TFTD Extender


This is the conversion of UFOloader.  It contains most of the same features as Seb's original UFOloader with many fixes and modifications specifically for TFTD.

Version 1.061:

  • Slow the Clock: Time in the Geoscape passes slower.  The way the clock passes time has been altered but the options for accelerating time match the original rates.
  • Know Thy Enemy: Damage will be capped until the aliens' vital points have been discovered via autopsies.  There is a small chance of a "lucky shot" that will bypass the cap for each successful hit.
  • Smaller Maps for both random Alien sub missions and Alien colony's stage 2.
  • Increased variety of aliens that populate the colonies.
  • Improved detectors to help aquanauts find those pesky aliens hiding under the beds or in the closets.
  • Revised P.W.T. ammo production requirements to reflect a logical correlation to each platform's weapon damage. [New Games only]
  • The game executable can now be specified in the [loader] section of the game's INI file.
  • Craft Gauss Cannon's maximum ammo increased to 100 and base rearm rate increase to 50 rounds per hour.
  • Option to increase base rearm rate for Ajax torpedoes to 2 rounds per hour instead of 1 per hour.
  • 'Craft Always Ready' mod changed to 'Craft Ready State' with two options: =1 Always ready, =2 Damaged craft are grounded.
  • Option to have Aquatoids be armed with sonic pistols or rifles instead of cannons because of their size.

For a detailed list of the features see the UFOpaedia page.

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Version 1.061
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