New Weapons Mod


What I changed:

Pistol -> MP
Rifle -> Something between Rifle and Shotgun
Cannon -> Grenade launcher (HE, I and Stun)
Auto-Cannon -> Vindicator Minigun with belt-ammunition, incredible firerate, but lousy aiming...
Rocket Launcher -> SniperRifle (uses the Rifleammo, but here you just can't miss...)
Laser-guns -> Stay laser-weapons. But the Heavy laser is now able to cut 'everything', but sucks at aiming. (Main use is tin-opener for ufos...)
Heavy Explosives -> Are now really explosive.

(Please note: it's a beta - there is some ammunition left, that is now un-used and ill-named. Furthermore I have just implemented the English names - German and French <_< weapons-names and descriptions are missing...)

To use, simply extract the folders into your UFO directory and answer "yes" if prompted to overwrite.


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