X-Com Hack 3.1


X-Com Hack 3.1 is the latest version of the saved game editor for X-Com UFO/EU,
and X-Com Terror from the Deep. It allows the user to edit values of Bases,
Money, Names of games, Soldiers, Research, Manufacturing, UFOPaedia, Alien Containment,
Crafts, Diplomacy, Units in Combat, Map Visibility. This version is uses much less memory
and should run quicker, as it doesn't load a lot of the unused graphics and form controls.

This has been tested on DOS and Windows versions and works fine. If you are
having troubles getting the program to run, try the installer version, as it
will make sure you have all the necessary files for the program. Please let me
know if you encounter any bugs, or would like some specific functionality.
Executable editing is
-Chris Voss

File Details

Filesize 790 kB
Author Chris Voss
Version 3.1
Downloads 8,726


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