UFO2000 is a free and open-source turn based tactical squad simulation game with multiplayer support. While having its own engine written from scratch, the game still relies on the data files from the famous X-COM: UFO Defense. That's why it looks very much like a multiplayer mod for X-COM.

UFO2000 is written in portable C++ and is known to compile and run on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. The latest beta versions of UFO2000 also support 64-bit Linux (on amd64) and MacOS X.

Important: you need data files from the original X-COM to play UFO2000 (we are working on making our own free set of graphics, if you want to help us, check this link). The game can also work with data files from the X-COM demo, but you will be only able to play on the 'City' map and use a limited set of units in this case. This demo was freely available from Microprose FTP for a long time, but this FTP was recently down. Now it is up again but with no X-COM demo download anymore. Fortunately this file is still available on different mirrors, one of them is here.
Our forum is the primary source of information for UFO2000 players, here you can ask questions, discuss the game with the other people and find opponents to play.

If you have found a bug in the game, please report it on our bugtracker.

If you are interested in development news, you can subscribe to our mailing list (low traffic).

You can also join IRC chat at irc.freenode.net channel #ufo2000.

If you are a programmer and want to join the development team, please visit the developer's wiki page.

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