Official Sites

Nival Interactive

They are the Heroes 5 developers. Being Russia's largest developer, currently employing some 140 people, they have created quite a few great games! If you wish to know more about the games they created, check out their official site.


Ubisoft is the Heroes 5 publisher. In addition to Heroes 5, they have provided gamers with countless other great games since the start in 1986. Aside from being a publisher, they also develop several games in house.

Fan sites

Celestial Heavens

This is a fan site for all the games in the Might and Magic universe. It's been around in some variation for years, and is probably the best Might and Magic site out there. If you can't find your answers there, you need divine intervention to get them...

Game Card

Heroes of Might & Magic V Box
Developer: Nival Interactive
Publisher: Ubisoft


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