not trade it for something else.


I can't enforce these, so please act responsibly.


So now you are all wondering how to enter the giveaway, right? It's simple, start a post in this topic with the words "I'm in!". Only one entry will be counted. If you want to make a case for why you want a key, go ahead, but your chances will not increase. :P Guest posts are not eligible to enter and will be ignored. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received, but in my experience you'll have a pretty good opportunity to walk away with a copy. This giveaway will probably remain open for 1 month to give everyone time to enter and will close at or around midnight CST July 31 2015. Winners will be announced here in this topic and I will also send them a PM. Unclaimed prizes (I'll give you a couple weeks to reply to my PM) will be sent to the next eligible applicant. Winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator.


A big thanks to Thorondor for helping me with the funds to acquire some of the steam keys!


Finally, please "Like" this post if you thought this was a good idea. I want to get an idea how popular a giveaway like this is with everyone. Maybe I'll do another in the future with a different game! :)


- Zombie

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By already "owning a copy" do you mean a CDROM version, a Steam version, or a pirated version? How do you mandate distribution of a copy if a member owns a physical disc and doesn't rely on an honor system? I applaud you and Thor for your gesture of giving away keys on a 20 year old game, However, haven't the majority of members and non members already played and or own this game?



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"I'M IN!"


Alright, so here's my venture.


There have been many "gamers" who haven't experienced the gratification of owning or playing the original games we played, right? Younger gamers come about with their condescending attitudes and whine about such asinine complaints such as, "The original XCOM was on consoles, why can't the sequel?" "This game is so hard, I'm going back to Farmville." 'I'm allergic to peanuts and never learned to swim."


If I receive a copy, I intend to give it as a gift to a kid who just like myself had no Idea what UFO defense was until I inserted a demo disc which exclaimed had "1001" games into my 1996 CD hardrive.


The End.



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I hope that the lucky recipients enjoy this classic as many of us seasoned vets of Strategy Core have over the years. I must warn and admonish most of you. If you play this game, you must save often no matter the difficulty you choose. New players will have their asses handed to them on a regular basis, but do not despair, there is no disappointment when doing so. Use this advice as a means to play smart, a reload is just a good way of learning from your faults as a trial and error. Only the fool plays multiple missions without saving. Also if you do receive a copy of this game, you will make sure to thank Zombie and Thorondor for their valiant efforts of providing you with historical gaming wholesomeness.





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I'm in!


Enemy Unknown was my first XCOM game, and given how much fun I had with it I'd really like to try some of the older games. And the underwater theme of TFTD seems interesting. I like the idea of being able to put your base anywhere in the oceans! (And having to manage your base construction for base assaults...)


Thank you for doing this!

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I have played this game when it come out in the 90's and enjoyed it has much as Xcom, although it was really Xcom with different graphics, and the battle scapes where insink with the aquatic theme. The game had a number of reencarnacion, which carried the same theme, and added new aspects, witch has over the years brought me back to playing this style of game. I am at this time playing once again Open Xcom Redux, and even with the CGA graphics, it is fun to play.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Due to lighter than anticipated interest, I am going to extend the giveaway for at least another month (so we are looking at August 31, 2015). For those of you who entered and want your game NOW, please be patient! :)


- Zombie

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It's the moment of truth: selection time! This is pretty straightforward: I took all the applicant names, put them into random.org and generated a random list. Applicants 1-10 are the winners, 11-15 are not. Since there was 15 total applications and 10 prizes, the odds of winning was 67%.



  1. Lucker Noob
  2. Jegras
  3. jgatkinsn
  4. ASAD
  5. capz615
  6. prog leg
  7. Huterwolf
  8. Peragon888
  9. Demolus
  10. UpstateELana@yahoo.com

Edit: Applicant names in green mean they acknowledged my PM and the game was sent. smile.png


Congratulations! I'll be contacting you shortly via PM.


For those that didn't win, sorry! I really wish I had more keys, but them are the breaks. Keep in mind that it's possible I will hold another giveaway in the near future so you can enter again.


One parting thought for those that won: if any of you are willing to do a Let's Play on YouTube or an AAR (After Action Report) please post about it! I'd like to share your experience on the game! smile.png


- Zombie

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