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#97353 Football topic

Posted by Accounting Troll on 02 July 2010 - 06:01 PM in Off Topic

I don't think England would have gone on to win the game even if the second goal had been awarded.  The players just didn't look as if they were capable of playing with the same quality they show week in week out, with the unfortunate exception of Stephen Gerrard.  He looked just as incapable of providing any kind of leadership as he did at club level over the last season.  It said a lot about the England defence that after the game the TV pundits were talking about what a good game David James had had in keeping Germany down to four goals.

#96909 Football topic

Posted by Accounting Troll on 18 June 2010 - 09:21 PM in Off Topic

I can't believe I managed to sit through the England - Algeria game in a state of sobriety.  England managed to put in an even weaker performance than they did against the USA, and in the last minutes of the game the booing of the England fans in the stadium was acutually louder than the buzzing of the vuvuzela horns.

Maybe England are trying to outdo France in terms of being the biggest under performers of the tournament?

#96075 Love Nest For Tammy And Co

Posted by Accounting Troll on 02 May 2010 - 07:30 PM in Off Topic

There's going to be trouble when I find out who carved his initials into my leg while I was asleep  :cool:

#96050 New X-COM Announced

Posted by Accounting Troll on 02 May 2010 - 12:19 AM in News

While I hope that this new game turns out okay, I am concerned about it being descrbed as a reimagination of the X-Com games.  In my experience, "reimagination" usually means that even the original creator wouldn't recognise it.

A reimagination of the original franchise could very well mean that this game will not be consistent with the established X-Com timeline.  An X-Com formed in the immediate aftermath of the Roswell crash could work, but only if the developers bear in mind that the Cold War politics of the era would make it a very difficult organisation to the X-Com of Enemy Unknown.

In Enemy Unknown, X-Com was a multi-national taskforce directly reporting to the United Nations, or rather, the UN nations that were directly funding it.  It had a UN mandate to ignore national soverignty and airspace restrictions in its conduct of the war against aliens who had proved themselves to be hostile.  National governments would have been unable to conceal terror attacks against major cities, so they would probably have talked up the victories X-Com was acheiving in order to keep up civilian morale.

A 1950s X-Com would probably be an American only organisation reporting directly to the CIA or the military.  It's objective wouldn't be just to beat the aliens but to obtain alien technology that the USA would be able to use to gain a military or economic advantage over the Soviet Union.  Cold War paranoia would make global cooperation against the aliens almost impossible, even to the point where an X-Com agent in the field might occasionally have to fight foreign agents for possession of some alien artifact.

#96047 Love Nest For Tammy And Co

Posted by Accounting Troll on 01 May 2010 - 10:20 PM in Off Topic

I must have overslept.  Does anyone know what year it is?