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#116944 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 01 September 2012 - 03:53 AM in Modding

More important fixes!

If I were Firaxis, I would send all the extender programmers five free copies of the new game ....and the strategycore operators too, and myself and anyone else reading this while I'm at it...and a bar of muton soap. Not that they smell like mutons, but if there were such a thing, I would want to have it.

#116814 Meanwhile in an underwater cave..

Posted by localhosed on 27 August 2012 - 07:29 PM in Terror from the Deep

You're welcome, I hope anybody enjoys it!
Theres lots of good xcom artwork on the internet.
One of my favorites by i2ebis  : http://i2ebis.devian...set=24#/d2v24o7
'XCOM' by ChristianKaw : http://christiankaw....=12233#/d4puzp8
'Xcom Tribute' by Winterhall : http://winterhall.de.../10670134&qo=39

#116792 Meanwhile in an underwater cave..

Posted by localhosed on 26 August 2012 - 10:38 PM in Terror from the Deep

Minecraft plastic aqua armor skin :


There are several more Xcom textures there.

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  • minecraft_plastic_AR_preview3.png

#116789 TFTDExtender/Combomod Terror mission story : "Hey..Wait!"

Posted by localhosed on 26 August 2012 - 09:18 PM in Terror from the Deep

Yeah, I know the feeling in the video. Good mission.
Triton-1, do you read us!?
...Triton 1?

#116460 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 14 August 2012 - 01:25 AM in Modding

Congratulations tycho!

#116343 UFO / TFTD Combo Mod beta

Posted by localhosed on 09 August 2012 - 09:10 AM in Modding

Another good change! This year has been really good for xcom and xcom-like projects and it's going to keep getting better. If i had a hat I would try to keep it on.
Maybe an ultimate fan will actually give himself the what-do-you-call-it wheat-sheaf xcom soldier hairdo and post instructions of how to do it on the internet and it will become a retro-fiction fad. Hah.

#116314 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 08 August 2012 - 04:47 AM in Modding

I didn't know the documentation mentioned that. It works the same way for me.

Registry tweaks didn't change things.  source : http://answers.micro...8b-8f4728671ca4 in the answer by 'billy1953'

#116256 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 04 August 2012 - 11:21 PM in Modding

It's not an inconvenience that it doesn't work for me, since all mouse movement works fine for me in d3d mode with fullscreen. But out of curiosity I wonder too if anyone else has the same problem. I am happy to test more if you make any more changes though.

#116244 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 04 August 2012 - 10:55 AM in Modding

What/in what way do you want me to test? I used this new patcher.dll just now and did this :
I was lucky and by chance started manufacturing at 00:00 : the start of a new day.
20 gauss cannon rounds, utilizing 20 technicians.seemed to take 20 hours, it stopped and notified me at 20:00. The manufacturing screen still displays 0/5 days/hours to complete this batch.

Manufacturing progress seems to be only calculated 'on the hour', but  I am almost sure plenty of people already mentioned that on ufopaedia.org as normal for the game.

The mouse was not clipped to the window in windowed mode with both options enabled, or either option enabled individually.

#116160 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 01 August 2012 - 11:18 PM in Modding

Awesome. Thank you Tycho. Its even more comfortable to play with the slower tactical animations.

#116141 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 01 August 2012 - 06:51 AM in Modding

When I was on an attack alien base mission there were lots of hallucinoids.
I remember them attacking using what looked and sounded like the thermal shok launcher projectile.
It seemed like the power of the stun may have been lower than the shok launcher but it was area of effect and tended to stun other aliens and also itself sometimes. But regardless of whether that is intentional, I like it that way. Because I think of the hallucinoid as a mindless beast even though IIRC it is supposed to be under some amount of molecular control. I think my soldiers armor was blocking stun damage about 90% of the time on that mission.
Its melee attack was effective and it killed several of my soldiers that way but usually used the ranged attack.

#115994 UFO / TFTD Combo Mod beta

Posted by localhosed on 25 July 2012 - 12:15 AM in Modding

I'm glad if I can help your project. I copied and renamed the RMP files with your instructions.
About invisible terrain, I haven't seen any so far (I'm in august 1999 with 40 or so crashed uso) other than the invisible survey ship that you mentioned already, which isn't a problem for me since aliens seem to avoid being near or in it (I don't know if that's a coincidence or not), and I just think of it like some kind of 'cloaked' ship.

