X-Com Hack (UFO:EU)


Alright, here's version 2.5 of what I hope will be a decent saved game editor for X-Com: UFO Defense.
I've only used it on the Collector's Edition as my older version got destroyed (I just used the CD too much and it wore out).
So it might work for those, but I can't say it will. This version fixes this empty file(unitref.dat) bug that was plaguing many people.

The base editor works pretty simply. You choose a game to load, then you can edit the amount of money you have,
change the contents of your base or change the facilities. You can also change the name of the base. The only problem I see
right now is that if you don't have all four squares of a hangar then it won't work right in the game so make sure you've got Hangar
(Top Left), Hangar (Top Right), Hangar (Bottom Left) and Hangar (Bottom Right) in the correct places. The Diplomacy editor and Soldier
Editor are pretty self explanatory. I've also implemented filling your UFOPedia, your possible productions and also your base facilities.

If you can find a bug with this I would LOVE to hear about it at chrisvoss@stonepool.com.

If you can be of ANY help with coding this, I would also love to hear about it because after I implement the soldier editor it's all
going to be stuff I don't know already. You should see the file I have for download that has all the info I used to make this program.
I'll be amending it with stuff I find out. I'll also be posting the code for the version before each release so no code right now.
But when I do the next version, I will post the source for this version. I wrote it all in Visual Basic 6.0. I know it's not the best
program but it's really easy to use and I've been writing programs in it since I was in 8th grade (which is when I started playing
X-Com funnily enough).

I'd really like to hear from some of the people who have written other editors to see what you think and also if they could give me
any help on the stuff that's not in the file I have. Thanks a lot.

-Chris Voss


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Filesize 782 kB
Author Chris Voss
Version 2.5
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