Base Defense Toggler


Base defense missions can be fun. But they're a lot of hassle to set up; the aliens have to locate your base, get their act together to send a battleship at it, and then - how do you know which race you're gonna get?!

Base defense can also be annoying. Once every alien on the planet knows where you are, they'll continuously spam battleships at you until you pull down all your defense modules and let them come in for a ground battle.

This program allows you to instantly spawn a battleship right next to the base of your choosing, and also lets you pick which race is on-board. Furthermore, it can also be used to remove such battleships, and "re-hide" your bases so that the aliens won't send any more of the things for a while.

Works on both UFO and TFTD. Extract the archive directly into your game folder and just run the EXE.


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Filesize 36 kB
Author Bomb Bloke
Version Fifth revision.
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