#115972 UFO / TFTD Combo Mod beta

Posted by localhosed on 23 July 2012 - 09:24 PM in Modding

I hadn't narrowed down the crash to one of those files mentioned by KDiff3, no. I had just planned to keep using my new install (with combomod, tftdextender, and the same exes and savedgames I was using from them) and if I get more crashes, I'll run KDiff3 and see what the differences are. I understand your changes to combomod for use with tftdextender, thanks for telling me about map compatibility, I was thinking about hobbes maps lately too. I made a note about the 'all items usable on land' change in my INI.

#115943 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 22 July 2012 - 10:43 AM in Modding

Oh good then, that helps me to know how that works. I didn't know it applied to aliens. That's good news for modders of obdata.

#115934 TFTD Mod request

Posted by localhosed on 21 July 2012 - 09:09 PM in Modding

I hope it makes it more fun for you. There are lots of other things you can change with that editor too.

#115933 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 21 July 2012 - 08:53 PM in Modding

About range based accuracy, is minimum efficiency supposed to be a hard cap on all shot types at any range? The description also says 'maximum penalty' which is confusing to me. If it is supposed to be a hard cap, it was not applying that way to all shot-types for me (or any?). But otherwise I think it was working as far as adjusting accuracy by range. Does it only apply to player shots?

#115911 TFTDExtender/Combomod Terror mission story : "Hey..Wait!"

Posted by localhosed on 20 July 2012 - 09:33 PM in Terror from the Deep

I didn't notice until you mentioned it about grey grass, I just saw that as being pavement, which I think Civilian modified for his big mod for EU. It does look more urban to me that way. The grass in other map types isn't changed, like farms. Since the thread is a few years old now, you can check out civilian's mod here if you want to import his maps into Combomod  :


I haven't finished 'importing' all other settings he used, and I think I may go ahead with grenade weight changes since the super long-range grenade throwing is kind of unpleasant to me as the game balance goes right now. Alien strength then needs to be edited too to compensate for it as in his mod.

Edit : Yeah, I like the choice of more often larger map modules by Combomod. It helps give maps more of a theme sometimes.

#115888 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 20 July 2012 - 04:07 AM in Modding

I'm glad if i can help.
Maybe its only my imagination but I think one of my Coelacanth/Gauss tanks converted itself into a Coelacanth/Gas Cannon tank. I don't remember buying one. Well, I don't know.

Earlier it seemed like I was not getting any problem with the gauss tanks consuming more than the intial 50 gauss rounds. I could load and unload them from the triton, at least from that particular menu, which I didn't exit.
I guess that is the bug you fixed concerning their ammo.

#115878 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 19 July 2012 - 08:01 PM in Modding

Hooray for the bug fix. Now I can test more today (but play!). I used a gauss tank and saw its good firepower..
I'll look forward to trying the new deep one.

Edit :

Save equipment doesn't seem to work for me. Could my split executables have something to do with it?

equip.ini exists in my savegame folder but has information from soldiers who have been dead for a few days, so I think it isn't being updated, although the file's modified stamp is from today.
. But I was eager and also used auto flare=1 when I switched on the save equipment setting. When I press the right arrow 'go to next floor equipment' it clears all equipment from all soldiers instead. And it puts one sonic pulser on one leg and one flare on the other leg of every solider at that time. I'll test without flares after this mission and see what happens..

#115852 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 19 July 2012 - 06:09 AM in Modding

Thanks that helps me to understand. Somehow I was thinking that 'items' meant 'batches' (It doesn't), without thinking of my reasoning for that.

I'll just pretend that there's some kind of x-com paperwork (with actual paper forms) that clogs manufacturing to that speed.

I crash when completing research on sonic rifle Clip, happens every time on load/run . If I first click view reports to go to the ufopaedia entries when the research is done and then click OK to go back, the information is 0x2, 0xC0000005 and 0x00000002 .

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  • sonic_rifle_clip_research_crash.jpg

#115848 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 19 July 2012 - 01:43 AM in Modding

20 technicians making 20 units of Gauss Ammo reports 0/5  days/hours in the manufacturing screen, but I counted the number of hours roughly it took, it was around 18 hours. Do I misunderstand something about the manufacturing screen?

Otherwise the manufacturing screen says it takes 5 technician hours per unit, and 2 space.

Edit : Ok, good. I understand your post that comes after mine.

