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Frozen Synapse Box
Developer: Mode7
Publisher: Mode7


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Frozen Synapse


Frozen Synapse is a thrilling PC, Mac and Linux strategy game. It brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad. Classic gameplay with a modern interface!


  • Unique simultaneous-turn-based gameplay!
  • Multiplayer: Hostage Rescue, Disputed, Secure (bidding-based mode), Extermination, Charge
  • Single player: Campaign (55 missions), Skirmish Generator, Instant Skirmish
  • Advanced Map Generator
  • Email notifcations mean the game can effectively be "played by email"
  • Community features: Friend List, rate and comment on games, Personal Feed, various ranking systems, Instant Matchmaking
  • Easy match export to YouTube
  • Slick, modern UI to make planning simple and intuitive
  • Evocative music and audio by electronic musician nervous_testpilot
  • Facebook and Twitter integration

System Specifications


  • OS Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Ram: 512meg
  • Processor/Gfx card: will run on low-end modern hardware (e.g. netbooks)


  • OS Requirements: OSX Leopard or later
  • Ram: 512meg
  • Processor/Gfx card: 1GHZ PowerPC (or Intel)