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Team Assault: Baptism of Fire Box
Developer: Zeal Game Studio
Publisher: Slitherine


Team Assault: Baptism of Fire


Team Assault is a 3D turn based tactical game where players fight in close combat action at a squad level. Players must use the battlefield to take advantage of position and optimise every single move
to achieve all the mission's objectives.

The combat system is turn based but is fast paced and dynamic enough to engage players and to give the thrill and excitement of the battle action.


Main features

Skirmish level
Natural scale environments, weapons and soldiers fighting in close combat action at platoon level skirmish engagements.

Area control missions
The main game type is area control. Positions spread out on the map which players must capture to maintain control of the battlefield which leads to victory. This favour good gameplay and forces players out in the combat area. Annihilation will be optional.

Realistic combat
Deep combat system, that booth favours realism and exciting gameplay. Weapon accuracy and penetration, covers versus weapon penetration, recoil, encumbrance and wounded soldiers are only some of the included features.

Turn-based with good flow
Although being turn-based, a lot of effort has been put into making Team Assault flowing, never having players to waste much time waiting for things to happen. Dynamic turns, counter actions and constant feedback of what’s going on makes you constantly engaged.

Having a realistic base in its game system, Team Assault is deadly. Soldiers are fragile and go down fast if hit. There are no health bars, and weapons are sure as can be not harmless, so your environment, position and to a minor extent your body armour is what you have to rely on.

Tactical gameplay
Team Assault is all about tactics. Managing your forces correctly, finding your opponent’s weakness and using the environment to your benefit is the key to success. Bold actions can reward you greatly id well executed, while a stupid moves can cost many of your soldiers’ lives.

Managing your soldiers’ morale and damaging your opponent’s soldiers’ is crucial. Push your soldier too hard and put them in dangerous situation and they will break. Hammer your opponent’s squads with automatic fire and kill their leaders and they will break instead.

Force Builder
Create your own custom squads using the included Force Builder. Various squad gear and upgrades provide endless customisation. Name squads after your liking to create your own favourite WWII division.

Team Assault features an arsenal of 20 allied and axis weapons, ranging from pistols and sub-machine guns to rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, 8 different outfits, 7 combat trainings, 4 equipments, such as medic kits and demolition charges, frag and smoke grenades and ranks up to major. All to your disposal.

Fight your friends or other players online via our multiplayer server. Show off your customised forces and climb in our multiplayer ranking system. The game has a good flow, made for multiplayer, allowing you to play a full match continuously.

System Specifications

Platform: PC
Complexity: Medium
Players: 1-2
Min Spec: Windows XP
1 Gb Ram
2 Ghz Single Core Processor
800x600 minimum screen resolution
Full DirectX 9c support
Multiplayer: Internet - LAN