#115845 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 19 July 2012 - 12:41 AM in Modding

Thanks. I think i'll edit the dat file to call it "General Big Gauss Ammo" or something..'Large' Might not fit in the string..
Would you consider putting a note of that in your patch notes, and that you need something around 60-90 rounds to equip a gauss tank? I didn't get the exact amount. Although that might only be general TFTD knowledge, I don't know what bug you fixed with the gauss tank ammo because I rarely used it in TFTD.

Edit : I tested.. Each Gauss tank requires 50 'General Big Gauss Ammo' to load on to a ship.
'General Big Gauss Ammo' seems to fit fine in manufacturing menu and buy/sell menu when replacing the string at the end of english.dat .

Edit : something's definitely 'weird' with manufacturing formula... I read your explanation before, but maybe didn't understand it, since this seems not what I expected , when manufacturing some gauss rounds takes 18 hours instead of 5 like the game reports. I thought the problem was only some sort of inefficiency when an item could be made in less than one hour....But could this (silent wasting) be intentional, to simulate some kind of rising inefficiency when the number of technicians working on a single simpler task also rises? Well, maybe the formula could use a rewrite like you (or someone) says.

#115844 TFTD Mod request

Posted by localhosed on 19 July 2012 - 12:21 AM in Modding

T-rex is the triscene.
Its very easy to do that now with Jenny's xcom editor , its on strategycore in the files section for TFTD , called "Xcom Editor".
It has the blue background and lots of colors and imported graphics from the games.

To increase damage to a unit, you would increase the resistance value. 100 is normal (no damage adjustment at all). Somewhere on the ufopaedia is an explanation of how the resistances formula is used, IIRC it is calculated before taking into account armor reduction.

Here is a small example : http://www.ufopaedia...hp?title=Damage
(search for sonic cannon, under lobsterman soldier)

In the editor you would be modifying Gauss, but it is with the same method. I suggest backing up your exe (and rename later to have the editor read it - swap) .. so you can compare to normal settings at times between adjustments, for reference.

To have a unit take more than normal damage, the resistance would be over 100 .
It takes less damage than normal if it's below 100. The asterisk in the editor reminds that Unarmored 'also effects aquatoids, civilians and zombies' (in addition to xcom troops with only coveralls/diving suit)

Edit :
Damage modifiers for TFTD table on ufopaedia.org : http://www.ufopaedia...odifiers_(TFTD)

#115842 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 18 July 2012 - 11:53 PM in Modding

I had a weird problem (or just a suprise) at a combomod alien base on land so I got caught up in that and doing stuff with research.dat and so I didn't test save equipment but I am looking forward to it.

I'm not able to manufacture anything that looks like gauss tank ammo but I can manufacture gauss cannon ammo for the craft weapon. Maybe its my savedgame malfunctioning and I will need to edit in the ability to manufacture that..?

#115808 TFTD Extender

Posted by localhosed on 17 July 2012 - 11:20 PM in Modding


"That is because the requirement for Ion Armor has been changed and a live deep one is not the requirement anymore.  Of course, if you've hacked the research.dat file and are able to produce them, you probably know what the requirement is"

I had forgotten I was using alternate research=3 and prefer to keep using it. I had a feeling that's what was going on. Kind of nice for mystery in a new game. IIRC research.dat has 00 00 1B (offsets 02 to 04)  for ion armor.  Ufopaedia has that being a number of things, xcom craft or armaments, hwp's, base facilities, or alien research. Well, I'll keep playing and testing research.dat. Will you release 'spoilers' or a way to determine what the modified tree is?

You modified Gauss tank in a personal mod or in tftdextender? I would like to use that change too.


  • I hope to make ship missions randomly determine the use of the cruise liner or cargo ship (originally the second stage) models.
  • I'm thinking about giving a hp bonus to all aliens until Xcom performs an autopsy on the species to learn the location of their vital organs (like in the movie "Battle of LA"). This would give more importance to performing autopsies rather than just as a stepping stone to new tech.

I like those particularly.
About bio-drone 'tracks' , but doesn't it add a gameplay element, making it known when a bio-drone is near or present? And of the deep one's attack, isnt it also a gameplay element that they can attack in an arc, like a grenade over obstacles, but without an explosive area of effect? It could change gameplay, though not necessarily a bad thing, I think it adds variety to those units. Do you plan to remove the arc or only improve the shot effect of the deep one? Of course I would like you to do whatever you want, but also am curious about what you will be able to do with the deep-one shot replacement.

Edit :
I can't load a coelacanth/gauss onto the triton because it says 'not enough rounds to rearm sws'. I have been using this savedgame always with tftdextender 1.03 or greater, I don't know what could be causing that. Is it just me?