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Silent Storm: Sentinels Box
Developer: Nival Interactive
Publisher: 1C Company


Silent Storm Series

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Silent Storm: Sentinels


"Silent Storm: Sentinels is an expansion to the highly acclaimed turn-based tactical game Silent Storm, fully-rendered in breath-taking 3D with totally destructible environments, non-linear campaigns and RPG elements.

The expansion takes you further into the story of the covert struggle against Thor's Hammer - a renegade organization set on global dominance. Former Axis and Allied operatives unite into a secret mercenary organization ready to face the second coming of the enemy. This network, called the Sentinels is determined to protect the world's hard-won peace."

Sentinels is the expansion to Silent Storm, thrusting the player into a whole new set of missions against the deadly Thor's Hammer.

It may as well have been a sequel in that it's set in the fifty's and pits you up against your enemy in almost as many missions in a much expanded storyline in which, once again, it's your job to find out what Thor's Hammer are up to and prevent them from taking over the world again with their deadly Panzerkleins (walking armoured suits mounted with an array of human and not-so-human technology).

Desert battleMultiple casualties from one well-placed shotA mine skirmish